Friday, December 26, 2014

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday, so you know the deal...

  • Out on Christmas Break!!!!!  Words cannot describe my feelings at the current moment.  This has been a very emotional school year for me.  It has been far from easy but I am pushing through it.
  • My Dad said the word "damn" in a sentence directed towards me.  My natural instinct was, "Who you think you cussing at?!"  He later proceeded to put his foot in the chair which resulted in me saying, "Get your foot out of that chair!  No type of home training I tell you!"  #StillInWorkMode
  • The t-shirts for debutantes this year are very popular in my house.  My Dad wants one because he too is a "deb" simply because he's my Cotillion photos.
  • Time to figure out when I'm gonna get The Beast blown out for the new year.
  • That moment when my aunt gave me a little bag of chocolate covered pecans for Christmas...    -___-.  I tried to be appreciative and remember it's the thought that counts but those things looked like she made them and I also know that she had to put her hands on them.  Not cool.
  • Speaking of food...someone made some mac  n cheese in my family that looked straight out of the Kraft box.  I'm not the one to brag but I know for sure I could show that family member how to make REAL macaroni and cheese.  #ProfessionalMacaroniAndCheeseMaker
  • Finally purchased J. Cole's new album.  I have to listen to it in my car to give a true review but it sounds pretty good so far.  Maybe he'll pop up at my house to do a listening party with me.  *Prays J. Cole sees this blog*
  • Since I'm on break I've been watching this Nellyville show and I must question why Nelly is dating this Miss. Jackson lady.  Everything he tells her not to do with his niece she does anyways.  Case in point this twerk class (not sure why you would bring her and expect to sit still) and then getting these booty shorts with tons of holes.  I understand that these "reality" shows are scripted but come on....y'all are not on the same page.
  • 25th birthday coming up!!!!  Maybe I'll do a post called 25 Things I Wish I Had Known Before 25.
  • I need a massage.
  • I'm still tryna recreate this 7/11 video for my birthday.  I need $50 to make it though.  Someone has already volunteered to donate $20.  Who wants to donate the other $30? #SmackItSmackItInTheAir
  • Made my homemade red velvet cake.  Too bad I screwed up the icing.  #LiveAndYouLearn
  • Anyone want to take me to the movies to see Selma and Into The Woods?  That includes buying my ticket and concessions.  Please not all at once!
  • My cousin and his girlfriend have informed that I need to learn how to fry chicken and make stewed chicken.  #TheWayToAMansHeart
  • The weekend is here.  Let me prepare to have two weddings, five engagements, and two pregnancy announcements come across my timeline.  

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