Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday, so you know the deal...

  • I am currently on a 90's R&B binge of music.
  • So upset that my program canceled Monday's class and pushed it back to next week.  I'm ready to be DONE with this thing.
  • In other news it's time for me to look into graduate programs.  I've gotta move up in this world.
  • Basketball Wives recap:
    • Ummm why is Jackie comparing this cognac that British is drinking to Lorenzo's watermelon?
    • British looked cute in her all white I must say.  I'm still lost as to why she's wearing this pink bra with her white shirt in these confessionals though.
    • I know Sundy [sic] ain't telling nobody to "humble" themselves in Paris, knowing good and well she can't afford to go there without the helps of Basketball Wives.
    • So now we make jokes about people's cancer preventing them from having kids?  #WhereTheyDoThatAt
  • Is it May 23rd yet?
  • Kenya talking about she could have laid Porscha out in three moves because she's learned the same self-defense tactics as the Israeli military.  Girl go on somewhere with that!  Your butt got laid out by the person you least expected it from.  Plus all this crap about having to worry about being a role model to young girls.  She doesn't worry about that any other time.
  • Why does Nikko from Love & Hip Hop:  Atlanta look like the sloth from Ice Age?!
  • The new Hit The Floor trailer is telling me that I need to hit some flexibility classes.
  • I made goodie bags for my 8th grade math students.  As soon as I tied the first bag I was overcome with fatigue and regret...even though it was only 20 bags. #DontJudgeMe
  • I'm having one of those moments were I feel like my life is not on course but I'm gonna fight the feeling off before it takes over.
  • Watching The Little Couple makes me want an Indian baby.  This little girl is just too adorable with her bowl haircut.  
  • Why must graduate school cost so much?!
  • This Waffle House breakfast was amazing this week.  #CollegeGotMeAddicted
  • I hate packing but being able to see my boo Andre 3000 will make it worth it.
  • Wife Swap is always such an interesting show.  I always enjoy seeing the super strict mom and the I-Let-My-Kids-Do-What-They-Want mom switch houses.  It's pure comedy.

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