Monday, December 31, 2012

25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25

1. Make peace with your parents. Whether you finally recognize that they actually have your best interests in mind or you forgive them for being flawed human beings, you can’t happily enter adulthood with that familial brand of resentment.

2. Kiss someone you think is out of your league; kiss models and med students and entrepreneurs with part-time lives in Dubai and don’t worry about if they’re going to call you afterward.
3. Minimize your passivity.
4. Work a service job to gain some understanding of how tipping works, how to keep your cool around assholes, how a few kind words can change someone’s day.
5. Recognize freedom as a 5:30 a.m. trip to the diner with a bunch of strangers you’ve just met.
6. Try not to beat yourself up over having obtained a ‘useless’ Bachelor’s Degree. Debt is hell, and things didn’t pan out quite like you expected, but you did get to go to college, and having a degree isn’t the worst thing in the world to have. We will figure this mess out, I think, probably; the point is you’re not worth less just because there hasn’t been an immediate pay off for going to school. Be patient, work with what you have, and remember that a lot of us are in this together.
7. If you’re employed in any capacity, open a savings account. You never know when you might be unemployed or in desperate need of getting away for a few days. Even $10 a week is $520 more a year than you would’ve had otherwise.
8. Make a habit of going outside, enjoying the light, relearning your friends, forgetting the internet.
9. Go on a 4-day, brunch-fueled bender.
10. Start a relationship with your crush by telling them that you want them. Directly. Like, look them in the face and say it to them. Say, I want you. I want to be with you.
11. Learn to say ‘no’ — to yourself. Don’t keep wearing high heels if you hate them; don’t keep smoking if you’re disgusted by the way you smell the morning after; stop wasting entire days on your couch if you’re going to complain about missing the sun.
12. Take time to revisit the places that made you who you are: the apartment you grew up in, your middle school, your hometown. These places may or may not be here forever; you definitely won’t be.
13. Find a hobby that makes being alone feel lovely and empowering and like something to look forward to.
14. Think you know yourself until you meet someone better than you.
15. Forget who you are, what your priorities are, and how a person should be.
16. Identify your fears and instead of letting them dictate your every move, find and talk to people who have overcome them. Don’t settle for experiencing .000002% of what the world has to offer because you’re afraid of getting on a plane.
17. Make a habit of cleaning up and letting go. Just because it fit at one point doesn’t mean you need to keep it forever — whether ‘it’ is your favorite pair of pants or your ex.
18. Stop hating yourself.
19. Go out and watch that movie, read that book, listen to that band you already lied about watching, reading, listening to.
20. Take advantage of health insurance while you have it.
21. Make a habit of telling people how you feel, whether it means writing a gushing fan-girl email to someone whose work you love or telling your boss why you deserve a raise.
22. Date someone who says, “I love you” first.
23. Leave the country under the premise of “finding yourself.” This will be unsuccessful. Places do not change people. Instead, do a lot of solo drinking, read a lot of books, have sex in dirty hostels, and come home when you start to miss it.
24. Suck it up and buy a Macbook Pro.
25. Quit that job that’s making you miserable, end the relationship that makes you act like a lunatic, lose the friend whose sole purpose in life is making you feel like you’re perpetually on the verge of vomiting. You’re young, you’re resilient, there are other jobs and relationships and friends if you’re patient and open.

January Nelson, 06/25/12

Ending Of One Chapter, Beginning Of The Next

I can't believe the year is about to be OVER!  It's so funny reflecting on the things  I was doing around this time last year and how far I've come in life.  2012 has been somewhat rough on me I feel, but filled with tons of growing experiences if I do say so.  Last year I was this person worried about graduating from college by the end of 2012 and figuring out what to do with myself.  Although there were times when I really thought I couldn't do all of my work I pushed through and made it.  For that I can only thank God and my parents for telling me not to stop.  Because of that I became the first person in my household to graduate from college, but not just any college the state flagship university which is a pretty big deal if you ask me.  Now I'm trying to make moves in an effort to start obtaining my Master's degree in the Fall.  Like it's seriously just amazing to me.  I'm just ready to start my life and my career like every other college graduate.  I just have to put the work forth in an effort to reach those goals.  I know that a big issue of mine is I set goals then I kind of forget about them.  Academically I don't have time to play these games anymore.

Around this time last year I was also in a relationship, but as the year came to a close that did too.  I've seriously sat and been sad over it for some time, but now I think it's just time to let things go.  My family has offered me so much advice on what happened and I really think my Mom's advice was the best.  No matter how often she tells me I become so wrapped up in relationships with guys I don't believe her and I'm only 23.  I should be living life, being happy, and dating around instead of just "settling down" with one person.  Oddly enough I've heard this from an older man at one of my favorite restaurants in Athens.  He was speaking with me about whether or not I had a boyfriend and if I loved him.  Upon telling him yes to both things he told me that I was too young to be with just one person and being "in love" with them.  I remember sitting there shaking my head at what he was saying because I loved this guy and had no interest in being with anyone else.  I think I'm going to take the advice of my Mom and this older fellow.  I have sooooooo much to learn about love you guys.  I think I know what love is because I'm nearly 23 and I'll be the first person to holler about how 16 or 17 year old people have no clue what love is, but the reality is that I don't know myself.  I think love is someone spending time with me or doing special things out of the blue, but there is so much more to it that I need to learn.  With that said I also need to stop focusing so much on becoming this single 30 year old Black woman that the media talks about because that is part of the reason why I end up in these situations.  I also need to go ahead and admit that I'm somewhat shallow when it comes to men.  I've had the chance to date some pretty nice guys, but because they didn't look the way that I envisioned or I couldn't imagine them in a certain light I looked over them.  By doing this I've found myself just dealing with heartbreak and viewing men, particularly Black ones, as not being worth the effort.  I already know that I'm about to be dealing with major trust issues in my next relationship because I'm to the point where I seriously don't trust men, which I hate saying.

I really just want to enjoy 2013 and learn about myself.  I feel like I've spent the past 22 years living for others and it's really time to just live for myself in an effort to make me happy.   I want to do all of the things that I feared doing in the past because I'm tired of living with regrets.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday Ramblings: The Last of 2012

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • Well I've survived the end of the world for like the third or fourth time in my life.  Slowly but surely breaking records.
  • I have zero clue on how to deal with break-ups and I hate it.  
  • Supposedly Tupac only had one testicle.  Who knew.
  • So I was watching Ice Loves Coco and my Dad comes in my room, looks at the tv and says "Whose that white girl with the big booty?"  I immediately told him to GET OUT!
  • I saw the most beautiful man in the world at the mall with my Mom on Sunday.  He was tall, a nice caramel color, and had light brown eyes.  My Mom knew his dad some type of way.  I sit back and wonder why I didn't ask him if he had a girlfriend and what he was doing later in the week.
  • Speaking of beautiful men, why Michael Ealy?  WHY?!?!
  • So my Mom got me a five quart crock pot and this big mirror for Christmas to help start my collection of things I'll need when I move out. 
  • I'm sitting here watching Alex Haley's Queen and all I have to say is Queen was an unappreciative high yellow heifer.  You ain't about to get paid for not working woman!
  • Speaking of Queen, if Halle can pass for white I KNOW I can.
  • If you ain't got no shirt you ain't APO Twerk Team.
  • I love being around older family because they just tell all their dirt.  Especially if they used to be a little loose back in the day.  When they're late-50's/early-60's they just don't care what you think of them.
  • My 39 year old cousin just asked me if they still have pajama parties out at UGA.  Ya'll I didn't know what to say without giving myself away.  S/o to the UGA Alphas
  • Until you have a daughter that's what I call karma and you pray to God she don't grow breasts too soon...that lyric has been in my head ALL week ya'll.
  • Mission four pack abs and donkey booty are about to be in full effect for the New Year!  Everyone is gonna see me and be like, "Whoa wasn't she on King Magazine?"

Friday, December 21, 2012

End of the World Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • I haven't done one of these in like two or three weeks!  Why oh why?
  • So since I'm finally home I can indulge in all my ratchet television shows.  1.)  Did ya'll watch The Ghetto B*tches View a.k.a. Tiny's Show?  The only person I'm here for on that show is my girl Shekinah.  Her hair was laid! *in my Funky Dineva voice*  2.)  I KNOW after this week's episode of Catfish my 6'5'' Black Hispanic man with a PhD is waiting on me somewhere.  He's probably somewhere talking about how he knows his 5'3'' (4'') feisty Black woman is out there somewhere.  Don't worry baby we will  meet soon...and it better not be on eHarmony.
  • I need $33k ya'll for these student loans.  Who wants to help me out?  Like I'm seriously about to set up a Paypal account and hope the money starts rolling in.
  • I just want to be happy and feel the way I felt a month ago.  Is that too much to ask?  I'm tired of feeling like a cry baby and all this other stuff.   Screw this statement.  I'm good.  I have a degree and I'm planning on getting another one.  No reason for tears.
  • Dear journalists, how many times are you all going to write about black women's hair contributing to their lack of exercise?  Like seriously you hear it once or twice and you get it.  The same thing goes for black women in regards to why so many are single and never been married.  We as black women get it already.
  • The trailer for Tyler Perry's Temptations:  The Marriage Counselor looks good!  I hate even saying that about Tyler Perry films because I'm always afraid that I'm going to get tricked and at the end the woman is gonna find Jesus.
  • My Mom just evaluated me and I must say she's right when it comes to how I get so wrapped up in relationships.  I'm not sure how easily that can be changed, but I think I just want to test the waters out.  Man eater/Nola Darling status!
  • Michael Ealy got married!  When I tell ya'll my heart broke, along with every other black woman, I'm not lying.  Thing is dude has been with the woman for FOUR, let me say that again, FOUR years!  Here we were all thinking he was single.  Ugh!!!!!!
  • I got some good news this week!  I won't fully announce it because I have this fear of jinxing things, but I just hope things play out in my favor because it could be a positive step in my future.
  • I tell my friends to go out and get drinks.  They start talking about getting wasted.  I'm just sitting here like, "Ehhhhh..."
  • Look at that a$$$$$$$$$ (NSFW...I think)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's Been A Long Time...

OH EMMMMM GEEEEEE!!!!!  It's been awhile since I wrote ANYTHING on here!  Why have I been neglecting the FOUR followers that I have?  Shame on me.  Well let's see, a lot has been going on in my life I must say...well not a lot but enough to cause major changes in my life.  1.)  I'm single!  Even though I've gone through the whole crying my eyes out phase and not being able to eat I am accepting it because I know there's always something positive in God's plans and it just means that he's not included in that plan. 2.)  Most importantly, I've graduated from college!!!! *proceeds to beef it up*  Throughout the four and a half years I spent at UGA I must say that there were times when I wanted to give up, but I kept pushing through and accomplished my goal.  So what's next?

Plan A is attend graduate school and obtain my Masters of Art in Teaching more than likely from Augusta State.  I need to save money so economically this would be the smartest decision because I can live at home which means I don't have to worry about rent or food.  Of course in order to accomplish this I need to take the GRE and some GACE exams.  So time to start studying I guess. *sigh*  Plan B is to do City Year in Washington  D.C.  With City Year I'd be working as a mentor/tutor at local school and working within the community to help decrease the drop-out rate.  The only downfall with this would be the pay because from what I've read I'll end up on food stamps which doesn't sound too amazing, but it's more about the impact you make on someone's life at the end of the day.  I also feel like this would give me the opportunity to have some experience in the classroom.  Of course this being one of my post-graduate plans played a major part in one of the changes that came with my life, so maybe that's more reason to go.  When the time comes I'll decide though.

While I'm back at home I'll be working in an effort to start paying these student loan back because they are no joke!  They tell you if you fail to pay after 270 they'll report you to the credit bureau and ask for all their money back up front.  The government is so scary.  At least I only have loans out through them thanks to my parents for sacrificing the rest of the money I needed.  I hope to find a better job while I'm here and get certified to be a substitute teacher.  I just know that its time for me to move on from my old job and do something a bit more professional.  The search for jobs begins.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • Is it too late for me to be Bond girl?  Halle Berry was one so that leaves me to question if I'm pretty enough to be one.
  • Speaking of Halle, she had men fighting over her ya'll!  Like the father of her child and current man went to blows.  Her new man got the upper hand though.  Just messed that other man's face all up.
  • My emotions are so over the place from this break-up you guys and everything else going on in my life.  I just feel like throwing up and barely wanting to eat.  I'm ready to go back home.
  • I stepped in dog poop today.  Therefore to the person with the guide dog in training that just decided to let their pet take a dump w/o cleaning it up...yeah I hate you.
  • Chuck D of Public Enemy came to speak at my school.  He reminded me of that one relative who just talks and talks then makes a good point but then starts ranting about other stuff making their point invalid.
  • I value the few hours of heat I get in my room everyday before my roommate returns.  It's seriously like a holiday too me.
  • Went to trivia night at Mellow Mushroom.  The white guys by our table named their team "Cum Dumpster.  Will Fill You Up."  How very classy sirs.
  • Got a B- on one of my papers for a class I was worried about.  After I got that grade I remained happy for like the entire day.  Graduation is so close and just the thought of being the first person in my family (well household) to graduate from college makes me want to cry.
  • Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together it seems.  Every man whose done his girl wrong is taking this as a sign that there's hope for them still.
  • On that note I'm waiting on the sex tape between those two because we ALL know that Chris Brown is puttin' it down obviously seeing how this girl should be promoting her latest album.
  • Dawgs On Top!
  • Black men stop acting like women are some drug like crack that you just can't resist.  I don't care what anyone says.  There's nothing different between white women and Black women especially in the dark.  

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Ramblings

It's been two weeks, but you know the deal...

  • So I just watched this Catfish show.  Lord have mercy.  I would die if I ended up on a show like this and the man didn't look anything like the pictures he sent me.  I'd probably go ape sh*t crazy man.
  • I just tried to do the Gangham style dance with no bra on.  Not the move ya'll.  Too much jiggle going on.   My Mom knows how to do it though.  For a brief moment she looked like she was twerking.  The butt was moving one too many times in rapid motion for me.
  • I'm convinced that I'm just going to be single forever.  Everyone that I date just doesn't work out.  Of course I'm only 22 years old and I haven't been single longer than six months in the past five years.  Maybe it just means that I need to take a break and evaluate myself and what I want in a partner.  Number one being communication.
  • This Honey Boo Boo show is hilarious.  I don't have a tv in Athens so I don't get to enjoy this ratchet red neck ish.  I like how they use deer meat to make spaghetti.  "I ain't had road kill in my belly for awhile."
  • My Mom just said my cousin Ashley reminds her of Honey Boo Boo.  Well when Ashley was like 6 or 7 years old.  She proceeded to bring up the time Ashley went HULK on my Grandpa over a honey bun.  I died a little bit.
  • I just turned the volume up on my Pandora to damn "I Wanna Sex You Up" while my Mom was downstairs.  I'm pretty sure nobody's mom wants to hear their child listening to something saying, "Making love until we drown."  That's just nasty.
  • My cousin Ken told me not to bring any white men to any family functions.  I told him that's next up on my list.  He then proceeded to tell me to find a rich one and leave him after a few years.  He said I need to do them like the white girls do the rich Black men.
  • My aunt went around asking all my older male cousins with kids if they've put their women up on counters and put it on 'em.  I was done with her.
  • The "Annie" that is spoke of in Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal" was a CPR dummy.  You guys if this man wasn't a genius I swear...
  • I have to make a confession:  Deep down inside I want to be a housewife or baker.  I made an extremely moist red velvet cake ya'll and smashed the pecans up to put on the side like they do in the store.  Ish was good.  I just need to learn how to make the icing look really pretty.  One day ya'll.
  • When I find a husband I swear I'm gonna recite the intro to Michael Jackson "I Just Can't Stop Lovin' You. "I just want to lay next to you for awhile.  You look so beautiful tonight.  Your eyes are so lovely.  Your mouth is so sweet...I just want to touch you and hold you.  I need you.  God I need you.  I love you so much."
  • Time to start making those New Year's plans to bring in 2013.  Let me go ahead and find my sexy dress.
  • I just told my ex if he writes an album about me I better get my cut.  On that note I will say that this could possibly be a pleasant friendship post-relationship even though the thought of punching him in the face or busting the windows out of his car with a baseball bat have been thoughts in my mind for a brief moment or two.  Sorry dude.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 1

Well sometimes around 1:30 or 2AM my relationship ended.  It came out of nowhere and the reasoning behind it probably hit me the worst.  He and I hadn't been talking much of this semester which was leading to a good share of fights and me feeling somewhat neglected.  He pretty much said that me moving to D.C. would be too much for him and he didn't want to spend his life waiting around on me.  The kicker was when I asked if he were breaking up with me I just kept hearing, "I still love you" or maybe that was my imagination.  For the people who view me as some heartless, emotionless person I wish you could see me now.  My eyes are red and puffy from going to sleep crying and waking up crying.  I've never been this hurt in my life.  Every break-up I have it seems like the other person is unsure of what they're doing.  I've heard, "We haven't spoke in awhile.  Do you know what I'm saying?" and now "What do we learn from this?"  Last night I was pretty much given the choice as to what I wanted to do, but the thing was he'd already said if I moved to D.C. he wasn't going to sit around and wait so there wasn't much of an option.  It's not like I would say, "Let's stay together until we find out if I got in" because if we did that and I got accepted (which I will as I know in my heart) it would have been pretty much placing stitches in a head wound and the doctor removing them before it's healed.  I didn't want that.  No girl wants that.  It would pretty much be me walking around with a smile on my face as if everything is all right until March, but in reality there was a piece of me that wanted that option.  My brain just knew it wasn't smart.  I had already been telling some of my closer friends in Athens that I just felt like he had fallen out of the relationship and maybe his newly developed feelings on my post-graduation plans were the deciding factor.

Like any normal person that deals with a break-up I start to question myself.  Maybe I was too mean, didn't show enough love, or obviously perhaps someone else came in the picture that caught his eye and someone that could give him the attention needed.  I honestly just sit replaying everything in my mind that could have gone wrong.  Do I think he's a bad person?  No, this was probably for the best and later on down the road I'll appreciate it.  I guess I kind of just wish this could have been held off, but that's just my heart talking again because this probably would have been much worse if it were before Christmas.  I even found myself in a somewhat weak position last night as I sent him a text at 4 o'clock in the morning apologizing for whatever I could have done.  As I wrote the sentence out a piece of me felt like I was just begging him to not do this.  I also found myself just feeling physically sick.  I remember telling him that I just wanted to throw up and even this morning I feel the same exact way.  I couldn't even finish my sausage this morning and I'll be surprised if I eat much tomorrow.

He tells me that I'd still be his best friend, but sh*t just doesn't work like that.  It's like sitting there knowing everything that you've had for a person, but taking the second best option of just remaining a close friend.  Then someone else comes along that the person develops strong feelings for and you're pushed out of the way. No girlfriend/boyfriend probably wants to hear that you're best friends with an ex that you claim to have had such strong feelings for, but that could just be me.  I'm not sure if I've said this, but he's not a bad person.  I don't want to spend two years being upset with him and turning my nose up everytime I see him or his name comes across my phone, but it's not like I'm going to be at his house tomorrow giving him a hug as if everything is all right.  In five years the longest I've been "single" was six months and those six months were pretty much the time when I was going out on dates with this guy.  I'm just going to take the next year or so as time to get to know myself.  I guess this does ruin my plan of being engaged by 25 though which I can chuckle about.  I guess this is the time when I start training for a marathon or something.  Perhaps you guys will see me in the Brazil Olympics.  Maybe?  Anything is possible...right?

It wouldn't surprise me if I start just writing about my feelings after all of this because this is probably the longest I've gone without crying since it all took place.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • Congrats to President Obama on winning another election.  I'm happy to see this happen and happy my FB page wasn't filled with ignorance like it was back in 2008.
  • With that said everyone would be happy if the way we selected our president was Hunger Games style.  Whomever can survive wins the seat.  That's the only way you truly know the best candidate won right?  #KatnissEverdeen2016
  • Feta cheese dip at The Grill in Athens will make women have sex with waiters in exchange for its deliciousness I discovered Sunday Night.  So forget about using bandz to make her dance.  Feta cheese dip will make her dance...and then some.
  • I love my nose ring.
  • I never promote my other blogs on Facebook as much my Friday Ramblings.
  • I'm under so much stress right now it's sad.  Jesus take the wheel.
  • I've decided that I really want to work on some type of campaign.  Let's make this happen.
  • It's 2:45 AM EST and Florida still hasn't been called.  WTF?
  • Thursday and Florida has finally been called...smh.  Please lets just give them back to Spain.
  • I really like the Lady Gaga version of Kendrick Lamar's "B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe."  The album version scares me...a little bit.
  • Ole Miss can suck it.  It makes no damn sense their students were RIOTING over Obama's election. Like seriously when Bush got re-elected in 2004 students at HBCUs weren't burning signs.
  • I've decided that I want to work on some type of election.  I wonder how I go about that.  If only I had figured that out before now.
  • Next week is about to be Hell Week.  I'm not excited you seriously.  My continued procrastination has not helped with that.
  • Why does that Diamond chick from Crime Mob have a song called "Lotta Money?"  I feel like it's kind of a slap in the face to Scrappy after he said she left him when he got broke.  She disagreed with that.
  • I can't think of anything funny that's happened this week.
  • I did start a new Tumblr.
  • Pay day. *twerks around UGA campus*
  • I'm about ready to shave my hair off.  This girl told me I should just loc my hair.  I told her hell to the naw.
  • I'm writing a script right now and thinking to myself, "If I put a sex scene in here that sh*t would be awkward as f*ck to watch.  I say that because I found a sex scene from Showtime's Soul Food and I can only imagine how that ish went.  
  • Speaking of scripts my friend said I should just pick up and move to California to start writing screenplays in hopes of being discovered.  Yeahhhhhhhh not to sure about that one.
  • Have you guys seen this new Gerber baby?  Not to be mean but yeah they need to keep that old picture.  This little girl just ain't doin' it  for me.

Monday, November 5, 2012

All The Single Ladies

There are times when I question if I'm made for seriously.  There are some people out there who have been with someone for over 30 years and preach everyday about how much they still love the person.  Let's not even get started on folks who have been together 50-60 years.  My parents have been married for 33 years and I question how in the hell they do it.  They're not this super affectionate couple like the ones I mentioned in the beginning of this paragraph.  I've never seen them hold hands in public or simply in the car while driving.  They kiss and all that junk every blue moon for which I still turn my face like a 5 year old but I kind of don't see how they do it.  I've had a total of two boyfriends, one that I'm currently dating, and after a year or so I just become so damn aggravated with little things that I question how in the hell am I supposed to make this last a LIFETIME.  Hell I even give kudos to those people that have been boyfriend and girlfriend for five years because I question if I can even do that...sounds horrible I know.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • I've been turned down FIVE, I repeat, FIVE times for semi-formal.  At this point I'm just convinced it's me.  My favorite rejection was the guy who said he had to go to the gym.  Yeah it's sad.
  • Zoe Saldana can go take several seats for tryna b*tch about the uproar people are having because of her playing Nina Simone.  I think people are more offended at them spray tanning her so she'll look darker.  Obviously this is a cheaper option than just hiring a woman who has a skin tone like Simone's/
  • I watched that "horror" movie called The Roommate.  Within the first 10 minutes that movie was a "What Not To Do During Your First Year of College."  From the girl flashing everyone at the frat party, to the other chick just meeting this dude and kissing him, and my favorite the girl having sex with the guy and later on he finally calls her his girlfriend.  Girl what were you when ya'll were knockin' boots?
  • I want an immersion blender and a fondant smoother.  I'm very serious.  Someone make that happen.
  • I got fun dip and a ring pop at this event at UGA.  Can we say childhood memories brought back like no other?
  • When are they coming out with a sexy Princess and the Frog costume?  I'm seriously waiting to dress up as a slutty version of Disney's first Black princess.
  • I sat my brown behind at home for Halloween.  I'm too young for this guys.  I can already see myself living a miserable life when I get older. *sigh*
  • I'm convinced I'll end up marrying someone that's a Black & Hispanic mix.  I'm not sure what it is about that mix  but yeah.
  • Ain't nobody effin' wit' my clique.
  • There was no point in saying that previous statement, but yeah.
  • I need to make serious life changes and I know I keep saying that but it must happen.
  • Congrats to my freshman roomie/frat brother/friend for getting accepted into Teach for America.  She's extremely dedicated already I feel and I know she'll be a great teacher.
  • April 6, 2013 The Color Run 5k is taking place in Atlanta.  I WILL run it.  
  • I'm trying to figure out how to make my hair remain soft past the day I twist it and the next day.  Recommendations are more than welcomed.
  • I'm mad Scott and Kourtney dressed up as damn Batgirl and Robin for Halloween while Kim and Kanye were Catwoman and Batman.  No way in hell I'd be my sister's sidekick or whatever on Halloween in addition to every other day in life.
  • Green apple Twizzlers are not that good you guys.
  • Rihanna was a marijuana bride for Halloween.  Very creative but child bye.
  • Why did I just spend $5 on this Essie nail polish?  Damn you Amazon and my lack of self control!

Monday, October 29, 2012

What Am I Doing With My Life?!

My life is in shambles you guys!  I have four more weeks of school left and I've yet to get a job lined up following graduation nor have I finished any of my applications.  What am I doing with myself like seriously?  It seems like everything is just coming at me all at once.  Within two weeks I have three papers due (one being the first draft of my senior thesis that still only has five pages) and I have to plan a retreat out for my fraternity since that's my job as VP of Membership.  This past weekend I was supposed to finish my Teach For America application.  I got stuck on the letter of intent that's got to be 500 words.  These are the times when I wish I had taken those micro-essays in my Women of Western Africa class more serious.  500 words is nothing to me when it's not a homework assignment!  I have so many things to say, but putting it in that few words is hard.  I also need a resume so I can get these letters of recommendation.  Why in the hell don't I have a resume and I'm about to graduate?  It's f*cking depressing.  I'm so behind I feel.  I am behind.  Resume writing should be a high school class, like seriously.  If I do end up teaching my students will learn all about that...once I learn.

About this job...I can't go back to the movies you guys.  I'm not saying I'm better than anyone, but I just don't want to end up "stuck."  I'm only saying that because I have a tendency to get very content with certain things and I don't want that to happen.  I enjoyed the job my first and second year (partially my third and dreaded it my fourth), but the fifth year would be absolutely painful.  I can just see myself doing the bare minimum and complaining every second of it.  Anyone from my job reading this don't judge me.  I'll take just about anything at this point that isn't fast food, prostitution, or selling drugs.  I've had a job since I came to college (playing the piano once a month in high school doesn't count) and I just can't fathom the idea of not having my own money flow in.  I know there's a lot out there for me to do, but it's just a matter of figuring it out.  Exactly why I should have gone to the career center on campus.  How do I get a job with Pixar to do voice over work is my question.  I'm pretty sure another Black princess is on the way or another Black sidekick.  If all else fails being best friends with Kim Kardashian might have to suffice, but I believe I need to be more fashionable and in shape first.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • Oh my GAWD no school today because it's Fall Break a.k.a. The Day 90% of the Campus Was Going To Skip In Order To See UGA Play Florida.  I'll be in Athens bored and doing work*.
  • Justin Timberlake got married. *sigh*  It seems like that's another childhood fantasy that I can mark off of my list.  He was my first vanilla crush and I'll always cherish that about him.
  • Three people have turned me down to be my semi-formal date.  I obviously need to be prettier or something because this is just depressing.
  • Somebody tried to say that Beyonce's career was over because she's going to perform at the Superbowl.  I almost punched that person's head off, but lucky for them I have self-control.
  • Got two of the cutest pairs of shows at Target.  Now if only I hadn't spent $53 in total getting them and a dress.  I'm cheap so that's a lot to me.
  • I miss my tv ya'll.  I feel so damn out of the loop without it.
  • I need a new hairstyle.  I'm tired of these damn twist and semi-looking like a crackhead.
  • Taylor Swift and her Kennedy boyfriend have ended things I heard.  I'm guessing "We're Never Getting Back Together" was somewhat of an omen for him.  If not he should prepare to have a song released about him very soon. #TaylorSwiftBoyfriendProblems
  • My boyfriend took the jacket he gave me.  I'm up here freezing without it.  I can't stand Indian Givers I swear ya'll.  I hope he's reading this too.
  • Bath and Body Works is having a sale.  I had a coupon to get an item for free with the purchase of $10 or more and behold the stuff  I was going to get was 50% off.  Now I small like French desserts. Yummy
  • I've been letting my nails grow far longer than they should be.  It's a weird feeling because ever since 8th grade I have made sure these things are nice and trimmed.  Now they're just growing out with no purpose.
  • I've been super lazy this week.  No $1 Ab classes for me at all and I feel chubbier already.
  • I'm looking at Jessica Biel's wedding dress.  Who gets married in a damn pink dress?  I sense a Nas type album from JT in the future when they get divorced.  He can have the pink dress across his lap the same way Nas had that green dress.
  • I'm interested in doing voice over work for cartoons so if you know someone looking for the perfect voice to bring life to their character tell them to look my way.
  • Why is Lenny Kravitz so fine?
  • Damn this lotion smells good.  Damn I smell good.
  • I wish I had smaller boobs.  These things just jiggle and I feel awkward when I'm in just plain white t-shirts.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • OMG it's the weekend you guys! *drops to knees and begins to cry*  Thank ya Jesus!
  • So I just read an article about a teacher in D.C. sleeping with a 17 year old student from another school and getting pregnant by him.  In addition to that the lady was going to his house for freaking holiday dinners.  (1)  The boy was 17.  I don't condone this activity, but could she not wait until he was 18?  Was this 17 year old just that irresistible to her that she was willing to risk being labeled a sex offender?  (2)  Why didn't she use a condom with him?  The article said they had sex like everyday so I'm assuming that after the second time she said don't worry about wrapping it up.  (3)  WHY IN THE HELL DID HIS MOM NOT SAY ANYTHING?!  No way my child's GROWN FEMALE TEACHER would be coming over eating turkey and dressing like it was a normal day.
  • White girls walking around New York wearing big black afros to fried chicken events has become the latest craze.  Don't believe me?  Look here.  This sh*t would not fly in the south ya'll and the fact that she doesn't think anything is wrong with her actions is crazy.  After all the controversy she decided to fix the problem by getting a BLONDE wig.
  • I only watched part of the debate, but Mitt Romney is giving me the wrong vibe about Mormons.  My co-worker is Mormon and he's so nice.  Mitt what is wrong with you?!
  • I really want Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to break up.  I just don't like her style anymore and I think it's because of him.
  • My experience at Boy Scout camp was an interesting one to say the least.  A lot of these older Boy Scouts are interesting to say the least.
  • I had the pleasure of having an interesting conversation with some of my APO peeps about strip clubs.  I'm sure they all think I'm odd because of it, but oh well.
  • My friend and I are starting a blog called Two Bad B*tches.  I'm sure some of ya'll are like "WTF?!" but the point is to have a catchy title.  It's catchy...right?
  • I love how my Mom calls me to help her with a computer that I've never used.  
  • Graduation is approaching so you know what that means:  GRADUATION WEAVE!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • This past weekend had to be the hardest one on my life.  I lost my wallet with my debit card, license, and student id.  You can't get any of those three things w/o having one of the other.  You can't get a student id with a debit card or license, you can't get a debit card w/o some form of identification, and the license...well I ordered that online but who knows if I'll get it with all the changes they made to getting one in the state of Georgia.  A week later someone did  turn it into though.  Very happy about that.
  • On a brighter note my parents sent me a little cash.  
  • The weather is dropping here and that means it's time to turn on the heat...unless you're my roommate.  Sunday night I heard her get up and turn the air on which made me wake up from my sleep.  I stared right at her and resisted every urge not to say, "What are you doing?"  I'm sure that would have scared her.
  • I made Twerk Team shirts with one of my friends for our pole dancing class.  Now er'body want one.
  • Speaking of pole dancing, it just made me realize even more why I'm in school.  
  • I need to get my life together guys!
  • I'm ready to pick up and move to Brooklyn.  I need a temporary change of scenery from the South.
  • I've watched this Forever Young performance of Jay-Z and Beyonce from Jigga's Barclays concert about 50 times I swear. 
  • Why don't ya'll comment on my blog?  Am I not good enough for ya'll?  What is it?!?!?!?!
  • I can' wait to get married/find a Stedman (long term boyfriend) simply so we can go around with our group of friends doing adult ish.  "Adult-ish" meaning travel to different countries and other stuff that I imagine adults do like pick up and go to Miami for the weekend.
  • I'm going camping this weekend.  I keep hollering out, "Adventure is out there!"
  • I just watched the video of the bus driver upper cutting the female passenger that was cursing him out every type of way.  All I can say is, "Damnnnnnnnnn."
  • I didn't watch the EBT BET Hip Hop Awards, but I'm pretty sure they're still upset about the Tupac hologram not making its debut on their show.  
  • I swear I'm never gonna get a break.  I have a take home test for one of my history classes and it's a 7-8 page paper.  Sir what?  
Not a funny picture, but I'm sure people still think this way.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • This has been a week from hell I swear!  I've had to turn four, yes FOUR, papers in this week.  I take a total of six classes so you do the math on that one.
  • Speaking of classes I got in trouble a la kindergarten style for talking too much in one of my classes.  My friend and I were separated.  This is my college life.
  • Tonight its about to go down. *Kevin Hart voice*  Me and some the girls from my service frat are hitting up a pole dancing class.  This song will be in my head all night in preparation.
  • Speaking of this event, everyone wants to be on APO Twerk Team.  It doesn't work that way boo boo.
  • I'm about to start selling my lady eggs off for some money ya'll.  You get paid $5000 for that mess.  Therefore I'd have to donate about eight to pay off my student loan debt.  #TheStruggleIsReal
  • The Jewish community has had a hard life for centuries ya'll.  Please hug any Jewish person you know and tell them you love 'em.
  • This school is trying to give me six tickets for graduation.  How much money did I pay ya'll again?
  • I will be raffling those tickets off to four family members who donate the most money to my student loan payment.  My parents get tickets by default.
  • I'm super behind, but this Dear White People trailer is hilarious.  I want my $5.50 back for Red Tails personally.
  • The John Legend concert that my boyfriend and I planned on attending has been postponed.  I'm convinced that God never wants me to see John Legend because even when he came to my school the tickets sold out when I was going to get one. *shakes fists at the heavens*
  • Chris Brown and his girlfriend (whose name nobody can spell without Googling it) have officially broken up.  I think we can all say we saw that one coming.  I'm pretty sure Breezy has been blowing Rihanna's back out for a few weeks.
  • These Sesame Street memes are hilarious man.
  • Screw Well's Fargo and their insensitive business.  I lost my wallet with EVERYTHING in it, including my ATM card, and as I'm talking to the agent she starts trying to get me to sign-up for some damn program.  I was two seconds away from losing my composure.  

Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • This is the seventh week of school meaning Monday was probably my sixth life crisis of the semester. Why?  Well because graduation is rolling around the corner.  I'm afraid.
  • My boyfriend told me I was too "argumentative" and "strong all the time" recently.  This was after I read about 50 pages focusing on the Feminist Movement.  
  • Some random man on the street told me that I had Tina Turner legs Saturday while I walked to the dining hall.  This is like the ultimate compliment to me.
  • Did you guys see Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Magic Mike inspired opening on SNL?  I'm not sure if that was from this past Saturday or what, but he was getting it. #VanillaFlavorForEveryday
  • I need more money for all the stuff I need.  Where's that rich sugar daddy of mine?
  • I really want to start a running group at my school for the Black community.  I was going to try Black Girls Run! but they said they're not starting any new running groups until the end of the year. 
  • I really need to get out and go dancing or bar hopping I think.  I don't do anything "fun" during the weekends it seems and this must change.
  • If this whole getting a job with a degree thing doesn't work out I think I'll be a video girl.  I just have to tone up this midsection first.
  • I really want to find a nice red lipstick just to have.  I barely wear lipstick, but I've always wanted a nice red.  I have one, but I feel like its too bright.  I prefer the darker colors.
  • I wish I could go home just one weekend, but I'm so busy. *sigh*  This must be what the real world is like.
  • I need an iPod so I can make an awesome playlist to workout to.  If you're interested in donating or selling one at a low price get at me.
  • I need to be reading so why I am I sitting here typing this.
  • I totally just typed that last sentence to the beat of Chris Brown's "Look At Me Down" as I listened to the song on YouTube.  Same with this sentence.
  • I really want some black boots.  The ones from last year nearly killed me at multiple times.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Taste of Athens: Dawg Gone Good BBQ

Name:  Dawg Gone Good BBQ
Location:  224 W. Hancock Avenue
What I Ordered:  Pulled pork plate with macaroni and baked beans.
Price:  $8.56

I'm back at it again with my local taste testing of food around the city of Athens, GA.  Today we have Dawg Gone Good BBQ located in downtown of the Classic City.  I first heard about this place after watching a video the Alphas at my school put up.  They had some of it at their annual back to school block party, but being the anti-social person I am I didn't go.  Then coincidence would have it that in my mail box this week I got some coupons and inside was an advertisement from this place.  Since I started Taste of Athens I decided I might as well give it a try seeing how I'd yet to find a place that offered something similar to what my Mom makes back at home.

Its a small place, but good things come in small packages.  When my friend and I walked in we were greeted by the owner BBQ Chef B.J. with a Madea inspired "Hello," as Kem blasted through the speakers.  Even though I don't care for Tyler Perry I couldn't help but smile at how welcoming the guy was. They sell pulled pork, ribs, chicken, green beans, mac & cheese, etc.  All of the stuff that you expect to see at a barbeque place with the exception of hash and collard greens I sadly discovered.  The prices were what you would expect from a barbeque place so I wouldn't complain about that seeing how I left full.  The sauce used (not sure if homemade or store bought) was sweet just like I like it.  Obviously with good sauce I enjoyed my pulled pork sandwich and it almost reminded me of the barbeque my Mom makes back at home.

I love macaroni so after trying my sandwich that was the first thing I went for.  I noticed all of the pepper on it which ultimately ruined the macaroni for me as I rarely put pepper on anything, especially macaroni.  Because of all the pepper it tasted too spicy for me.  I'm not saying it was bad, but not the best I've had.  It reminded me of macaroni my friend's mom gave me one year after returning back to school from Thanksgiving Break.  The baked beans were another story.  I LOVED them.  They were sweet so I could tell he added something like brown sugar to the mix.  I originally wanted to order yams, but they didn't have anymore so the beans were my substitute.  Best decision ever.  I left with a full stomach hours after eating which says a lot in my opinion.  The only thing that could have made things better would have been a slice of sweet potato pie or some type of cake.  Then it would have felt like home.

The place is extremely welcoming and I felt like I was just at a family event sitting down and eating.  The owner was in the background giving relationship advice to a frequent customer/friend with curse words every now and then, just like one of my old uncles.  He apologized to me and my friend, but we didn't care seeing how it was nearly 11 anyways.  He made sure to remind me that they had lunch and student specials so one Sunday I may have to go and get a plate for $5.99.  The only downside to this place was I noticed they were out of a lot of side dishes that some people asked for, like my yams.  In addition to that because its downtown parking is hard to find.  The lot behind the place was charging $3 to park which I'm sure had something to do with game day being the next day.

I'd give this place a rating of 4 out of 5.  The food was amazing with the exception of the macaroni for me and things were reasonably priced seeing how you're getting real food and not just french fries.  In addition to that they have specials so there's no reason not to just stop by and try something.  The lack of parking, collard greens, and extra peppered macaroni were the only "bad" things about the place.  My friend and I had to drive around for like 10-15 minutes after finding the place just to park, but that's downtown for you.  I highly recommend anyone in the area go and try it out.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Ramblings

Its Friday so you know the deal...

  • So I have a cough.  Like a bad cough that my poor little body can't handle.  Pity me people!
  • I'm in love with this new Taylor Swift song "We Are Never Getting Back Together."  Taylor Swift makes the ultimate relationship/break-up songs I swear.
  • I just want to say screw the UGA bookstore.  I went to pick a book up Tuesday and they told me they sent it back because I didn't come pick it up by the deadline that I knew nothing about.  The e-mail they sent me just said to call them by that day.  I seriously wanted to slap the girl working because she was just aggravating me.  Then they had the nerve to bring out a $20 book when the one I ordered was only $8.  Who in the hell do they think they are?
  • I scored two goals Monday in P.E. while playing soccer.  I think this means I can go join the Olympic team now.
  • Burn mark is still on my arm.  The "nipple" is gone after I noticed it moved when I touched it resulting it fluid coming out. still has to heal which is taking forever I swear.
  • Don't go see The Words with Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana.  I repeat.  DON'T GO SEE IT!
  • I'm pretty sure I sound like a babbling idiot in class.  I'm sure of that after today.  Maybe I just need to shut up.
  • I need some clothes.  Where's my sugar daddy when I need him?  *pouts*
  • My friend and I have decided we're going to open up a male revue club as our post-graduate plan.  
  • How old is Denzel Washington because that man is STILL fine.  He probably looks better actually.  I guess he's like wine, just gets better with age.
  • I want to make a major change to my diet, but I know that's going to require a lot of dedication.  I'm seriously thinking about cutting pork and beef out of my diet.  I have to get past the mental barrier first.
  • I can't wait until we start doing actual scenes in my acting class.  I'm getting so tired of asking people if they have a watch with the response of "Not on me." 
  • I miss my tv.  That is all.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Taste of Athens: Keba Spitfire Grill

So I've decided that I'm going to start a portion on my blog called "Taste of Athens."  The city name will switch up for wherever I am, but since I go to school in  Athens I mostly eat here.  One of the biggest things about living somewhere else is the food.  Every city has their own little restaurants and Athens is no different, especially since its a college town.  My goal for the semester is to try different places out and give you guys a little review of the place along with some pictures of what I ate.  First up we have Keba Spitfire Grill.

Not sure if this is a good example of the inside of the sandwich, but oh well.

Location:  1850 Epps Bridge Parkway, Suite 111
What I Ordered:  A regular combo with beef, lettuce, tomato, Keba sauce, fries, and creamy feta sauce.
Price:  $9.62

I first heard about Keba from my frat's fellowship chair last semester when Taste of Athens became a fellowship, so this isn't my first time trying it.  The burgers are described as German style seeing how the owner/founder is from Germany and they even serve Belgian cut fries.  You have numerous options for your base (filling/meat) including beef, chicken, pork, feta, etc. and you get to select a sauce that you want on the sandwich.  I chose Keba sauce since it obviously must be viewed as their "signature" sauce if it bares the name of the place.  If you get fries you also get the choice of another sauce so I got creamy feta.  My food was ready within a few minutes which was pleasing seeing how I was starving.

The beef alone is very dry, but I'm guessing this is why they include a sauce because I can't imagine having it with just the bread and veggies.  The meat actually reminded me of the type I see on gyros if that matters at all.  I must say the sandwich/burger was pretty good.  I didn't really care for the Keba sauce though because I just couldn't taste it.  I knew it was there, but yeah it doesn't have much of a kick to it that left me wanting to get it on my sandwich again.  I ended up dipping my food into the creamy feta sauce that I ordered for my fries.  Now that sauce was amazing.  I recommend everyone try that one.  The fries weren't salted if my memory serves me right which is something I don't care for.  I don't need salt on my fries, but I do like some type of seasoning and these didn't have anything.  I'm guessing this is why they offer the option of getting a dipping sauce whenever you order fries.

Overall I'll give them a 3.5 out of 5.  The food was good, but the price was another story.  I don't care for nearly paying $10 for a meal like this, but the food is "different" so I should expect that anyways.  As a college student my pockets can't accept that though.  I'll go back, but probably only if I'm invited there.  If you're a small person I wouldn't recommend getting the regular sized combo as you'll get full halfway through the sandwich.  The small combo is $6.99 and I wish I had got it.  I also recommend sitting down and eating it because by the time I got back to my dorm it wasn't as hot as it probably was when I first got it and how hot food is can play a big deal in the taste.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • Mentally I'm extremely exhausted right now, but I've only told my friend Prisca about it.  I might have to make some changes because it is far too early in the semester for this.  I think it is a mixture of taking too much on and questioning if I'm even going to get appreciation for some of the stuff that I'm trying to do.
  • Earlier in the week I planned a Brotherhood Retreat for my frat.  I think it went fairly well.  My section chair enjoyed it so I'm happy to know someone higher up in the fraternity said this.
  • A girl in my senior thesis class thought Babe Ruth was a Black guy.  I'll just leave it at that.
  • I went to a program that claimed to be a Black History type game show with the thought of it being about Civil Rights era stuff and such.  No, they were asking questions about what show did Tia Mowry play on and sh*t.  I was so pissed.
  • Eff school.  I should have just been a stripper.  That would have been far easier. *sigh*  Sadly God didn't bless me with gyrating skills so this was my plan b.
  • So tired.
  • Who wants to write my Senior Thesis for me?  Anybody?  No takers?  Well screw ya'll too.
  • I freaking burned my arm tonight on a damn light bulb at my frat's pledge inductions.  This thing is not cute ya'll!  I keep looking at it and thinking of a STD.
  • I went to the doctor about my foot Wednesday.  I left with nasal steroids.  #LikeABoss
  • A fellow history student in one of my classes seemed to think that Babe Ruth was the first Black baseball player.  Oh ma'am, you obvious have not taken any of the Black History course offered through the AFAM or history department.  Tsk tsk
  • I seriously felt like crawling across the table earlier this week to smack the sh*t out of somebody.  Lucky for them my body was far too tired to act all ethnic in public.  #YouBeenTouchedByAnAngel
  • My parents better bring me some good stuff back from Mexico or I'm gonna have the biggest temper tantrum in the world.
  • Since I stopped waxing my eyebrows I've noticed that a little water goes a long way in regards to shaping them.
  • Did I mention how tired I am as I look at the clock saying 3:20 A.M.?  No?  Well I just had to remind ya'll.  
  • I've decided that this weekend I won't be answering anything APO related until Monday as for the past five weeks every day of my life has been centered around it in every way.  The only e-mails or text I will answer have to come from my section chair.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Things I Have To Accept About Myself

One of my friends wrote a blog which pretty much talked about things she's come to accept about herself in Random Ramblings (I should have got my ish trademarked) and I thought it was pretty cool so since I'm up late I'll do that right now.

  • Everyone isn't going to like me.  I'm 22 years old and still dealing with the issue of wanting everyone to like me to some extent.  I know that I have a pretty strong personality so it isn't going to mesh with everyone.
  • I have a negative view of myself at times which isn't good.  I didn't even notice it until I was with two of my past roommates and I said something and my friend said, "Why are you so hard on yourself?"  This mainly applies to how I view myself in regards to attractiveness.  In my mind I'm still the 13 year old from Morgan Road Middle School that was picked on for my acne and being a "lame."  
  • I will never be a twerk master in reality, but in my imaginary world I can run with the best of them.
  • I often seek appreciation for the things that I do and when I don't get it I kind of lose motivation.  I do things because I want to make stuff better by offering my help, but when I don't receive a simple "thanks" I get kind of down.
  • I'm a quiet person, but I'm very outspoken.
  • I like being alone or hanging out in groups no bigger than three or four.  Too many people tire me out and make me feel overwhelmed.  
  • I keep a lot of things to myself instead of letting others know because I don't want to feel like I'm bothering people.  The funny thing is I'm always the person who offers an ear for listening when people need it.
  • I'll never be a "cool" kid.
  • I'll never have long curly/wavy hair, but its fine.
  • Even though I say I never want to dance with anybody at parties deep down inside I really do want someone to ask me to dance.  It kind of sends the message to me that someone found me attractive so when nobody approaches me I think something must be wrong with me.
  • I look mean as hell and that will never change.
  • I'm bossy.
  • My skin will never look as clear or smooth as Gabrielle Union.
  • I'm cheap.
  • I'm afraid to ask for things.  (My Dad would find this humorous as he always says this to me.)
  • I can't be perfect.
  • I have an extremely hard time trusting people and this comes from childhood.
  • I can easily go from happy to sad or depressed by thinking of old memories that I'm ashamed of.
  • I overthink things.
Old photo from the Summer of 2010

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • I need God to add just a few more hours in the day for me.  I swear I have no time at all and everything is just coming at me.
  • Did you all see Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention?  I originally only saw highlights of it which gave me chills, but when I tell you that I want to have the same grace that she has I'm not playing.  She's intelligent, a great speaker, and beautiful woman who girls of all races should look up to.
  • I'm seriously considering the D.C. area as a place to live.  My parents seem to be on board with it.
  • I've gone through two semi-midlife crisis moments this week.  One Tuesday night and the other Thursday night.  I feel like I'm doing nothing with my life.
  • After nearly two and a half years of competing with my boyfriend in random activities I've finally won something.  Yes, B. Jones dominated in miniature golf Sunday night and I hit that Tiger Woods fist pump on him.
  • I'm in LOVE with Rihanna's new haircut!  She looked amazing from the photos I've seen of her, but she's still not the best dancer.
  • Get yo life here!
  • So who watched the second part of the reunion for Love & Hip Hop ATL?  I was kind of pissed off that Erica agreed to marry Scrappy with all that bullsh*t he put her through this semester, but whatever.  I don't know her and its her life. 
  • Speaking of that engagement how much more romantic can an engagement get than your man getting down on one knee with the question, "Is you gonna marry a n*gga?"  
  • I think I'm noticing minor changes in myself from this jogging and $1 abs class.  Of course if I ate right I would probably be a whole lot better off.
  • I'm not sure if I've mentioned this, but I want to make a fishbowl drink.  Who wants to buy all of the ingredients I'll need?
  • I was just interrupted from typing this to read a script for my screenwriting class.  Why can't my teacher just let me continue to sit here and be quiet as I blog?
  • My parents are going to Mexico.  I don't appreciate this, but as long as I get some cute jewelry I don't care.
  • I'm listening to white kids in my class discuss the use of the word "Negro" in papers.  They're trying to say it really low like its a bad word.
  • One of the most dangerous things one can do is scroll through their Tumblr as they sit in class.  I always worry if some freaked out image will pop up and if the person behind me will think I'm into looking at porn in class. 

Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • Jose, if you're reading this today feel special.
  • I haven't washed my hair in like two weeks.  I feel like I'm dying a slow and dirty death whenever I scratch my scalp.  These twist still look good though.
  • Miguel has a song out called "Pussy Is Mine."  I'm not even going to lie.  I love this song.  Judge me all you want.  Here's the live version too.
  • With that said I'm slowly starting to think that Miguel could get it.  Judge me all you want. *files finger nails*
  • So I finally saw this new Sparkle.  I wasn't that impressed honestly.  The music was good although the girl's voice who played Sister had to grow on me.  I found the original online and wasn't that impressed with it either.
  • S/O to Mimi from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta going on a rant about how every "b*tch" has been cheated on the only exception is her ish was on tv.  Although that is true to an extent Mimi is forgetting the fact that she stayed around even though she's really the side chick and just doesn't realize it.
  • I finally get to go home and see my family and boyfriend this weekend for Labor Day.  :-D
  • I've noticed that my desire to be engaged goes up when I return back to school.  I hate it because I know good and well I'm not ready for marriage.
  • To the boy who sits behind me in my History 3072 class please STFU or I'll shut your dumb behind up.
  • Anybody know where I can buy a fake nose ring?
  • Working out is getting a little better if you all cared.  My Black Men's Magazine body will be here before you know it. *looks at butt* Well all my photos will have to focus on the front of my body.
  • I wouldn't mind going to the batting cage to be honest right now.  I kind of wish I were on a softball team.
  • Dear GOP, I don't care if Mitt Romney's wife's song was The Temptations "My Girl."  Its freakin' 2012 not 1960.  It shouldn't be that big a deal that her song is a performed by a Black group unless we're over here talking about freakin' G.O.O.D. Music or 2 Chainz.
  • The real world is slowly creeping on me. *bites finger nails*
  • Rihanna posted a photo wearing a necklace that said "Fuck You."  I want one.
  • These girls in my suite better start getting their hair out of the shower before I go Incredible Angry Black Woman on their behinds.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • I'm really neglecting the three subscribers that I  Sorry ya'll school and stuff is taking all my time.
  • Oh I'd like to say that my third subscriber is my boyfriend.  Thanks for following me FINALLY.  Its not like I've had this blog since May or anything.
  • Samuel L. Jackson was at UGA today.  -____-  Thanks for calling me up Sam.  I thought we were better than that.
  • My Mom just sent me a picture of my cousin's baby.  My reply, "He looks like one of the baby  They were cute though so this is a good thing."  I swear to ya'll people's kids always look like animals to me for some reason.  Watch my kid comes out looking like a hyena or some crap.
  • Just a warning for ya'll, bingo at the nursing home is INTENSE.  I had one lady start telling another lady to be quiet and then she proceeded to tell me she was going to shoot her next time.  I'm pretty sure she's the person who the term "original gangsta" is speaking of.
  • One of my goals for this semester is to get toned up.  I'm going to do it.  Just mark my words.
  • *looks at play that I need to read for tomorrow and continues typing*
  • I've missed out on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for two weeks.  I NEED MY RATCHETNESS!!!! *starts scratching myself like a junkie*
  • When in the hell is Justin Timberlake coming out with another cd?!
  • Can somebody please tell Teyana Taylor's irrelevant behind to go sit down with this whole she was the girl who started the sexy tomboy look back up again?  Plenty of REGULAR girls have been doing that before you did so shut up.
  • I watched Trey Songz's "Hail Mary" video.   Yeahhhhh...this dude needs to take a break and come back with some GOOD music.  I get tired of feeling like I'm about to have him climb out of the tv or my headphones to rape me.
  • I still can't get over Gabby Douglas's new Indian Remy.  Ish looks gooooood.
  • I gave Twitter up.  I guess this means I have to actually talk to people now.  O_O
  • Bandz will not make me dance.  Sorry Juicy J.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • This was my first week of my last semester of undergrad *fingers crossed*  I'm already starting to wonder if I've taken on too much, but I have faith that I'll be able to do it.
  • Speaking of my first day of classes I overslept for my ONLY Tuesday class.  I was beyond missed so I had to go out and buy a clock from Target.  Its pretty dope if I may say.  The screen is multicolored so it isn't your typical green or red colored screen.
  • Gabby Douglas got a makeover...which is very odd to me.  I mean I know The Olympics are over so she doesn't have to walk around with that ponytail or whatever, but accepting some brand new Remy kind of sends the message to me that maybe she really thought something was wrong with her hair or she let the people get to her.  Nonetheless it looks good.
  • I'm taking jogging class this semester.  We had to run a mile and a half on Wednesday.  I did a mile which I did fairly easy without stopping too much.  I just knew that I wasn't going to be able to be to that half a mile though.  #JesusBeSomeMuchNeededStrengthAndExtraOxgen.
  • I'm starting to feel like I have nothing going on in my life because I'm struggling to think of something else to write...
  • Oh yeah...I've already decided that I'm going to ask my family members to give me financial gifts for graduation (do you get gifts for college graduation?)  They can all go ahead and write that $50 check to the government for my loans.  Of course gifts of $100 are accepted.
  • I learned in acting class today that I would be killed very easily. wonder why my parents shielded me so much as a child.  They knew.
  • Sooooo about this whole thing between Chad Johnson and Eveyln.  I can't feel one ounce of pity for her a$$ because she never felt any pity for all the folks that she harassed on Basketball Wives be it through throwing wine bottles, running across tables, or threatening to slap the person up.  Karma is b**** huh?
  • Is it just me or has my liking of Kim Kardashian's style greatly decreased since she started dating Kanye West?  Like I used to LOVE everything she wore.  Lately when they're together I'm just like, "Blah."
  • Chris Paul is fine.  That is all.
  • The Spice Girls performed at the closing ceremony.  God is good.
If Fox News covered the Civil Rights Movement.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The End of the Road: The Start of My Last Semester

So I'm sitting here writing this little blog entry the day before my first day for my last semester here at the University of Georgia.  Oddly enough I feel like it's my first day for my freshman year all over again for some reason.  The closer it came to moving back to Athens the more emotional I found myself about leaving my home in Augusta.  This is what I prefer to call my four and half year here at UGA because the plan isn't to stay a whole year as I'm on course to graduate in December *fingers crossed.*  While I'm sure some people are wondering why I'm so nervous when I've been here that long I feel like I have plenty of reasons to be.  You see when I graduated from high school I knew that I would be attending UGA so my only worries were would I like my roommate (I did although it took sometime as we were both quiet), would I make tons of lifelong friends (I didn't as I was too shy and found myself either going to class, eating alone, or being in my room), partying my life away (I didn't), and whether my high school boyfriend and I would make it (We didn't). Three major changes, heartbreak, new love,  the transition of having chemical free hair, and many other changes I have found myself at this point:  The end.

This being my last SEMESTER the future looks extremely uncertain to me.  I have no clue if I'll find a job and with the changes I have heard about to the grace period for student loans it scares me.  I keep telling myself that I don't want to return back to Augusta to work at the movies, not because I view it as being beneath me, but due to the fact that I always envisioned that I would start my career off right after college.  I mean that's the dream that our high school guidance counselors pretty much preach to us when it comes time to take the SATs and apply to college.  Sadly that doesn't happen for many of us.  I've been thinking about attending grad school as my ultimate education goal is to attain my doctorate, even if I'm 100 years old, but I'm starting to question what do I want to do.  Mainly I know I want to help others, particularly children/young adults.  I've thought about obtaining my Master's of Art in Teaching, but I want to do a test run first which has led me to apply for Teach for America and City Year.  A major issue of mine since coming to college has been a fear of rejection.  I attend a huge university and there are many opportunities to obtain leadership, but I've always felt as if I was at the bottom of the barrel because my grades are mediocre and I just felt like I'd never get whatever it was that I wanted to do.  Now that it's almost time to pack up and go I've realized that I've handicapped myself sort of.  I pretty much made things to were I wouldn't have to deal with rejection and that's probably something I needed.  What I'm getting at is I'm afraid to even apply to these programs out of fear getting told that I'm not wanted.  Oddly enough my Mom recently said my constant fears and not wanting to conquer them would lead me to this point.

 Maybe its just cliche, but I really do feel like my life has a bigger purpose than what I'm told (A 9-5 with a 401k plan and a nice corner office overlooking the city as I donate thousands of dollars to my old university.)  The only issue is I just don't know what it is right now and I feel like I should.  Matters only get worse when I'm the first person in my household to graduate college and both of my parents are preaching to me about how they want me to be successful in life.  So just like every other kid, no matter how old, you want to make your parents proud.  Regardless here's to a great final semester filled with many memories, sweat, and tears both good and bad.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • Well my summer officially comes to an end this Sunday with school starting on Monday.  I swear time has flown by this summer.  I pray that in four months I'll be informing of ya'll of my graduation. *fingers crossed*
  • Speaking of school, I moved in to my dorm Wednesday.  I swear it is the smallest thing ever ya'll!  Like in my four years of going to UGA I have never had a room this size.  There are three bedrooms with a living room, a full bathroom and a half bathroom.  If you go to UGA it's designed kind of like ECV, but imagine sharing a room.  Hell naw
  • Have ya'll heard the interview of Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells?  While I primarily understand Dawn's anger about the situation both failed to realize that was the time or place to try and shade their TEAMMATE.  It actually just heps Lolo because in the end the U.S. loves the victim (for the most part) just as much as the pretty girl.
  • The birds that have been living in our plant have flown away.  I got up this morning to see a bird struggling to fly out and looked up to see they were all gone.  The day before I saw one peaking out to look at me, but hiding right when I looked at the nest.  I was lucky enough to see two of them who flew back and chirped loud enough for me to go see them below the nest and flying off.
  • To the Georgia Board of Regents you all can suck it in regards to the renaming of Augusta State and Georgia Health & Sciences.  Georgia Regents University had to be the worst thing ever.
  • So I'm in love with Frank Ocean's song "Pyramids" even though it's like 10 minutes long.  I love how the subject and beat of the song change at the half way through.
  • After attending church on Sunday I've concluded,  thanks to the the pastor, that the only way for me to change things is if I really want to do it.  I know everyone is probably like, "Duh!" but sometimes its harder than it sounds.  "Change has to come from inside of you or else you will go back to your ways."  Shout out to Rev. Hogan.
  • Hey Jamie Nieto...Holla at ya girl!  No, not really.
  • Shout out to Serena Williams for hitting that C-Walk.  I ain't mad at ya girl. *joins in*
  • Jamaica just said "Eff ya'll" to all the men who competed in the 200 meter event.  They took gold, silver, and bronze.  *drops head*
  • I've concluded that Mimi from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is just content with having a piece of a man because there is no way my boyfriend/father of my child would be running around with his jump off/the chick he got pregnant like she lets Stebbie J do with Jose a.k.a. Joseline.
Everytime I see this picture I

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Things We Do For Love: My Curlformers Experience

If you all don't know I order Curlformers last Sunday and received them on Thursday if I remember correctly.  After seeing all the results and looking for something new I decided I would make the $32.75 purchase for 36 long and narrow Curlformers from ebay.  When I received them in the mail I noticed that the seller sent me two packs of 36, but with these things coming from Puerto Rico and this being their mistake that benefited me I said there was no way I would send them back.  Good thing that she sent me that extra set actually.  Anyways the main reason I finally decided to get these things was because one Sunday during my hair day I asked my boyfriend how I should do my hair.  The only options are twists or twist outs because I am style challenged.  He said he wanted curls which honestly pissed me off because I took it as him being tired of my style.  He denied it but I'm pretty sure I was right.  Regardless I figured I'd be nice and do something he requested.

I pre-pooed my hair with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner, shampooed with Suave Clarifying Shampoo, conditioned with that same Herbal Essence conditioner, and deep conditioned with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle I put my hair into big twist to help hold some of the water in plus I knew it would make things easier for me as this is a process that requires clean hair parts.  Oh yeah, my leave-in conditioner of choice was Kinky Curly Knot Today followed by a Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Coconut mix to seal the moisture in.

All 72 Curlformers that I received.

Freshly washed, detangled, and separated hair.  This was around 8:30 P.M..  I had intentions to start way earlier but after going to church with my Mom and having to help her "cook" (I only made banana pudding.)  I could actually reach the sink until like 5.

This was around 3:00 A.M.  

Don't let the smile fool you.  I was pissed off and tired by this time.  I honestly would have quit at 10 o'clock had my boyfriend not begged me to finish them.

Obviously I'm in my junky room.

Let me tell you all this.  I had 72 of these things and only used 69 just in case ya'll were wondering about these twists.  On one of them my hair got CAUGHT on the hook and as I tried to push it back out the hook went THROUGH the Curlformer.  Yeah once that occurs you're in for a hard ride trying to get it out.  Although it had occurred before I was seriously to a point where I said, "Eff this.  I want to go to bed."