Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • I was told that I don't seem like the type of person to shack up or have kids out of wedlock.  I'll take that as a compliment.  
  • New swimsuit and it's a bandeau top!  Here's to hoping I don't encounter any clothing malfunctions with it on at the beach.  #NoJanetJackson  #IllProbablyPutTheStringsOnIt
  • Khloe Kardashian is really the best Kardashian.  Her street wear is always a mix of elegance and high class escort to the who's who of rich men.  Yes, I did just say that.
  • I look nice in a lot of colors.  This is a sign that Lupita and I might be sisters.
  • I have been informed that I have a UGA one-sie waiting me.  Um can we say exciting?!
  • This Sour Patch Kids gum from Stride ain't hitting for nothing.  The flavor is gone in like 5 seconds.
  • Just thought about the time I was in college and went to get my hair done at the mall.  This really popular girl who was the same year as me was getting her hair done and when she left I got the same beautician as her.  Then the beautician informed me that the girl had a weave.  I never looked at her the same.  #BeauticiansCantKeepSecret
  • Did my first Crossfit class.  My thighs are about to feel it.
  • Purchased two dresses online.  I have a problem ya'll!
  • Everybody and they mama getting engaged.  All I'm asking for is a freaking invite to a wedding.  That's it!  I don't even have to be in the wedding.
  • Little body movements hurt.  That Crossfit worked me out!
  • Registered for the GRE!!!!  One small step towards becoming Dr. Jones!  #SpeakingItIntoExistence
  • Lent has been a struggle this year and it's only been a week!  I had a cupcake last week and this week I had some ice cream.  #TeamNoSelfControl
  • Constantly reminded as to why I don't watch The Game simply by the opening five minutes.
  • Comic View is coming back?'s never been the same since Rickey Smiley left.  
  • Taught a session at Math & Science night.  Proud of myself.  Now just to transfer those skills and confidence to a class of 20+ kids. 
  • I've mentioned going to the batting cages over and over but no one has taken me up on my offer yet.
  • Even though these kids drive me crazy on a daily basis they are none the less entertaining.  
  • I need to find some recipes to try out for this summer.
  • It might be time to cut my nails. 
  • Drank a freaking 32 ounce Fuze strawberry lemonade.  Ugh...all that sugar and bubbling fat developing on me. 
  • The joys of trying to complete job applications they're due.  Here's to hoping for a little summer employment.  #NoDaysOff
  • Shout out to the lady at the local Board of Education who stopped me to tell me how much she was in love with my hair. 
  • When a kid confronts another kid and says, "Take your balls out from between your f*cking hands."  #Priceless

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