Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday, so you know the deal...

  • This condom commercial where the son gives the dad protection trips me out everytime I swear.
  • Is it summer yet?
  • I guess this was the year that everyone decided to go to Mardi Gras and I didn't receive the reminder. 
  • Everyone is getting engaged too...nobody cares.  
  • Must resist the urge to buy this dress online.  Must.  Resist.  *checks e-mail*  Oh a coupon for $15 off.  
  • I surely don't appreciate the temperature dropping during the baseball game.  Went from like 60 to 30 degrees in five seconds. 
  • Jackie Christie on Basketball Wives has like the worst grammar in the world I swear.  Her weave game has drastically improved from season 1 to this one.  Yes for those Basketball Wives of LA checks paying for the Indian Remy in select scenes.  You better swing it!
  • I learned how to make an arrow on the Promethian Board.  That's one small step for Ms. Jones. 
  • I received Teacher of the Week for my school.  Yay for stuffing the ballot box
  • I really need to go out of town.  I'm tired of this city.
  • I bet Luptia's brother is gonna be one of those fine old African men with some nice salt and pepper hair.  I can see it already.
  • A little girl in Zaxby's asked this woman that was apart of her group if she got a kid's meal.  The woman replied with, "No, I don't get kid's meals.  I'm a big b***h."  I was done after that.
  • It's always nice when kids who you don't teach ask if you're gonna be coming to their games.  They really do notice that stuff.
  • I'm pretty sure some of the students in one of my classes thought I was going through a terrible break-up.  I told them I didn't feel well, had the class lights off, and some sappy Bruno Mars's music playing.  Next thing you know I hear, "Ms. Jones, you are all right?  You look depressed."  
  • Oh and in another class my girls said they're gonna set me up with someone.  I told them I was good.  I have no interest in the thug uncles and brothers they might have.
  • Saw my 4th grade teacher at the store.  She said she's thinking of going to middle school.  I gave her a death stare.
  • Is it Spring Break yet?
  • Watched this show called Bring It!  I assume these girls are just doing like marching band type routines.  The coach has a crucial overbite.  
  • It feels like everything on this Friday Ramblings is work related...
  • Chileee...Alfree Woodard looked rough in Holiday Heart.  She wanted that crack real bad in the scene were she was willing to offer up her daughter to that man in the silk jumpsuit.
  • I always find it funny when people think I'm super conservative and don't listen to rap music.  They just don't know the real me.
  • Olive Pope just got it in with the president and her side dude is outside listening to the entire conversation of them talk about him.  He must be feeling some type of way.
  • "Oh you're not mixed?"  No, I've said this before.

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