Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • I'm still waiting on the sexy Princess Tianna costume.  Like why has it not happened yet?  As if a Black princess can't be sexy.
  • Think I want a flexirod set in my hair.
  • I should go blonde...but I don't feel like being bald.  
  • Bought an arm band so I can go running and listen to music without having to hold my iPod. 
  • Watched an episode of TheWalking Dead with my friend.  That is a good show!
  • Google chrome has decided to shut down on me.  Hmmm not good. 
  • This Execedrin commercial with the husband and wife in bed is pure comedy.  A woman had to be the mastermind behind that one. 
  • I need to plan my trip to Miami for next year.  If all these damn college kids can afford to go there's no reason why I can't.  #MiamiSummer2015
  • This past weekend was the "You Date White Boys" from coworkers and my Mom.  I might have gone to an event with a white guy and my Mom will swear up and down that the guy was my boyfriend and we were on the verge of marriage and owning a house.  
  • Peach iced tea flavored yogurt.  What is this world coming to?  
  • Two weeks until Spring Break.  Let me figure out what I'm gonna do during my week of freedom besides binge on Netflix with my friend.  
  • Went to Church's and saw a "Hiring" sign.  I seriously considered applying for a shift leader position.  
  • Reminded as to why I don't tell my mom about how my job is.  I don't have time for it. 
  • I love my 2nd grade teacher and music teacher so much.  They still have my back after all these years
  • Speaking of my music teacher, I showed her my hair blown out and she started talking about how I barely had hair when I was her student.  I was never bald headed so no clue why she said that.  #TeamWearAScrunchieAndHaveHangTime #IGotThatDropAsMyKidsSay
  • Voting to have an elective class on personal hygiene.  The sun is coming out and the funk is getting real. 
  • I need to go to Cali n Titos.  Which means I need to go to Athens. 
  • "How are the boy[friends]?  Guess you'll be married soon."  --> The typical question and response from people. 
  • Dang Millie out here having relations with the VP Candidate. Do you boo. 
  • Busy weekend ahead.  Exciting!  #NoSleep #ProfessionalNetworkerInTheMaking
  • Google Chrome still isn't working on my laptop.  Ugh...I'm making blogs straight off the iPod.  

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