Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday Ramblings: Hope You Missed Me When I Was Gone

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • Teaching is like two full time jobs!  I have never been more drained than I have in the past two months!  These kids are like dementors when it comes to the energy they suck out from you.  Now I understand why so many of my lady teachers were unmarried with no kids.
  • My "boo thang" just asked me if I miss receiving flowers from him.  That would be a hell yes!  I didn't realize it until now but sometimes those little gifts helped energize me into the next week.  Seems like the kids are just getting worse as time goes by.
  • For some reason these kids are shocked when I know modern music.  I finished the lyrics to that "23" song and it was such a shocker to so many.  I even mentioned Chief Keef (I guess that's how you spell it) and it was amazing.
  • My cohort member/coworker/boo had her baby.  She's so freakin' adorable and when I see her she barely cries.  She just eats, cries for a second, then falls out.  My type of child.
  • God Bless my parents for raising me.  Even though they get on my nerves, working in the school system has made my appreciation greater for them.
  • I'm seriously struggling to write this.  My life revolves around school now!
  • I hate when I go out and people just constantly ask me if I want something to "drink" and I tell them I'm fine with my little bottle of water.  Let a girl breathe!
  • This dude at what I guess was a "party" told me that he wouldn't bite...unless I wanted him to.  Negro...who do I look like to you?!
  • Some people are just plain idiots.  Point.  Blank.  Period.
  • I've yet to see the perks of me joining the PTA.  I've also yet to be invited to any PTA meetings.
  • God grant me the serenity not to call anyone's child out of their name.  I will not succumb to the Devil's games.
  • I seriously need to become a vegetarian.  This meat is not working with my body anymore.
  • American Horror Story:  Coven is like the greatest show ever.  Funny how I never wanted to watch this show because scary stuff freaks me out but just hearing that Angela was in...
  • One of my students said he bets I curse up a storm once I get in my car.  I just stared at him like get out of my face.  He knows the real deal though.
  • Wendy's chili is the devil but I say this all the time and still eat it when it gets cold out.
  • Another Halloween has gone by and I didn't dress up. *sigh*
  • I need to go to church.  I will make that my mission for this upcoming Sunday.
  • I miss going cycling.  It was my peace of mind for a long time when I came back to Augusta following a lot of stuff.  I'd love to get a personal trainer but money is tight.  Time to get back in that gym.
  • I miss my dance classes.
  • I miss my friends...even when they aggravate me with those, "You don't text me anymore" messages.
  • Why does Jason Derulo still have a career?!?!?!?!  Like seriously!
  • I'd love to dye my hair blonde...but I also want to have hair on my head.  Priorities...
  • Yeezy had the nerve to say that Kim K is more influential than the first lady and could never post a picture like she did in that one swimsuit.  This dude has lost it.  She's the First Lady...of course she wouldn't post a picture like that.
  • Ooooohhhhh kill 'em!!!

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