Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • I finally watched Red Hook Summer.  Lord Jesus!  The plot turn put me through a loop!  I never expected that to happen at all.  If you haven't seen it please go watch it.  It may not be the BEST film he's done, but still it's pretty good in my personal opinion.  
  • How does Tahiry have a body like that?  Seriously I'm jealous.
  • Who dresses and shaves Joe Budden?  I need answers!  
  • Also his lips and teeth are kind of dark.
  • Whose hating on what Destiny's Child used to wear back in the day?  Tina Knowles you tacky lady!  Even though I wanted to dress like them throughout it all.  
  • What I learned from Love & Hip Hop...if you're Black you can't scream or you'll get high blood pressure.  
  • I love Jay-Z & Beyonce, but it's time they start doing something to Blue Ivy's hair.  Like I'm pretty sure that soft spot in the top of her head is gone by now.  Tina you used to do hair.  Please do something about it.
  • I'm still waiting and hoping for Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears to get together.  Screw Jessica Beil Biel...or however you spell her last name.
  • I wonder where I can take a kickboxing class at around this city.
  • Most grad-life is for the birds!  My life has no structure to it I feel and it's killing me!
  • So my aunt has been hunting me down to give me my birthday/graduation gift.  She told me to "Enjoy it."  I opened the card, read it first, and then proceeded to look for the money/gift card.  It wasn't in the card.  It wasn't in the envelope.  What exactly am I enjoying?
  • Went to a pole dancing class again, I can say that I was one of the most graceful people in the class which is saying a lot.
  • Scandal has me wanting a white man...and badly.  Like thirsty doesn't describe my feeling, it's more like dehydrated.  
  • I need some fruit!  
  • I have more respect for a man who tells me the truth than one who tries to dance around it to make me feel better.

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