Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • Oh my GAWD no school today because it's Fall Break a.k.a. The Day 90% of the Campus Was Going To Skip In Order To See UGA Play Florida.  I'll be in Athens bored and doing work*.
  • Justin Timberlake got married. *sigh*  It seems like that's another childhood fantasy that I can mark off of my list.  He was my first vanilla crush and I'll always cherish that about him.
  • Three people have turned me down to be my semi-formal date.  I obviously need to be prettier or something because this is just depressing.
  • Somebody tried to say that Beyonce's career was over because she's going to perform at the Superbowl.  I almost punched that person's head off, but lucky for them I have self-control.
  • Got two of the cutest pairs of shows at Target.  Now if only I hadn't spent $53 in total getting them and a dress.  I'm cheap so that's a lot to me.
  • I miss my tv ya'll.  I feel so damn out of the loop without it.
  • I need a new hairstyle.  I'm tired of these damn twist and semi-looking like a crackhead.
  • Taylor Swift and her Kennedy boyfriend have ended things I heard.  I'm guessing "We're Never Getting Back Together" was somewhat of an omen for him.  If not he should prepare to have a song released about him very soon. #TaylorSwiftBoyfriendProblems
  • My boyfriend took the jacket he gave me.  I'm up here freezing without it.  I can't stand Indian Givers I swear ya'll.  I hope he's reading this too.
  • Bath and Body Works is having a sale.  I had a coupon to get an item for free with the purchase of $10 or more and behold the stuff  I was going to get was 50% off.  Now I small like French desserts. Yummy
  • I've been letting my nails grow far longer than they should be.  It's a weird feeling because ever since 8th grade I have made sure these things are nice and trimmed.  Now they're just growing out with no purpose.
  • I've been super lazy this week.  No $1 Ab classes for me at all and I feel chubbier already.
  • I'm looking at Jessica Biel's wedding dress.  Who gets married in a damn pink dress?  I sense a Nas type album from JT in the future when they get divorced.  He can have the pink dress across his lap the same way Nas had that green dress.
  • I'm interested in doing voice over work for cartoons so if you know someone looking for the perfect voice to bring life to their character tell them to look my way.
  • Why is Lenny Kravitz so fine?
  • Damn this lotion smells good.  Damn I smell good.
  • I wish I had smaller boobs.  These things just jiggle and I feel awkward when I'm in just plain white t-shirts.

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  1. Take that back!! Or give your boobs to me! I would jiggle all day long if I was able to!!!


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