Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • OMG it's the weekend you guys! *drops to knees and begins to cry*  Thank ya Jesus!
  • So I just read an article about a teacher in D.C. sleeping with a 17 year old student from another school and getting pregnant by him.  In addition to that the lady was going to his house for freaking holiday dinners.  (1)  The boy was 17.  I don't condone this activity, but could she not wait until he was 18?  Was this 17 year old just that irresistible to her that she was willing to risk being labeled a sex offender?  (2)  Why didn't she use a condom with him?  The article said they had sex like everyday so I'm assuming that after the second time she said don't worry about wrapping it up.  (3)  WHY IN THE HELL DID HIS MOM NOT SAY ANYTHING?!  No way my child's GROWN FEMALE TEACHER would be coming over eating turkey and dressing like it was a normal day.
  • White girls walking around New York wearing big black afros to fried chicken events has become the latest craze.  Don't believe me?  Look here.  This sh*t would not fly in the south ya'll and the fact that she doesn't think anything is wrong with her actions is crazy.  After all the controversy she decided to fix the problem by getting a BLONDE wig.
  • I only watched part of the debate, but Mitt Romney is giving me the wrong vibe about Mormons.  My co-worker is Mormon and he's so nice.  Mitt what is wrong with you?!
  • I really want Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to break up.  I just don't like her style anymore and I think it's because of him.
  • My experience at Boy Scout camp was an interesting one to say the least.  A lot of these older Boy Scouts are interesting to say the least.
  • I had the pleasure of having an interesting conversation with some of my APO peeps about strip clubs.  I'm sure they all think I'm odd because of it, but oh well.
  • My friend and I are starting a blog called Two Bad B*tches.  I'm sure some of ya'll are like "WTF?!" but the point is to have a catchy title.  It's catchy...right?
  • I love how my Mom calls me to help her with a computer that I've never used.  
  • Graduation is approaching so you know what that means:  GRADUATION WEAVE!


  1. I love your Friday ramblings! I don't want Kanye and Kim to break up, but I do wish she'd stop letting him dress her...there's a reason all of his showings at fashion week have bombed.


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