Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday, so you know the deal...

  • This is the last day of Black History Month.  Now I have to find a new excuse for why I  can say whatever I want to those of the paler, European complexion.  
  • Saturday at young adult Bible study we focused on relationships:  friendships and dating.  This girl said when a woman comes over to a man's house he shouldn't be in basketball shorts and a t-shirt because it presents temptations.  I was kind of lost as to why basketball shorts were such a temptation (Maybe because they slip off easily?).  Then someone else said the guy should at least have on sweatpants.  First thought in my mind was, "That's even worse because you'll see the print of it."  I didn't say that out loud though.  Then they said make sure you have jeans with a belt on.  My thought of that was, "If I want to get to it I will.  Doesn't matter what you have on."  I don't engage in those activities though but I am able to apply my critical thinking skills to anything.
  • I have so many coupons for money off at these stores with cute clothes.  Jesus be a financial advisor. 
  • I'm waiting on consistent warm weather.  My legs are dying to be out.
  • I need to start lifting weight just in cases a need to drag someone.  Drag is code for beat the crap out of them.
  • *Looks in the mail for wedding invites.*  Why aren't any of ya'll about to jump the broom?!  I'm friends with the wrong people obviously.  
  • I'm just one paper, two revisions, two observations, and a portfolio away from getting out of this program.  Lord Jesus let me be patient.
  •  Whenever I have a child I hope it's like a Ginger but Black.  
  • Ugh a rueben, strawberry feta salad, and triple berry zinger from ECV would be so good right now.
  • "This ain't yo f*ckin' house!  You rent this muthaf*cka!"-Brandi from Basketball Wives LA.  Chileeee
  • As much as these kids call each other "nigga" you would assume it were on their birth certificates.  
  • Mary Jane has TERRIBLE friends!  I mean absolutely, TERRIBLE!!!  Not one, but TWO friends, tell her to go visit the houses of men who are in relationship already.  
  • I've clocked out of work after what happened this week.  I just...I can't.
  • I see they're trying to hide that baby bump that Kerry Washington has.  Olivia is slaying in the coats.
  • Kindergartners out here "having sex" in the bathroom.  SMH 

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