Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday, so you know the deal

  • Some people need to just grow up and get over themselves.  Point.  Blank.  Period.  
  • 42 was a pretty decent movie I must say.  The guy who played Jackie Robinson did a pretty good job and he was somewhat nice to look at.
  • You ever go to church with something on your mind and the sermon for the day is relating exactly to that problem?  I had that this past Sunday.
  • This weekend I pretty much walked around feeling like a damn T-Rex.  Why?  From lifting weights.  It's like I can't extend my arms all the day out without it hurting.
  • I seriously wish I had the courage to just shave/cut my hair.  Everytime I see a Black woman with low cut natural hair I'm just in amazement.  They always look so pretty and full of confidence to me.
  • My aunt made some green pomegranate tea with sugar.  It was soooooo good. 
  • My Love & Hip Hop recap: 
    • Scrappy talking about he can't wear the same thing twice.  Negro you are not Jay-Z or Kanye West.  In addition to that I could have sworn he didn't have any money and I'm sure I'm right.  
    • Was Mama Dee drinking wine with a straw?  Ghettoooooo!!!!!  Also why does Momma Dee talk about Scrappy like he's really hot still?  Like stop saying he's the Prince of the South and ya'll have to protect the kingdom.  There is no kingdom to protect.
    • Joseline's weave looks nice.
    • *record scratch* K. Michelle has never released an album?!  Say whaaaaat?  I could have sworn she had at least one.
  • Kim Kardashian is a very good looking pregnant woman.  It almost makes me anticipate pregnancy...wayyyyyyyy down the road.
  • Ever since Ciara's Body Party video came out I've been practicing my own routine for the special somebody...wherever they might be.  Regardless I'm ready.
  • Speaking of music videos, Alicia Keys and Maxwell's new video have me ready to visit New Orleans just to find a hole in the wall club with no A/C where I can dance the night away and leave with a sweat drenched dress.
  • It's time for me to get braids.  I won't have time to twist my own hair once out of the week when my training program starts.
  • Beyonce, please just release this Grown Woman single.  I'm tired of rewatching the Paris performance of it.
  • I'm seriously about to find a way to teach a cycling class.  I find it funny that the first time I tried it back in college I hated it, but now it's the highlight of my week.
  • April 25th-The day all Scandal fans cried because of Huck.
  • Mellie, you're still a b*tch.  Like a big time b*tch.
  • I seriously want a ginger baby.  Like seriously I want my Black baby to come out with red hair and little brown freckles.  If that doesn't happen I'll adopt a white ginger baby.
  • Blue Ivy is quite an adorable child.
  • My uncle asked me how much a bottle of Grey Goose cost.  My family thinks I'm an alcoholic ya'll.

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  1. Great like always! Haven't seen Scandal yet, but you're the millionth person that's mentioned Huck & crying.

    Ashley Udoh


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