Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • I haven't done one of these in forever and a day because of all of these reasons that I'm sure are BS.  Oh well...
  • BET Awards Recap:
    • I like Jhene Aiko's performance with John Legend.  She seemed very free spirited even though she should have wore shoes.
    • Chris Brown has been out of jail for like a week but has somehow managed to be practice for two different BET Award performances.  Also this dude has been doing the same dance moves since he first hit the scene but just adds one or two new moves in, such as The Nae Nae for this year.
    • Why was this 17 year old girl singing Between The Sheets?!
    • Usher's performance was pretty good but I was concerned about whether or not he was about to break his hip.  We know that the man isn't in his 20's anymore.  One too many spins but lead to a disaster.  I do enjoy his song about kissing that really isn't about "kissing."  
    • Busta?  What happened man?  Time has not been good to you.
    • I don't care what Pharrell says about a dermatologist being the secret to his ageless appearance.  Dude has sold his soul to Pap Legba and I know it.  20 years from now he's gonna be looking the same way he did tonight.
    • I want my hair like Jennifer Hudson's.  I just need to go buy a weave.
    • Larenz Tate drinking from that fountain of youth too I see.
    • August Alsina minus the hair and teeth, Chris Brown, and Trey Songz in one performance.  Way too much for me to handle.  When are they going on tour?  I'd spend that teaching money too quick.
    • Lionel Richie's performance was really good.
    • Keke Palmer's outfit of choice might have been cute if she were in the new Star Wars playing the love interest C-3PO.
    • Why are there like 20 people on stage for the best group award with Young Money?  Who is the white chick?  Who did she "kiss" that night to get up on stage?
    • TI needs to retire.
    • Yay for the 90's baby making special they did.  I'm sure my parents let me sing one of those songs as a child since I had no clue what any of it meant.
    • Paula Patton needs to hurry up and take Robin Thicke back.  This dude is begging and pleading to get her back.  If she won't take him I'll go mend his broken heart.
    • Nicki threw shade at Iggy I see.  
    • Beyonce and Jay-Z are the winners once again by not having to come out and perform live.
  • Please tell me why this man was answering his phone at my friend's graduation.  I was sitting there like, "No, this fool isn't."
  • Woman asked me what type of hair I had.  Luckily I'm a changed woman because the old me would have said, "My hair!" without thinking twice.
  • I think I want to try a flexirod set but the question is will I have the patience to do it.  *Looks at Curlformers that I used once two summers ago and never again*
  • Another good season of Orange Is the New Black.  Everything worked out the right way also.
  • I've been called bougie about 100 times in the last three weeks.  I refuse to believe it's true.
  • Listening to the explicit version of I Luv This.  Oh Lord...this is too much for me.
  • Mom said it looks like I'm gaining weight.  I don't like this.
  • Clear renewable certificate finally came through.  Now I just need to figure out what program I want to do for graduate school. #DrJonesEdD
  • Meeting someone else with natural hair is always an interesting encounter.  "Oh look at that hair!"  "What do you do to it?"  
  • I had to help my Mom bag up phone books.  We're not even halfway done.
  • These pictures of Beyonce and Blue Ivy dressed alike and with matching manis/pedis is cute.  Almost makes me want kids...then I remember the kids I work with August through May. #FreeBirthControl
  • I was so disappointed to find out that Demetria Lucas wrote an article talking about Iggy Azalea and how rap needs more Black females.
  • My brother called the house phone and asked where I was at this Thursday.  I repeat, my brother called the HOUSE phone and asked WHERE I was at Thursday.
  • I need to find a summer job in Brooklyn or sometime of internship.  I desperately need to cross off my "Summer In Brooklyn" Bucket List goal.
  • Who wants to take me to the Sundial in Atlanta?  Please not all at one time.
  • Still haven't gone to my baseball game or the beach.  *sigh*
  • I want a video camera to document stuff in my life.  I'm not buying one for $1000 though.  
  • The dance routines on Hit The Floor really aren't impressing me this year and it's sad.  They must have fired last years choreographer.  

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  1. I want a camera too! Let me know if you find anything :)


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