Friday, December 23, 2016

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday, so you know the deal...

  • I graduated last week!!!!!  #PutSomeRespecktOnMyName #2Degrees #PayRaise
  • Why is being an adult so expensive?  Like why do I have to pay almost $80 to keep my place warm and functioning?  My parents should be obligated to take care of me because I did NOT ask to be brought into this cold, cold world.
  • The Walking Dead better pick up or I'm gonna stop watching.
  •  Kudos to Trevor Noah for this interview!  I know in an alternative right universe others are saying Tomi Lahren told Trevor off.
  • Anyone who gets a gift from me is lucky.  My checking account wasn't ready for this holiday. #MakeMyBankAccountGreatAgain
  • When a kid in another grade informs you that they heard you are mean...
  • Christmas Break is here too!!!! #NoKidsForTwoWeeks #Relaxation
  • None of my kids have talked about Elf On the Shelf.  I am slightly disappointed by this.  
  • Really like this Pear Nova polish I got.  Didn't even have to put a top coat on it for it to shine.  Which is good because I just about had to sell an arm and leg to afford it.
  • I'm not sure how true Narcos is but Pablo Escobar was not the dude to play with.  
  • Yasssssss Shea Moisture for this lipstick and yasssss Target for having it on clearance.
  • It's the holiday season which means it's engagement season.  Let me keep my nails painted...just in case.
  • I could have gone without watching this Hairspray Live show.  It didn't impress me but then again none of these live shows do.
  • I'm gonna start being petty with some of my family when it comes to invites.  There is a purpose behind RSVP'ing my people.  #NoMoreInvitesForYou
  • Chris Rock is going on tour.  Time to spend a million dollars on tickets.
  • It's about time Rick and them get some courage.  On that note, I'm glad Spencer's dead.  Ol' punk behind tried to be slick and get power over something he has no clue about.
  • I just want to find a fringe dress.  Why is this so hard?!  I found one!
  • I saw one of my old students working.  They were so calm and polite.  I asked myself, "Why was this child so evil when I taught them?"
  • Finally went and played golf.  It was only nine holes but it was fun.  I've gotta do that more often.
  • Straight hair is only fun for about three days.  After that I become tired of it and want someone to braid it up.
  • When your little cousin says she's gonna get multiple gifts for her boyfriend, but you try telling her not to do it.
  • Emory University is about to offer a course on Black self-love.  I love it!
  • When you go to your parents house excited to watch that good cable but Xfinity is acting up.  Why Lord?  Why?!
  • When your friends say you're picky but you're in denial.
  • I want to go to Topgolf.  Maybe I should have set that up for my birthday.
  • Why'd I agree to go to the outlets with my Mom and brother?  I have no money to spend.  Should have went with my Daddy and indirectly asked him to buy stuff for me.