Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • My friend and I went to a 70's themed event last Friday for a local fraternity.  The first ten minutes or so of our night was made of us debating if this man was gay.  This is life.
  • Black people ya'll need to calm down when Tyler Perry movies comes out.  I understand being supportive but yeah.
  • Speaking of Tyler Perry movies, Lance Gross can get it.  Ya'll know I like chocolate.
  • Tell me why this little boy slapped this other boy in the head during Easter Service.  Like I heard that crap.  You're not safe anywhere anymore I guess.
  • I'm pretty sure I ate like 18 rolls from Ryan's between Sunday and Tuesday.  Dinner rolls/biscuits are my ultimate weakness.  
  • The girl at Vitamin Shoppe has already started to remember my face.  We actually had a conversation this when I was in there this week.  Now I'm afraid to go back.  Not because of her but because I don't want to seem like a health food junkie.
  • It seems that I give off the vibe of asexual to some people.  Particularly one of my friends.  I'll be damned.  I gotta start acting like I need The D or something.
  • I'm pretty sure the cashier at GNC was flirting with me as I paid for my overpriced bottle of coconut oil.
  • Lent is over and I can eat desserts again.  You guys I have relapsed soooooooo hard.  I'm pretty sure this is what it feels like for a recovering addict to relapse.  It's not a good feeling.
  • Wreck It Ralph was such a cute movie.  I guess Disney forgot to call me up about doing some voice over work.
  • Have you guys read the article about how college girls need to find their husbands while they're still in college?  College was the LAST place I imagined finding a husband and I credit that to the  forums I went to put on by The Alphas.  Hell, finding a girlfriend is probably the last concern for men when there are so many girls willing to have no strings attracted sex.  This woman obviously doesn't know how life is nowadays.
  •  Speaking of relationships, I wonder what everyone's view is on "dating down."
  • There's this old man that comes to my job and he is sooooooo in love with his wife.  Like I just pray I find somebody like that in my lifetime.
  • I don't appreciate my treadmill pretty much saying, "F*ck that break you want" after I took the speed down to 3.0 to walk a little bit.  Within five seconds it shot back up to 5.9.  Luckily I was paying attention.
  • WTF Shonda Rhimes?!  Scandal JUST had what felt like a two month break!  Now I've gotta wait THREE weeks for a new episodes?!  You are killing me I swear.
  • Beyonce is out here making commercials in outfits that she wore when I was in elementary/middle school.  I'm jealous.
  • Lolo Jones is trying to get that Olympic medal anyway possible I see.
  • The Rza said the best sex he ever had was when he was 16 with a crackhead.  Some stuff you just don't admit.
  • Well I nearly lost my Twitter account.  Good thing I checked my e-mails.

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