Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know what the deal is...

  • I went downtown bar hopping in my hometown for the first time!  Quite an experience.  Maybe it's just me, but nobody dances at bars here.  I mean we only went to two, but still.
  • Speaking of this experience, I got a buzz off of one drink.  This is the second time this has happened in my life and one year and some months of drinking.  Why?  Because I didn't eat anything ahead of time!  
  • Why is Omarion signed to MMG with Rick Ross and Meek Mills?  Is he like the Ashanti of the label because he does not fit in with these people.
  • I have noticed that I'm being hit on more with these twists in my hair.  This leads to the conclusion that despite how much trash guys talk about extensions they really do like them.
  • This leads to my Monday experience in Walmart.  I was there to find a clear or clarifying type shampoo for my braids (NEVER use creamy shampoo I learned) and some labels for these pictures I got done with this tall dread head approached me.  He started with the usual corny bullsh*t of how beautiful I was and "how old [I] IS."  When I told him my boyfriend wouldn't like it he proceeded to say, "Oh okay, well I got this mixtape here and I generally sell it $1 per track..."  I just about died.  This Negro hit on me then tried selling me a product.  This was a first time experience for me.  
  • What's in the crispy chicken wrap?
  • Magic Mike comes out! *bows head in a moment of silence*
  • I want to wish all the moms out there who scheduled a babysitter to watch their rugrats as they go watch a movie with Channing Tatum humping the ground.  I also hope they make it back in time from movie and a dinner before their 16 year old babysitter has to be back home.
  • My hair smells like cigarettes still I believe.  Lord how do you get this smell out of weave braids?  
  • I still haven't got my check from the GA Government!  I'm convinced that someone has stolen my tax refund!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Feel The Rhythm: The Power of Music

Recently I've been kind of feeling a little BLAH I guess.  Contrary to popular belief I'm a pretty emotional person and something that always evokes emotions from me is when I hear certain songs from the past.  They can take me back to my childhood, dreadful years of puberty, a party, heartbreak, or whatever to name a few.  A person who has been highly involved in all of this has to be Beyonce (yes I'm a member of the Bey-hive, but not a crazy one), but this whole post won't be dedicated to her.

Ghost Town DJs:  My Boo
This song can come on at any moment and I will SANG every lyric ya'll.  I can remember riding in my Dad's truck coming back from the mall and when this song came on it was OVER.  Everyone had to be quiet as I belted my heart out to my imaginary "boo."  I had no idea what they were talking about when saying they wanted this boo to "please" and "freak" them.  All I knew was this song was the best thing ever since the "I Love You" song on Barney.  I feel bad for all the kids who didn't have the chance to experience the summer that this song came out.  I'm pretty sure they live very dark lives right now.

Akon:  Nobody Wanna See Us Together
When I started dating my first boyfriend this was OUR song.  If I remember correctly he chose it.  Pretty much there were people who felt he could do better.  Interesting enough this particular opinion stuck with me through out that relationship.  The opinions of others mattering to me has always been a major flaw I guess you can say with me.  This was probably at the height of Akon's career before everything fell apart with him. When I listen to the song now it kind of seems like Akon was a dog to his girlfriend in the second verse with the whole "putting other girls before you" thing.

Jay-Z:  Hard Knock Life
Remember the first time you fell in love with hip hop?  This was my moment.  This song came out in 1998 when I was at the young age of 8 years old.  Before that I pretty much hated rap with the exception of Tupac and LL Cool J, he was my husband until I discovered Taye Diggs and made a vow to love dark skin men only.  I love, love, LOVED Annie with a passion.  It's still in my top musicals of all time actually.  So when this video came on BET in the middle of the day with it's hard New York beat and "It's a hard knock life for us.  It's a hard knock life for ussss" came out of the television I knew from that moment on Jay-Z would be my best friend.  It doesn't matter how many albums he comes out with this particular song will always have a special place in my heart.

Juvenile:  Back That A$$ Up
I recently posted this to my Facebook with these exact words
Back when booty shaking music had some class. Juvenile was the first to incorporate violins with the art of twerking. Pay homage!
When this song came out Black folks went crazy!  This song was the anthem to our popping sessions (back when you danced more with your shoulders than a$$ i.e. Pre-Twerking).  I would come home everyday and turn to MTV or BET in hopes of seeing this video.  If I were in my parents room I would close the door and try to imitate the dances all the women did on the video. I was a "twerk master" back then I believe, but now I can't even get my butt to jiggle right.  My parents and I actually went to New Orleans either the Summer 1999 or Summer 2000 and I just prayed that the Cash Money crew would walk by me in the hot New Orleans heat.  They didn't so I just sat there sweating bullets.

Jamie Foxx & Beyonce:  When I First Saw You
When Dreamgirls came out I bought the soundtrack as a Christmas gift for myself and fell in LOVE with this song.  When I heard it all I could think of was, "This has to be the first song that I dance to with my husband at my wedding reception."  For my cotillion the escorts and debs danced to it actually.  I told myself even if this isn't the first song that I dance to at my wedding the other version with only Jamie Foxx will be played as I walk down the aisle.  Both songs have always made feel like this has to be the ultimate love for someone.  I'd love to be able to look at whomever my husband is and feel like, "This is the person that I only imaged having and now I have it."  I can actually remember some of the choreography from that cotillion to this song.

Crime Mob:  Knuck If You Buck
Back when I was a goon.  That's all I need to say.

Beyonce:  Why Don't You Love Me
THIS SONG RIGHT HERE!  My first break-up ya'll!  I use to remember the exact date, but it's been two years.  All I know is the day after things ended I got online and found that Beyonce had released the video to this song.  All I could think was, "Damn Beyonce knows me so well."  I think I sat and listened to that song ten times back to back and each time evoked a different emotion.  Actually with every listen I got angrier that day.  I even remember posting the video on my Facebook page and my friend Skarlet worrying that it would send the wrong message to my brand new ex-boyfriend.  I think for a pretty good chunk of Summer 2010 I would randomly sit in my room listening to this song when I felt down about my situation.  Two years later when I hear it I remember that time, but now I feel grateful for the entire thing.

Beyonce:  1+1
When the "L" word started to hit me again it was the Summer of 2011.  It was a feeling that I said, "No, you will NOT overpower me!"  Then Beyonce performed this song on American Idol.  Just like her other song Why Don't You Love Me I sat on my bed and listened to the leaked version over and over again.  "Dang I want to be in love."  That's all I could think about honestly.  We all knew that this song was for Jay and we all wanted to feel the same way about somebody else that was in our lives.  We all wanted someone who we felt we'd be willing to die for.  When I listened to the song I chose these lyrics out particularly to quote
If I ain’t got nothing I got you/If I ain’t go something I don’t give a damn/Cause I got it with you/I don’t know much about algebra but I know 1+1 equals TWO!/And it’s me and YOU! 
Yep, those are the lyrics I posted on my Tumblr.

Most of these songs are fairly "recent," but you get the picture.  What songs take you back to certain moments in your life?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know what it is...

  • Ya'll my job is T-R-I-P-P-I-N-G with these hours they're giving us.  This next schedule, starting today, I work Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Tuesday and Wednesday only being three hours and fifteen minutes worth of work.  They use to be three hours and forty-five minutes, but they took my little thirty minutes away.  Jesus Be The Scheduling of Some More Hours.  I've gotta eat!
  • My braids are fuzzy in the back of my head.  *drops to knees*  Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
  • The Miami Heat won the NBA Finals championship!  That means that Lebron James FINALLY has his ring!  Which also means that ya'll can stop with all the "He ain't go no damn ring though" jokes.  Don't try using the excuse of the NBA season not being as long as usual either.
  • I read that McDonald's ranked last in customer service.  That ain't no damn surprise.  Rude ass people I deal with there on a daily basis.  They act like they don't want to take your order sometimes. 
  • People in my city are having sex in the movie theaters ya'll.  Yeah I know they did it for the adrenaline rush, but they did it on the floor.  Not in a chair.  On the FLOOR.  I work in the movies so I will tell you the floor is the LAST place you want to have coitus at.  Popcorn, soda, Icee, sour patch kids, etc. all on the floor.  I'm shocked they didn't get stuck from all that mess.  They were grown adults too.  Like 30 and 40 years old.  Just nasty.
  • Also a big HELL NAW to Evelyn Lozado admitting she tosses salad (not Ochocinco's) and has let another woman go down on her during a threesome with Ochocinco.  I'm pretty sure the other woman was Jennifer which is why their relationship is so damaged right now.
  • Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer comes out today.  I want to see it.  Judge me all you want.
  • I saw Ice-T's "The Art of Rap" Wednesday.  Got there a little late, but I enjoyed it.  I wish Jay-Z had been in it and I also wish they had featured some Southern artists too.
  • I can't with Samuel L. Jackson's BET Awards show commercials.  He loses some cool points with me for hosting honestly.  He should be making movies and doing voice overs for The Boondocks.  Oh and coming to UGA games.  Go Dawgs!
  • One more week until Magic Mike.  Let me get ready to throw dollar bills at the screen.
  • One of my Tumblr friends/real life friends has been reblogging  porn gifs like crazy.  I'm 'bout to unfollow that a**.
  • Today is PAY DAY Beetchzzzzz.  I'm about to hit the closest strip club and throw all my money. *cues Juvenille's Rodeo*
People need to let Bosh be great, but it's hard with images like this I guess!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Oprah Is Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Like many of you I found myself tuning into Oprah's Next Chapter with the Kardashian and Jenner clan to see what they would have to talk about.  I was very skeptical of Oprah dedicating a whole hour to a family that banked off of one of their daughters getting her back blown out by a D-List singer, wait a minute ain't that Brandy's brother, Ray J.  We have heard the crazy stories of people like Vogue editor Anna Wintour saying Kim K. would NEVER appear on a cover of Vogue magazine (she recently appeared on L'Uomo Vogue-not sure what's the difference) and some celebs saying that the family is famous for nothing at all.  We must all admit there is something about the Kardashians that intrigues the minds of  us in the United States and abroad.  For myself it has always been the recent beauty of Kim, the quirkiness of Khloe, and the drop dead fashions the family is often seen in.  Although the first half was primarily dedicated to Kim. who is the star of the family, it gave some type of insight into the family.  At the same time it left me with the feeling, "You are a damn liar" with some things.

Is their mother Kris "pimping" them out or just trying to get what's best for them?
Many have said family matriarch Kris Jenner takes advantages of her children's fame and fortune by putting them on display for millions to see, but the four Kardashian children seem to abide by the old adage of "Mother knows best."  Robert, the youngest and only son, was the first to call out "She's our Mom!" when questioned about his feelings toward the question.  Kim on the other hand gave a bit more elaborate answer by saying you need a manager regardless so why not pick your mom?  She felt nobody else would work as hard for them than their own mother, which is a valid point.  I could understand if all of her children were strung out on drugs and their quality of life took a nose dive due to Kris's decisions, but the family is prospering!  They have clothing lines, nail polish, 50 million different television shows, Kendall or Kylie (one of them) has started modeling, and every year around Christmas time we find ourselves GAGGING over their ridiculously chic Christmas photo.  How can we not forget baby Mason's ever so hip pose for Christmas 2011?  Say what you want, but Kris has MADE this family who they are due to her keen business savvy.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's another Friday so you know the deal...

  • I think I had a fairly decent week.  I worked like all of my shifts so my check next Friday might be pretty decent.
  • I got my hair braided Wednesday as you all can see from my previous post.  These things feel like 100 pounds on my head right now and the front hurts.  I do like it though.  I've had mixed reactions to it.  My Mom and boyfriend feel it's too long.  My Mom thinks it makes me look slightly ghetto and would prefer I cut it.  My female coworkers think it's nice.  Oh well, can't please everyone.
  • Why do my customers THROW their money on the counter/at me?  I am NOT a stripper!  If I put my hand out don't throw your money down right next to it.  You see my effin' hand!  I bet you wouldn't like me throwing your change back at you, would you?
  • Why in the hell are Chris Brown and Drake fighting in the club?  Ya'll are making light skin men look bad.  Plus isn't Chris Brown still on probation?  
  • I think I'm going to make funnel cake next week.  Why?  I just like baking/making desserts honestly.  If only I had the same passion about cooking.
  • Georgia still hasn't sent me my check!  I ain't playin' with ya'll no mo'!
  • When will some of you women learn how to dress?  Coming out w/ your husband and two kids in an outfit that makes your butt checks show will NEVER be cute.  I repeat, NEVER be cute.
  • I don't want your man girl he just eat the team.   
  • If you weren't afraid to click the previous link (It's nothing nasty.) you see what music has turned to.  Anyone can just film a video nowadays and load it to YouTube I swear.
  • Did ya'll hear about Shaunie firing Jennifer, Royce, and Kesha?  I thought she wanted the show to have LESS drama, but she gets rid of the people who pretty much try to stay away from it.  Girl you are FAKE.
  • Speaking of "celebs" why in the hell did Atlantic City, New Jersey school system pay Ashanti $20,000 to speak to a group of high school students?  As a celeb you should want to speak to kids that young and provide inspiration to them.  I'm pretty sure she'll experience some heat about this and then her people will say she donated the money to some charity a.k.a. The Foundation to Buy Ashanti New Louboutins.  
Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I Like A Long Haired, Thick Red Bone: My First Braiding Experience

 Today I went through the long and semi-painful process of getting my hair professionally braided for the first time.  I went to a new shop in Augusta called Hair Garden owned by Melissa, a beautician I met via Twitter. I had asked her last year about getting braids and never contacted her after that first tweet.  This year I said I would do it and I did.  So I bought 5 packs of kanekalon hair, some money, and my A Belle In Brooklyn by Demetria Lucas (Essence Magazine relationship editor) to make the process happen.  Melissa washed my hair and in true beautician fashion put me to shame when it came to how easy she detangled it.  After blow drying and separating my hair into four parts she and her assistant Cassie (we were friends in high school so I was shocked and glad to see her after four years) went to work.  From 11:39 A.M. to 5:09 P.M. I had two beauticians braiding my the same damn time.  Whenever Melissa began twisting my edges I thought I was going to break her chair from how hard I was pressing against the foot rest on it.  Honestly, when I felt her parting a small section of hair on my edges I felt like a child who knew they were about to get the worst whipping from their parent ever, no Creflo Dollar.  Yes, that is how I felt.  Anyways after what I believe was 6.5-7 packs (the other 1.5-2 packs were courtesy of Melissa) of type 2 kanekalon, a few hair rods, and 5.5 hours my hair was completed.  My first reaction before seeing it was, "OMG this is heavy!"  I felt like I had a whole new person on my head as odd as that sounds.  I concluded that this is how white tourist feel when they get their hair braided in the Bahamas as young girls call out to them, "You want your hair braided lady?"  

I've never had THIS much hair on my head so it will take some time getting use to it.

I have horrible posture! 

When Melissa told me her assistant was a white girl she said, "Don't worry, she can braid some hair."  She told the truth and the most interesting thing is her assistant and I went to high school together.  If I had known she could braid back then I would have been asking her to braid my hair all the time.
She recommended that when it came to the upkeep to massage some shampoo (I'll dilute it with water) onto my scalp, but not vigorously rub it.  I should be able to wash it once a week she told me.  She said I need to put a light oil on it, coconut oil for me, every other night as my scalp is exposed a lot more than usual.  I'd like to keep these in at least six weeks and look up some wash to style them when I'm not at work.  If you are in the Augusta, GA or CSRA area you can find Melissa's shop at 138 8th Street downtown.  Her Facebook page can be found here.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child: Creflo Dollar

Recently many of us read or heard the shocking story of televangelist Creflo Dollar being arrest over a domestic violence allegation by his 15 year old daughter.  According to the story Dollar and his daughter got into an argument over her going to a party.  It seems that Mr. Dollar did not want her going and according to his story the young girl raised her hand at him resulting in him choking, punching, throwing the girl down on the floor, and hitting her with a shoe.  Many in the African American community heard the story and said,
 "What's the big deal?"  
All those years of my mom hitting me were domestic violence?

 I wish I would have call the police on my mom when she raised a hand at me.  I'd be dead.
 Kids nowadays have the pleasure of calling the police up anytime their parents do something they don't like."
Now my parents come from the "old school" where their parents would give them what we call "beatings" in today's society.  I can recall a few stories of my Dad's childhood that included not so pleasant forms of discipline.  Once he went outside without shoes on and stepped on a glass bottle.  The glass got all in his feet and he was bleeding of course.  He said when he came inside his mom started whipping him while he was already in pain and after she finished she sat down and cleaned up his cuts.  The other story is when he did something and thought his mom had forgot about what he did.  He said he went and took a bath and upon emerging from the bathroom a belt came flying into his body.  Stories like this would classify as child abuse in today's society.  This leads to Creflo's incident.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so ya'll know what time it is...

  • Today is payday ya'll!  I have gone a whole month without getting a paycheck I believe so this is just...*holds back tears*
  • Speaking of checks Georgia still needs to send me my state tax refund!  This is really starting to aggravate me like it is JUNE ya'll and my Mom can't find the information that she used to file my taxes.  I want my money!
  • The same goes to UGA Food Services.  I'm waiting on that refund check!
  • I rented "Pariah" Wednesday night and watched it with my boyfriend.  Besides the opening blasting Khia's "My Neck, My Back" with a stripper sliding down a pole while my Mom stood in the kitchen the movie was REALLY good and I love the message.  One of my friends came out to his mom and although things did not get violent like they did in this movie it made me think about him and everybody else battling with the worry of coming out to their family.  
  • I found some pole dancing classes in my area and I really want to go!  It will cost $13 for me to drop in on a class and if I have that night off I think I'll do it.  They even have a Beyonce "Dance For You" class scheduled for the end of the month.  Please let this turn into a summer hobby for me so I can go back and say I did something exciting for the summer.
  • Oh yeah, my boyfriend cooked for me Monday.  It was just boiled shrimp, but nonetheless it was good and appreciated greatly.  
  • I'm currently dealing with the issue of missing someone that I consider a friend still, but not sure if they consider me a friend.  We had a disagreement a year ago over something that was minor, but blown out of proportion.  I haven't seriously spoken to her in a year.  I'd like to call her up and try to put stuff behind us, but fear she'll just be like "F*ck you."  What's a girl to do?
  • Have you all seen the trailer for this "Django" movie with Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio?  I thought it was a serious movie about slavery until I saw Quentin Tarantino was the director or whatever of the film.  After his name flashed across the screen the whole trailer went down for me and just  blaxpoitation  film to me.   We shall see how this one turns out.
  • Who else is ready to see Magic Mike besides me?!  A whole movie dedicated to FINE, white male skrippas?  Please count me in.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Worst Relaxer Memories

So today on Twitter the blogger Strawberricurls is asking everyone what their worst relaxer memory is.  I have quite a few unfortunately so I'm gonna share them with you.

  1. When I first had a relaxer back when I was 8 or 9 my Mom decided that instead of putting it in herself she was going to let my 16 year old cousin do it.  If I remember correctly my Mom told her only to put half of the relaxer in my hair and my cousin put like the hold thing in.  You know how you always tried fighting that burning sensation because you were just going to be told, "It hasn't been in there long enough so it hasn't taken" so you'd sit there grabbing your clothes or a chair to ease the pain?  Yeah will imagine being an 8-9 year old and feeling like your entire head is on fire from a Just For Me relaxer kit.  I had vivid memories of crying my eyes out and my Mom rushing me to the kitchen sink to wash it out.  The water hitting my scalp was soooooo painful.  My cousin apologized but I was already too traumatized by it.  My Mom rushed me home with wet hair and all after that.  Obvious to say my cousin was never asked to put my relaxer back in.  I believe this is when my hair started breaking off and such.
  2. Next up I had to be in 11th grade.  My Mom had met this male beautician who worked at Dillards salon in the mall so of course my Mom said I should make an appointment with it.  My first memory of him was sitting in his chair and him telling me, "I'm not gay like these other gays in here just so you know."  I honestly wanted to leave at that point because at 16 I only went to him because you always hear how great the gay male beauticians are.  The first time he put my relaxer in I remember it burning and him saying it was due to all the grease I put in my head.  I had chemical burns/scabs of course.  I decided to give him another try (STUPID)!  This time he put my relaxer in and just like the last time he would spend a ton of time talking to the other stylists and putting my relaxer in SLOWLLLLLY.  Like 10 minutes would have passed by and he was still on the back of my head.  Because of the burning sensation like the previous time I decided to fight it, but found myself fanning myself (YES!  It got that serious.).  He looked at me and said, "Does it burn baby?"  I shook my head, "Yes" and he busted out laughing.  He couldn't help put comment on how my face was turning BRIGHT RED and I even felt like my whole head was lit on fire.  I can remember leaving there and having what felt like water dripping down by my ear.  He was from the chemical burns.  My scalp felt so wet walking in the October Fall weather.  When those things turned into scabs I had the difficult task of WRAPPING my hair and trying not to comb the THICK scabs off or suffering from a bald head.  I had to put so much vaseline in my head in hopes of breaking those things down.  Then when you finally get to wash your hair you still have miniscabs all in your hair.  I remember his butt calling me saying he hadn't seen me in awhile and that he was moving to his own salon.  I told him I had no interest in coming back because of how severe my burns always were.  Of course he blamed it on me having grease on my scalp.  Yeahhhh 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ladies First: Nicki Minaj and Lauryn Hill [Guest Blog]

Today's post comes from my friend Sir Vantes.  You can find his Tumblr here.  Enjoy!
All I know is…
Among the different forms of hipsterisms, elitisms, sexism, internalized racism, and the simplifying of the complexity of mainstream hip-hop for the sake of being comprehensible and potentially enjoyable for as many people as possible for the sake of maximizing commercial profit…
There are a lot of divisive forces in motion in hip-hop which push us towards being at odds with one another over trivial matters as opposed to being all about that U.N.I.T.Y we sometimes sing about.
Now, Lauryn Hill and Nicki Minaj together wouldn’t be a magic cure for all that. And there would still be people who would without hesitation opt to “take sides”… claiming one artist is so much better than the other; which, even if one could prove that to be true, this would still not be reason enough to only praise one while dismissing the other and people’s freedom/ability to enjoy the other.
But that said, I would have loved to see them embrace one another onstage both. I think it would’ve been a powerful and beautiful thing for hip-hop to see them together; an image that could’ve contributed to a dialog that argues against viewing these two artists, as well as what they represent, as polar opposites.
But instead egos have gotten the best of us all again and now we’re bickering over shit that shouldn’t matter this much.

Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm Not Saying She's A Gold Digger: Do Men Need To Spend A Ton Of Money On Women?

This is an old blog from my Tumblr account!  Enjoy!
Do Men Really Need To Spend Money To Capture A Woman's Heart?
I recently ordered Essence relationship columnist’s Demetria Lucas’s book A Belle In Brooklyn:  The Go-to Girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life and decided to pick it up today after taking a far too long break.  In the chapter, The Atlanta Fiasco, Demetria talks about her friend Eddie and how he was one of her top-five dates from the time they sat on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial just talking.  The quote that followed really struck a chord with me.
‎”When a guy has a personality and something to say, he doesn’t need to spend money to be memorable.”
Now I’m not the most experienced in the dating field, but I have to say this is true.  Of the three men I’ve gone out on dates with (two of which I’ve dated, the other was just…yeah) some of my favorite dates have been ones that just involve walking around talking.  I’m not saying every date a man takes you on should involve little to no money being spent, but I think you can find out if a man is a keeper from dates like this.  Dates where a ton of money is being spent is nothing more than a gimmick to me.  I know for a fact that there are men out there who think, “Well if I spend a lot of money on her she’ll ignore the fact that I don’t know how to carry a conversation because I have no life.”  I’ve had memorable dates that cost a nice chunk of change for a young adult in college and I’ve also had dates that involved doing the simplest things.
I’ve always felt that it’s the man’s job to plan dates so between my first boyfriend and my current boyfriend I must say my current boyfriend is in the lead for most memorable dates by a LONG stretch.  The most memorable date from my first boyfriend was Valentine’s Day 2009.  He came to visit me from Alabama dressed in his military uniform and gave me a teddy bear with matching dress blues.  He’s did other things that were sweet, but the further we got into our relationship it just seemed like going back to his house to watch a movie after eating was our typical date.  Yes, these are cheap dates but doing the same thing over and over doesn’t make anything “memorable” just routine.  He was always willing to spend a ton of money to see me or send me flowers for an anniversary, but he NEVER took the time out to really think of something I said I wanted to try out.
Now when it comes to my current boyfriend I might be biased in regards to our dates, but they’ve all been fabulous.  We’ve gone to the aquarium, ice skating, dancing, and a Kevin Hart show to name a few.  I think the most memorable date we’ve had though was when I was home for Spring Break this year.  What did he do you ask?  He cooked dinner for me.  That’s right.  Dinner.  Lemon pepper wings and mashed potatoes.  Sure it was nothing extravagant, but there was no wait to be seated or no waitress to constantly annoy us in hopes of receiving a larger tip.  Just he and I on a rainy day in March sitting in his kitchen eating a meal he took the time out to make and watching a movie in his room afterwards.  I think what made it so memorable was why he did.  I was constantly complaining about how my Mom never cooked meals anymore since I started college.  So the week before I came home he told me he was going to treat me to a home cooked meal. 
I also think this is a good way for a man to tell if a woman is really into him or what he has to offer financially.  A gold digger will become bored.  Any woman who truly loves you will be more than willing to take up a date offer that includes nothing more than laying on your couch while rubbing her feet and talking about politics or reflecting on previous good times that you’ve had.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Ramblings

You know what time it is...

  • I finally got around to seeing The Hunger Games!  Only issue was I had to see it over a two day time span.  Day 1 I started getting a terrible headache a.k.a. a migraine and next thing you know I was on the bathroom floor with my head over the toilet throwing up peach cobbler.  I have never felt so classy in my life.  It was a decent movie nonetheless, but seeing how I read the book I couldn't help comparing the two.
  • Have ya'll ever had the red velvet cheesecake from Starbucks?  I know they sell it at the ones in Barnes & Nobles.  I had it and was so disappointed!  The last time I tried red velvet cheesecake I got sick and had high expectations for this one since I paid $4.50 + tax.  Cheesecake Factory you disappointment.  *shakes fist*
  • Monday I had a customer ask me what type of "hair" I had in my head.  "Hair" being weave ya'll.  I wish someone had taken my picture just to see my facial expression, but the best description is "B*tch excuse me?!"
  • What's up with all of these people going crazy this week?  One man is eating a homeless man's face off, another is throwing his intestines at a cop, and I think I've heard some more crazy ones.  #ThatSh*tCray
  • I decided that I want to write a book like on Thursday.  I just need a new laptop to do some serious work on it.  I wrote a book before once.  300+ pages of B2K fan fiction sitting on a floppy disk in the safe that I got one Christmas from the J.C. Penney's Christmas catalog.  
  • I have been working morning shifts like all these past week and I'm slowly starting to like it.  I get off and get to actually do stuff at night.  
  • Did ya'll watch Hatfields & McCoys on the History Channel?  Them mofos were cray cray!  King Kong ain't got sh*t on Devil Antse Hatfield.
  • Snow White and the Huntsman comes out!  Despite Kristen Stewart being in it I really want to see it.
  • If you haven't heard Big Boi of Outkast latest single you need to get on it!  The song starts off with the line, "Let me see ya titties."  I was cracking up just off of that.
  • I'm getting fat!  Jesus be a treadmill and an elliptical.
Hope ya'll have a good weekend!