Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • After hearing Amy Winehouse's "Back To Black" single I'm not sure Beyonce doing cover is the greatest thing.  Like I really felt Amy's version of the song because her voice is so soulful.  Beyonce, although I love her voice, has more of a commercial/pop voice.  Oh well we'll see.
  • I'm in the mood for writing.  I seriously need to sit down and write all of my thoughts out.
  • You ever just wanna tell somebody to get the f*ck out of your face?  Like not even in an angry type of voice.  Just look at them dead in the face with the calmest eyes, blink twice, and say politely "Get the f*ck out of my face."  Then just stare at them with calmness in your eyes as they're lost in regards to what just happened?  
  • Ray J is coming out with a song called, "I Hit It First" in regards to Kim Kardashian.  Somebody get him several seats.  I don't care if it's a lawn chair, a bar stool, a bean bag, or a rocking chair.  He needs to SIT DOWN!
  • Oprah why did you dress up as Miss. Sophia to create a commercial with Tyler Perry's Medea?  Like seriously.  Alicia Walker did not approve of this coonery.  
  • Dear Trinidad James, what is the difference between a main chick and a main guhl?  I thought they were the same but according to you these two women, in addition to your side chick, are no longer feeling you anymore.  Please elaborate for me.
  • My Dad said I should cut the "baby hair" on the nape of my neck.  I just about went off on that old man.  This is very soft and well maintained hair.  I'm not walking around here with little naps.  It shows the Native American side of my family...'cause all Black people claim that.
  • Speaking of hair I still want to get mine blown out.  Who wants to make a donation to, Help Brittany Look Like She's Just Got A Fresh Relax?
  • Finally read about this Mendeecees character from Love & Hip Hop:  New York.  Ummmmm why is Yandy with him?!  He's been to jail for being a part of a drug ring, accused of child molestation, and now he's back in jail on trial for selling drugs...AGAIN.  Like Yandy seems to have her ish together.  She can't find a black man without all this baggage?  Or a white one?
  • I was told that I look like I run through parks.  I have never felt so warm and tingly.
  • I want a diamond candle.
  • I went to this event downtown in my hometown for Masters Week that let people sample food from different restaurants in the area.  Oh.  Em.  Gee.  I was such a fatty!  I had like three samples of pita bread and hummus, four mini-cake bites, two things of Marcos pizza, etc.  I only paid $1 to get in and I left feeling so full!
  • Someone tell LL Cool J to have SEVERAL seats with this new collaboration he has with Brad Paisley.  Like not four seats but an arena full of seats.
  • Farrah from MTV's Teen Mom is an aspiring porn star it seems.
  • I really want to teach a cycling class.  I need to get better first, but yeah I'll add that to my life goals.
  • I seriously hate the ghetto bowling alley in my city, but I can't be too mad when they offer two hours of bowling for $12 including shoes.
  • J. Cole is that dude.  He might be crazy, but he's that dude.
  • Whenever I'm singing and my Mom joins in have to remind her that I'm Beyonce and she's Kelly.  Not Michelle, but Kelly.  Why?  Because she'll never be as good as me and be forced to live in my shadows for an eternity.
My ponytail is longer than this when I have it twisted up.  I just wanted ya'll to know.

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