Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Ramblings: Only Because My Coworkers Asked

It's Friday, so you know the deal...

  • I'm back to the j-o-b.  Nothing has changed.  I'm still waiting for the moment when everybody says this is supposed to get easier.  
  • I know I am getting old because:  (1)  My Facebook is filled with engagement/wedding announcements, (2) My Facebook is filled with birth/pregnancy announcements, and (3) I've attended two children birthday parties in about two months.  
  • When pay day hits I will be sure to do the Schmoney dance all up and down the hallways.  #GettingPaidOnceAMonth
  • At one point (when the smash cake was presented to the baby or most likely when the gifts were being opened) during my coworker's daughter's 1st birthday party my uterus felt a tingle of, "Brittany, you should have kids."  Then the thought of my school children came back to me.  #MiddleSchoolers #NaturesFreeAndNaturalBirthControl
  • I need to get out of this house but at the same time I'm kind of like, "Screw paying these bills.  I'll just suffer."
  • When a child tells you they get a check every month for ADHD.  -___-   O_O   >_< 
  • Still in search of that public speaking class but I am considering some life coaching.  
  • Someone asked me if I could imagine being engaged at 24.  That was a quick answer of "yes."  The goal was 25 but I think it's best to cancel that one seeing how my 25th birthday is only four months away. #MaybeNextLifetime
  • Speaking of 25, I need to figure out what I'm going to do for the big day.
  • Well thanks to my Mom for ruining No Good Deed by telling me all about it.  Seriously, my only question was "Did you like the movie?" and she proceeded to tell me everything.  
  • I seriously need to decide when I'm getting these braids.  
  • *Proceeds to wait on another three to five engagement/wedding/pregnancy announcements this week.*
  • I saw a white girl in Walmart with a hair bonnet on.  Miley Cyrus or whoever is having a negative effect on these girls.  #LookUpToBeyonce
  • RIP to the Schmoney dance also.  This golf team just murdered it with their lack of rhythm and fluid body movement.  I mean, I'm not Josephine Baker but...
  • Out here helping people fulfill their graduate class requirements.  Please cut me my check once you get that pay bump...even if it's $20.
  • My reaction to this Maroon 5 video O_O  Adam Levine is still beautiful...stalker or not.  
  • When a kid tells me they're not afraid to walk off of school property....  Ummmm...  Yeah....  I'm hurt....  Please don't do that!
  • Kim & Kanye are doing the most with this baby and her front row Fashion Week adventures.
  • Omarion's mom is the equivalent of Mama Dee almost.    
  • No to The Duggers giving their sister a baby mobile for a wedding gift.  I would be so ticked off by that gift.  
  • This lady let her bridal party wear white.  No ma'am.  
  • Well another person I know has ran off and got married.  Everyone will be having grandchildren next.  #GettingOld #IFeelMyEggsDryingUp #AmIJoanClayton
  • Kim Kardashian claims that she didn't leave her baby in the hotel while she went out to the car.  She said she was checking for the car seat.  Ummm...don't you have people who handle that?  
  • Whose donating to the wisdom teeth removal fund?  Not all at once you guys!  
  • Well this week of work definitely made me question if I wanted to go back to wearing a hair net at the old J-O-B.  #28MoreWeeks

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