Friday, October 7, 2016

Friday Ramblings

It's know the deal
  • Berry Fanta is straight TRASH!!!!  All y'all folks who've been raving over this TRASH owe me $2 back. #TasteLikeCoughMedicine
  • My acne is coming back with a vengeance.  What have I ever done to deserve this?!  
  • I feel like Stanley from The Office by Thursday.  #ImJustReadyToGo #ButTheWeekendGoesBySoQuick
  • DMX had his 15th kid.  Dude...has nobody taught him about contraceptives.  Like, you have to get tired of getting women pregnant after like the 5th or 6th kid in my mind.  His baby mamas probably get peanuts when it comes to child support because dude has no music coming out and stays in jail.  He should have stayed away from Brenda, Latisha, Linda, Felisha, Dawn, LaShawn, Inez, Delisha, and the 20 other women named in that song,   #WhatTheyReallyWant 
  • Why y'all mad with Tyler Perry over casting a show mainly with white people?  Y'all do realize his movies and screenwriting isn't good?
  • This woman on Good Morning America called Black folks "colored."  Lord Jesus...let me check what year it is.
  • edTPA can suck it.  Talking about I'll only get a $100 refund when I paid $300.  Rip off!
  • Walter White is a prime example of why teachers should be paid more.  Man has to sell illegal things to pay for his chemo. 
  • I just want to graduate.  Lord Jesus, please let me get through this last semester. 
  • All of y'all talking about how pro-black Luke Cage is and all I can think of is how he was having some serious relations with Jessica Jones.  #WhenHeGetOnHeGoneLeaveYourBehindForAWhiteGirl
  • I'm ready to take a whole bunch of pictures with my hair out and have captions from Solange's new album. #ASeatAtTheTable
  • Yes to this 60 day Sam's Club membership card.  I'm buying tons of fruit.
  • Fall Break Where Art Thou?!
  • The look on my face when Zaxby's told me they don't sell bottled water anymore. this a sign for me to stop eating there?  Please tell me dear sweet baby Jesus.
  • How much water do I have to drink before my skin clears up?  How many processed food orders do I have to give up as well?
  • I'm gonna have to jump ship to the Dallas Cowboys with the Panthers losing.  I'll be all for the Cowboys as long as Dak Prescott is playing.
  • When you've got a jam packed weekend and your beautician is gonna be out of town it seems.  Time to block out six hours of my life to wash and twist this stuff.
  • I've been looking for thigh high boots since 2010.  I've yet to find them.  The Devil is trying to keep me down.
  • Tiffany Evans a.k.a. Yes I'll Rock Your Promise Ring is out here looking like a young Keyshia Cole, but with better pitch.
  • Why did Kim Kardashian have $10 million worth of jewelry with her?  See...that's why you need broke friends.  They'll tell you how to properly travel.
  • I need to start finding my New Year's outfit.    
  • Who is Nate Parker's PR person?  They seriously need to work with him on these rape allegation questions.  Whether or not he was acquitted or found not guilty, dude cannot be out here saying he does not feel any guilt/remorse over it.  Making himself look like a butt hole.
  • From now on when people ask me stuff that I know come from other folks I'm gonna hit them with that Shirleen, "Askth thine own question straight from thine own mouth.  Because I will pop the messenger."
  • Note to self, don't take your boyfriend to dinner with your family.  All folks are gonna do is call him your husband, claim them self as his mother-in-law, and ask when you gonna get a ring on your finger.  #SoundLikeAQuestionStraightFromYaGrandmaMouth #ImRunninAnEmpire #YourCreditScoreOn200 #BeAboutYoMoney
  • Is it December 16th yet?  No?  Let me get back in my cocoon.  
  • Empire....what I saw:
    • I caught Empire...does Lil' Romeo have braids?  Like...if that was him I seriously got flashbacks to when I was 11/12 and he had braids.
    • Why is Mariah Carey half naked on here?!  Why is she ALWAYS half naked?
    • Anxiety medicine does not work that quick Jamal or was that something else?
    • They managed to get Taye Diggs on this show? still surprises me how "anti-Black woman" they've always claimed him to be, but that's his fan base.
  •   #ChocolateDrop #HowStellaGotHerGrooveBack
  • How does your graduate program page have no admission deadlines listed, but the overall admission page tells me to visit the program page to find the deadline?  Like how?
  • How my week has been, "Me:  Write everything on this page."  "Them:  Everything?"  "Me: Everything." "Them: Even the numbers?"  "Me: *blank stare* Ummmm....EV-ER-Y-THING.  That means numbers, words, arrows...anything that is on the page."  "Them:  Huh?"  *Me: *Slamming my head against the wall in my mind*"
  • Parents don't realize how much they hurt their kids doing their work for them.  I mean, my Mom did a lot of my projects but now I really see the downfall of that.
  • Death to rubrics.  I hate making them.  Like I HATE making these things.
  • When is Lil' Wayne retiring?  Like...I'm pretty sure it's time for him to retire.
  • This weekend seems like a good time to use this massage gift card.  Watch I don't use it though.
  • Hurricane about to hit the coast yet the area I work in won't be getting rain until about 2 P.M.  Why does it NEVER rain during the 15 minute period of recess?!

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