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What is there to say about me?  I feel like I'm not the most exciting person, but I'll try to make it seem that way.  I'm a 27 year old young woman living in the Peach State, also known as Georgia.  Why they call it the Peach State when I have never seen a peach tree outside of my parents' backyard that grows terrible peaches, I don't know.   I currently teach young kids how to work with numbers so they can be productive citizens in the near future.  I graduated from the state's flagship school  in December 2012 with a Bachelor's of Art in History and also have my Master's.  I am currently pursuing my doctorate.  #ScholarLife #LoansOnTopOfLoans  I am very private about my life so I hope people don't expect to read really deep personal things about my life (particularly my relationship), but if I ever do put something on like that it will be a rare thing.   In my spare time I enjoy writing, demanding Alexa to play music while I dance, and reading which is all I have time to do now.  If I could pick my dream job it would probably be along the lines of writing books, screenplays, doing voice over work or honestly anything creative.  Well this is me.

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