Friday, January 17, 2014

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday, so you know the deal...

  • Everyone keeps asking about my "wedding."  "When you get married can I be in your wedding?"  "Will you invite me to your wedding?"  Am I the only person who doesn't know about what's going on in my life right now?
  • I pray that this dress I ordered online fits me like a glove.  That way my first dress of the spring/summer will be ready.  Ya'll ain't ready...I ordered this dang dress from Rowme last Saturday and the thing is still listed as "processing."  Like seriously, how long does it take to put a dress in a box and slap a UPS label on it?  Like seriously, this thing better fit and look good on me because I can only imagine trying to send it back for another size then having to wait on it to process again.  Romwe ain't ready...
  • Sophia from The Color Purple was the original boss chick.  She wasn't dealing with any of Harpo's wannabe Alpha male BS.
  • The GRE cost too much.  I think I'll create one of those profiles were people can donate money to me.  I mean this is a worthy cause.  Plus it's $185 so it's not asking for much.
  • I need to go to a concert.  Lauryn Hill is performing at The Tabernacle but I don't have time to take such a risk with my time or my money.
  • I HATE these dogs next door.  Like with a passion.
  • Students at my school are a perfect form of birth control.  The only cost is my health and good looks from all the stress they cause me.
  • Ready to hit the batting cages up.  Whose down?
  • Is it "whose" or "who's?"  Pretty sure it's "whose."
  • Shug had Miss. Celia looking a hot mess in that red sequin dress.  We all know it's true.  
  • My obituary simply needs to say, "She wasted most of her time on the internet."
  • Student told me today that I should have gone to one of the more hood high schools and I would have found a "hood n*gga."  Without thinking my reply was, "I can find one without going there."  *sigh*  Of course he announced it to the whole class with his big mouth.
  • Ciara is pregnant.  There goes all hope for that comeback she was wishing for.  Plus she's like baby mama three for Future I think.
  • The Nae Nae dance is following me everywhere I swear.  I went to the basketball was played.  I went to Walmart...someone was singing.  I went to work...a student was doing it.  It won't stop.
  • Mary Janee's life is just all types of messed up.  Her man even though he's married still is gonna propose and then next thing you know he's kissing all up on his wife's back ready to let her surfboard all on him.  Meanwhile Mary Jane is going to sleep and waking up...alone.  #IWokeUpLikeThis #Single  #LifeOfASideChick
  • My Mom is coming at me with these, "you're dating heavily" comments now.  
  • I was reminded as to why I don't flat iron my hair.  I decided to touch my roots up and ended up screwing my ends up.  Dear Lord please don't let the damage be extreme.  #JesusBeASplitEndProtector #JesusBeAHeatProtectant 
  • Just learned what "Bye Felicia" means.  Let me start saying that to more kids at my job when they start saying they can't stand the teachers at the school and want to go somewhere else.
  • How in the hell does Kathy Bates's character STAB Angela Bassett and the chick just pulls the knife out of her chest like a G, but ol' creepy doll loving guy knocks her in the back of the head and chick passes out while gracefully tumbling down the stairs?  Like seriously?!
  • Is it summer yet?  Like seriously?
  • We got a new heater in my house.  I came home and hit my praise dance.  Winters have been mighty cold in this house for past few years but no more!
  •  Next American Horror Story will be set in the 1950s!!!  
  • Gave a post test out to my students on exponents.  One girl went from like 22% (pre-test) to 100% (post-test).  These are the little moments that I appreciate and feel like I'm doing my job right.
  • Like seriously is it summer yet?

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  1. It's "who's" because you're asking "who is down" Please keep writing these lol


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