Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday, you know the deal...

  • Who let Mariah Carey make a fool of herself on the last day of 2016?!
  • My Dad swore up and down that I didn't have to go to work on Monday, the day of New Year's Day.  If only that were the case...
  • When your Dad asks how much a wedding costs and you read the national average and he just about falls out of his seat.  #ImYourOnlyDaughter #ImTheBaby #ImYourSecondFavoriteChild
  • I'm leaving wack car salesmen in 2016.  Don't try selling me a car with a recall on it.
  • I'm trying to get that Teyana Taylor body for 2017...after I eat this 8-count nugget from Chick-fil-a.
  • I need to put on a bridal expo.  I know these people making money from folks like me buying tickets.
  • Thank you to whoever created the humidifier.  I love you and you will get into heaven for this blessing.
  • Friday Night Tykes has taught me one thing:  Texas does NOT play about football.  $16k on football equipment for 8 year olds?!  
  • Some of these news outlets kind of shady with the announcement of Janet's baby.  "Janet gives birth to first son."  Soooooooo...we still on that story that Janet had a little girl way back when?  We can't just say, "Janet gives birth to first child"?
  • Lord let my certificate upgrade hurry up and clear so I can get this pay raise that I've worked towards for the last year and a half.
  • 2017 Fitness Goals:  Michelle Obama arms, Beyonce abs, and a Serena Williams booty...maybe a Michelle Obama booty because Serena has a LOT of junk in the trunk.
  • I nearly cried watching the video of Cam Newton reading his letter to his son.  
  • When your fiance gets you the PERFECT birthday card and writes the PERFECT message inside of it.