Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday, you know the deal...

  • When you start to realize all the stuff you have to pay for if you want a nice wedding and begin questioning if you should just elope...but you've worked too hard on your Pinterest board to give up.  #deTURMANedToWed #GetMarriedOrGoBrokeTrying #BeyonceTasteTeacherPockets
  • Everyday I question how people have more than two kids.  Like my parents only have me and my brother and I don't see how they did that now that I reflect on it.  
  • Rwanda out here making documentaries about stuff some American men don't care for.  Google Sacred Waters and find out about it.
  • Shameless is a pretty good show.  Some stuff seems like it would never happen in real life but nonetheless pretty good show.
  • I'm still in need of that personal trainer...and nutritionist.  Primarily the nutritionist since I can't properly eat to save my life.
  • People in Augusta out rallying for Trump 2020.  Can we please just get through the first year or two?
  • Started my graduate program last week.  Found out I had been dropped from a course minutes before leaving for Statesboro.  I proceeded to freak out.  Luckily I have been added back.
  • Speaking of graduate school, I need to start a GoFund me so y'all can help pay some of my tuition.
  • When your friend post a line up for One Music Fest and you internally cry because you won't have the time to do anything outside of work for the next x-amount of years.
  • They canceled Underground right after I got into it.  I know somebody better pick it up if they're willing to have all these Tyler Perry shows on cable.  *Looks at Oprah Winfrey*
  • Why are these men mud wrestling on The Bachelorette?  This ain't sexy.
  • Is HBO gonna fire Bill Maher or let him go?  I don't care how "liberal" he is (dude seems to be very much against Muslims if you ask me).  He was never invited to the cookout...regardless of the fact that he dated Karrine Steffans.
  • Halle Berry out here either lying or trying to keep herself relevant with this alleged food baby.  Take your 50 year old self somewhere with this mess.
  • Men are out here making music video proposals and I'm just trying to get mine to pick out groomsmen.  I feel like I deserve an invite to their wedding also.
  • There are moments when I look at people with their kids and think, "Man I can't wait to have my own kids" and then within a split second that changes as the child does something that makes me turn my face up.
  • I need to get married just for the vision insurance at this point.  Like my job has the worst vision insurance.   It doesn't even help pay for glasses. Actually it's just medical insurance that lets you get a comprehensive eye exam every two years, but that's not the point.
  • When you're in love with TLC's new song but the only option iTunes provides you with has Snoop Dogg on it.
  • It's that time of year when I want to cut my hair off, but don't know what my curl pattern is. 
  • When your graduate school readings make you glad not to be a teacher in the late 19th and early 20th century.
  • Kendrick Lamar gets his little sister a Toyota Camry and y'all out here yelling that he should have got the girl a BMW.  She's 18.  Y'all need to be concerned with what her post-graduate plans are. #PrioritiesAllMixedUp #HesRichNotHer
  • When your cousin tells his mom that you need to send him some philosophical books and you're trying to figure out what in the heck that means.  The Autobiography of Malcolm X and Native Son it is then.
  • Derek Fisher out here flipping cars over that belong to other men.  Now Matt Barnes gotta go beat him up again.
  • Will Kyrie Irving be having his All White yacht party again this year?  #AskingForAFriend #QTNA
  • When you see a dress on a stick figure model that you like but question if you would have too much showing in the front.  Should I risk paying $72 or nah?

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