Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dating Misadventures of a Black Chick: The Beginning {Guest Blog}

Soooo I’ve been single for a while now and decided it was time to jump back in the game. Not because I needed a boyfriend but because I wanted one. It may have had something to do with moving or wanting someone to wax the… or heaven forbid, male companionship, lots of laughs, good times, and a partner in crime.
Let me paint a picture, I’m not very receptive to men that approach me when out mainly because men do not know how to approach a women. I don’t know about you but “aye, yo, let me holler, and you got a man”, are not acceptable approaches. I don’t give my phone number out to the few that dare approach me in the bar or club because they are only looking for some quick hit it and quit it pussy and I’ll have you know, I’m not a train station. 
After months, yea, we’ll say months, of not dating I meet someone who belongs to the same organization that I do. Very clean cut gentleman, articulate, intelligent— a few of the important characteristics I look for. We’re going places uncommitted… just feeling each other out. After a while, we say lets make it official. We begin dating but in the short month of dating little things began to irk me— mainly his inability to stop talking long enough to let me get a word in, lateness with no courtesy call or text, and he fell asleep during a movie date we had. What really got me was when I realized he was cheap. He said “I’d rather rent a redbox or walk around the park over paying for this $4.00 movie ticket.”
Needless to say it didn’t last. I didn’t care to hang out with him anymore because even a text from him was annoying. We broke it off and that was that.  
Anyway, fast forward I decided what the hell, I’ll sign up for a dating website. After terrible luck and a bunch of men that looked like they lived in their mamma’s basement or kept their money in a rubberband I had a friend help me rewrite my profile. It seemed to help a little and the first date came. First, problem I had was what to wear— flannel, flannel, flannel, striped button down, colored khakis, colored khakis, converse but that ain’t the point.
We grab coffee and let me tell you! When I say the conversation was dull, it was dull. I get through it, convinced he isn’t interested anymore, which is fine and go about my day. About a month later I get a message from him inviting me to another date. I go. Why? For the free meal, duh! And because I wanted to give him a second chance. What a mistake the conversation was still dull and I struggled not to check my watch. The chemistry just wasn’t there. He’s invited me out again but its time I break it off. 
At this point I have 3 other prospects and a date with one of them in a week. Hopefully I won’t struggle to check my watch.


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