Monday, July 6, 2015

I Lace 'Em Up Every Night For Guys Like You: Chicken Curry

This recipe was inspired by this video.

During the summer I like to try random recipes.  Why?  1.) Because I have the time and 2.) I like to eat.  My Mom is always saying I'm eating some different types of food and it's true.  This was no exception for my household.

1-1/4 pound boneless, skinless chicken breasts cut into 1/4 inch strips
2-1/2 teaspoons curry powder (divided)
3 tablespoons olive oil (divided)
1 medium yellow onion, chopped
2 teaspoons of minced garlic
1 tablespoon ginger
2 cups low sodium chicken broth
1 tablespoon cornstarch
2 teaspoons sugar
1-1/2 frozen peas
1/4 cup plain low fat (2%) Greek yogurt (do NOT use nonfat)
1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro

Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday, so you know the deal...

  • Well I definitely cried watching Inside Out.  It seems like that's all that I do now.  What has happened to me?!
  • BET Awards Recap:
    • Is that Kendrick Lamar?  I didn't even recognize him!  This song sounds pretty good too.  I might have to buy this album.
    • Nicki Minaj pretty much knows she's gonna win this award every year.  I think she was just sitting on the edge of her seat trying to make sure she didn't stand up before they actually announced her name.
    • So Tracee Ellis Ross can say "eat the booty" but they blur it out for the Omarion performance?
    • Alicia Keys let Ursula the Sea Witch take her voice.  This is so sad and she messed up The Weekend's song.  When she started singing I got the same emotions I feel when Wale starts rapping on a Miguel song.
    • BAD BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Diddy should have just performed the entire show if you ask me.  Then when Lil' Kim came out?!?!?!?!  I went all types of crazy!  #IMissedDiddyFallLive #TakeThatTakeThat
    • I used to think Peaches and Cream was about actual peaches until I was 21.  #ToBeYoungAndInnocent
    • Why must the cast of The Game be so lame all the time?  Why did the Hosea guy look so greasy along with other things?  Don't get me started on that ribbon around his head.  He should have went to Reinbows.
    • Poor oldest child from Blackish has no rhythm.  It's okay because he tried.
    • Smokey Robinson is a fineeeee old man.  I might go find me a red bone man with light eyes.  
    • Robin Thicke might as well have dedicated this performance to Paula Patton.  #HeStillLovesHer 
    • Shout out to Nicki because if it wasn't for her Meek Mills would have continued being forgotten about this year.
    • Ciara's dancing is absolutely amazing!  Wait that was Tinashe in the beginning?!?!?!
    • I know Janet did not just walk on that stage, say her thank yous, and walk off.  BET told me she was performing!  THE LIES MUST STOP!
    • My Mom's exact words when she saw K. Michelle, "Who is this big butt girl?"
    • Ummmm Tamar these eyelashes are not working right now.  Like I'm legit freaked out.
    • When Patty came out I kicked my own shoes off!
    • No to my Mom dancing to Trap Queen.
  • I cooked chicken curry.  It was pretty good too according to those that tried it. #WatchOutAyeshaCurry
  • TI and Tiny's son King is entirely too hyper for my liking.  
  • Ummmm who wrote Magic Mike XXL?  I need to file a complaint because they called themselves trying to write a cinematic piece trying to give these guys aspirations.  I didn't go see the movie those purposes.  I went to see the men dancing, more specifically Channing Tatum, not know that Tito wants to open a fro-yo shop.  And who did those terrible braids in Tito's hair?!
  • The last dance of Magic Mike made up for that previous statement.
  • Jesus be a tutor in this Geometry and Measurement class because Lord knows I'm gonna need it.  #GeometryIsTheDevil #TheyDontTeachTheBabiesAboutSkewLines
  • The saga continues in the Britney Griner and Glory Johnson soap opera.  Now they're having twins but Britney still ain't claiming those babies.  
  • A child at my summer job has become obsessed with my place of employment and my personal life.  "Why did you go teach there?  Why are you leaving?  What was college like?  Did you go to college parties?  Do you dream in math?"  Ummmm...
  • There's two weeks of summer break left essentially.  Me and my summer school students took a moment to cry about that this week.  
  • A child at the beauty salon told me I needed to cut my toe nails.  I laughed but thought at the same time, "Dang you rude!"
  • I'm still waiting on Pixar to call me up to start doing voice over work so I can quit teaching.  If not I'll have to resort to my other idea of opening my entertainment club.
  • I need to buy one of those relaxation coloring books.  That way I'll have another distraction from doing work throughout the year.
  • This Jenga box sitting on my dresser waiting to be played with again.  The sad life of having no one to play with.
  • Misty Copeland is all types of ripped!  You can see every muscle in her arms and back I swear.
  • I'm lost as to why my middle finger nails are curving in on the side.  Anyone have an answer?  

Monday, June 29, 2015

How To Be A Housewife: Corn Pudding

Corn Pudding, circa Jan. 2015

 I haven't done one of my How To Be A Housewife blogs in awhile...obviously it's not working for me because I'm still slaving at the school house instead of being taken care by a rich sugar daddy.  Anyways, back in January for New Year's I was given the task of cooking corn pudding by The Giver of Life a.k.a. Mom.  During the two weeks we're out of school for Christmas I'm generally in a great mood and don't mind cooking so yeah.  My Mom has been making this since I was a kid and I've always enjoyed it.  I'm not sure if it's healthy but it taste good!

Ingredients...with homemade sour cream since we didn't have any.

1-15 oz. can whole kernel corn
1-15 oz. can creamed corn
1 cup of sour cream or oleo as the recipe calls it
2 eggs, beaten
Stick (1/2 cup) of butter, softened
1/4 cup sugar
8 1/2 oz. box of Jiffy corn muffin mix

How To Prepare:
1.  Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
2.  Soften, not melt, your stick of butter in the microwave.
3.  Beat eggs as if you are making scrambling eggs.
4.  Mix all of the ingredients together.  Pour into an 8 x 8 inch pan.
5.  Cook at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or until fork comes out clean from the center.

Crappy shot but all the ingredients in one bowl.

Spatula courtesy of my coworker/mentor who was also my Secret Santa.

Clean bowl

All ready for the oven!
Excuse the appearance of our freezer.

Finished product
Sorry it doesn't look like something Step Curry's wife made with the presentation and all.

Since I haven't posted anything in awhile I'm going to try and post the HOMEMADE red velvet cake a did despite the icing ruining all of my hard work.  This summer I'm also hoping to try some new things out since I have a little more time despite my second summer class happening and having to work these next few days.  See ya soon!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday, so you know the deal...

  • OH MAH GAWD!!!!  I've been gone so long from here!  My last post was back in December.  So much has gone on but watch me not remember any of it...
    • This school year remained an emotionally draining one for me.  It was very rough on me emotionally, physically, and mentally.  I definitely questioned myself quite a few times and thought about just throwing up the peace sign.  Luckily I didn't or else I would be the teacher you see in pre-planning video that walks off the job.
    • The two months my co-teacher was gone was hell on wheels.  I thought about getting pregnant just so I could take a two month vacation.
    • I ended up getting transferred in my county to what people would say is a better school.  It was in the same position except with elementary school.  I jumped for joy when I found out.  
    • I got all A's in my first semester of graduate school.  Praise God!
    • I was on jury duty.  I sent a guy to jail.  #FearMe #LongestTwoDaysOfMyLife
    • I got hired in another county to teach in my ideal position.  Guess who submitted a letter of resignation?
    • I had the opportunity to go to the High Museum in Atlanta.  OMG I can't wait to go back. 
  • I think I want to go on a three day juice cleanse.  Anyone ever had the Suja juice?  Anyone want to do it with me actually?
  • I bought some golf clubs!  I figured it would be something fun to try during the summer and a great way to meet rich people in high places.  
  • So y'all just gonna buy Creflo Dollar this $65 million private jet?  The Lord really must have sent y'all some serious messages because I just can't get with that.  Hopefully he sends y'all a message to help pay off my student loans too.
  • My name has been featured #3 on the Top 15 Names of Girls Who Will Get Engaged In 2015.  Future fiance my ring size is a 5.5 and I prefer princess cut with white gold.
  • Next summer I swear I'm not gonna work.  I need to take some time to myself because I need a break from these kids.
  • Love & Hip Hop
    • What is a "Meeting Of The Mothers?"  Only one person in this group is married to this man and the rest of y'all just laid down with a married man.  They are truly over glorifying themselves.
    • Yung Joc has 8 kids?  Between four different women?  I guess he doesn't believe in wrapping it up.
    • Then this dumb broad has the nerve to risk her own health and possibly get pregnant by him?  
    • The heck is a "promisary" ring?  This must be a old playa type of thing.
    • Why is this Mimi sex tape still a big deal?  Y'all knew that mess was planned.  There was nothing spontaneous about that.  
    • Joseline just can't stop dressing like a stripper I guess.
    • Why Kalena upset about her music not coming out?  She was never popular in Dirty Money.  #YouWereAlwaysTheOtherGirl
  • Chileeeee I'm getting these braids in July from the lady who braided them before!  You're not gonna be able to tell me anything.  
  • Let's take a moment and just appreciate Steph Curry's adorable daughter, Riley.  Made my ovaries tingle for a second...then I came back to my senses.  
  • Now that being transracial is such an accepted thing I would like to announce that I will be living my life as a white woman from here on out.  My Mom has always said that she felt I related better to the white race and now I can finally be with my people.  #CreditScoreAboutToGoUp #LoanAboutToGetApproved #BlackMenAboutToFlockAfterMe
  • Diddy has went and jumped on his son's strength and conditioning coach.  Jesus be a grade A lawyer right now.  He let that Harlem, New York come out of him.  #DontLetTheToothpickFoolYou #TakeThatTakeThat
  • How are you gonna lie to me about being a teacher when I can go look up your certificate?  SMH...lying does not impress me.  
  • Kids are starting to call me old indirectly.  This is what life has come to. 
  • Is Michael Jordan ever gonna get his Oscar for Space Jam?
  • Went to a conference for one of my summer classes and it was the BIGGEST waste of my time.  How do you talk about your life for 45 minutes of the 75 minutes session?  I came to learn about using arrays in my classroom not that I can see your parents' burial site while watching a tv show.    #WantMyTimeBack
  • I hate when I hear people talking to babies in "baby talk."  All I can think about is how it's affecting their speech development.  Is it affect or effect?
  • I think I've clocked out for teaching at this point.  I'm ready for my break.  #July10 #WhereArtThou
  • How am I supposed to get to my new job on time when I refuse to get dressed for my summer job?  I'm about to live at the school like that book from elementary school just so I can be on time.
  • Weaves from the 90's were horrendous.  Thank God they figured out how to use other people's hair
  • I want to make some jollof rice.  I've had it once before and don't even remember how it tasted but everyone always raved about it.  #SummerOfNewFood
  • Is North West ever gonna get to wear colors besides white, black, and beige?  This child is gonna go to school and struggle with learning her colors at this rate.
  • I need to go ahead and send J. Cole a graduation invite since he's always popping up at events for fans.  Think he'll come to the birth of my first child?  
  • Speaking of J. Cole, his verse on Jeremiah's Planes always gets me.  I'm always so excited to rap it but afterwards I feel like I need to go to church and ask for forgiveness.