Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday, you know the deal...

  • Not sure but I think I got employee of the month at my job sometime this year.  I just noticed I had a "cast member bonus" listed on my Year-To-Date stuff on my check.  Oh welllll...
  • Last Friday I was in Aerie shopping for bras and this older lady was looking for bras as well.  I think she wanted something with some padding because the sales associate was helping her and next thing I know she says, "Yeah I need something to add some perk because my kids have sucked my dry."  I tried so hard not to laugh but couldn't stop myself.  Following that I went into the dressing room and had moment of silence for my boobs and their current "perkiness."  
  • Attempt number two of my aunt trying to set me up with the pastor failed miserably again.  She thought he had a girlfriend and at the end of the event we were at she walked up to me apologizing for interrupting my conversation with him.  Then wanted to REINTRODUCE us saying he said she had "messed him up."
  • I rode a horse.  I wish I had the chance to take it out on a trail like a did back in high school, but just riding in a circle will have to suffice for the time being.
  • It seems I got Employee of the Month at my job.  My reaction upon discovering this:  It's about damn time.
  • I had zero clue that McDonald Happy Meals were banned in San Francisco.  
  • I didn't realize how expensive horse back riding was until now.  Geez!
  • These Durex commercials are something serious boy!  I'm not even sure if I've ever seen a Durex commercial but that's not important.
  • The Place Beyond the Pines was an AWESOME movie!  Both of my white men were in it looking sexy...minus the tattoos that Ryan Gosling had.
  • Group of minor league baseball players came to my job and they were all fine.  #PantiesOff
  • Just found out there's something called a...butt plug.  Ya'll I'm too innocent for this.
  • J. Cole's tweet to Tia Mowry after she tried to inquire about a song in which J. Cole mentioned her and Tamera was hilarious.
  • Watched Pain & Gain.  OMG freaking AWESOME movie!  Like these dudes were straight out idiots and deserved to get caught.  I read that the real life surviving victim and family members of deceased victims didn't appreciate how the Sun Gym gang guys were portrayed as  goofballs, but if there's one thing I learned in screenwriting class it's that you have to make a way for your audience to like your main characters, even if they're bad guys.
  • I guess nobody wanted to remind me that Rihanna's lipstick went on sale Thursday.  Now I have to wait until damn June.
  • I seriously don't know how I feel about this Beyonce and Andre 3000 version of Back to Black.  It  has more of a rock vibe I will say, but nothing tops Amy Winehouse.  
  • I have this AWESOME idea for a new part of my blog.  I really don't write much on here (unfortunately) besides my Friday Ramblings, but this new idea is really good.  I just have to put it in action.
  • I need to bust out these Under Armour booty shorts, but the men at the gym ain't ready for it.
  • Olivia Pope has not one, but TWO sexy white men fighting for her love and affection (insert Future voice).  Is there a book out on how to achieve this in my life?
  • Speaking of Scandal, I see Republicans like oral sex just as much as the Democrats.  That's in reference to Cyrus and his husband.
  • My Mom had the nerve to say my brother doesn't have to get her a Mother's Day gift, but I do.  Ummmm I'm the one who just graduated from college.  He's a GROWN man.

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  1. Just read the tweets b/w J.Cole and Forgot all about Scandal this week...thanks for the spoiler hahaha.


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