Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • Let me do a Basketball Wives summary for the past two weeks:
    • Why must Basketball Wives be so ratchet?  Just why?!  And why must I enjoy it so much?! 
    • And why Jackie ol' crazy same weave track wearing behind start that mess up? 
    • And why is Sundy dressed like a video girl from an early 2000's music video?  I was just waiting on Lloyd to pop out and start singing to her.
    • How many times has Draya said she wasn't gonna be trusting Jackie? 
    • Lorenzo needs to stop acting like he's a dang on Laker.  You ain't Kobe.  You ain't Lebron.  You ain't even the lowest paid NBA player in the league.  Get it together man.
    • So pretty much  Draya's boyfriend was Catfish'ed by Jackie's daughter.  Oh God...
    • Jackie's daughter is pretty but she has issues over a man that's not even hers.
    • Why does Draya have these black women at this zombie run?  We don't do that mess.
  • My Monday night last week was a crazy time filled with me helping out my sibling.  If I were truly mean I would have left him on the side of the road.  Plus I had to go bang on his door like a bill collector Sunday before church...but the Lord was with me as I went to retrieve my money.
  • Someone buy me a copy of this Radical Math Volume 10 book please and thank you.  It has a lot of games in it that seem pretty cool.
  • This week has gone by fast but not fast enough.
  • Summer Break?  Where art thou? 
  • I'm glad the temperature finally made up it's mind as to what it was going to do.  I don't have have time to be wearing stockings still.  #TinaTurnerLegs #ThatsWhatAnOldManToldMeOnce
  • Speaking of old men, that awkward moment when an old creep asks you if you went to school and you tell him you taught at school today to which he says how much you look like a student and has nothing else to say.  #HeMightHaveBeenAPerv
  • Somebody made a comment about my old high school being majority Black and I commented saying how it was 51% Black and 48% white in '08. Some white kid said, "I was the only white kid in all of my classes."  It took everything in me not say, "Must not be fun being the minority for once in your life."  
  • Black Ink is back on.  Dutchess is still annoying as hell.  Nothing has changed I see.
  • Sooooooo in the Walmart parking lot some girl and her boyfriend were talking.  The boyfriend looked at me and the girl noticed.  She loudly said, "Why you looking at her?!"  His response was, "Because she looks f*****g good!"  Once he said that I started walking around them but Lord Jesus that girl started power walking and I thought she was about to pounce on me.  I was gonna end up on World Star because I wasn't gonna go out like a punk.
  • I'm about to break Lent all types of ways this weekend.  I'm gonna be eating hamburgers at The Grill with some feta dip, getting a mixed pupusa at Tlaloc, getting one of those diabetes type cupcakes at Gigi's...ugh I can't wait. 
  • Somebody asked about "my boyfriend."  I was lost as to who this mystery man could possibly be.  
  • This girl decided to announce to the whole class that she has 9...let me spell that out in caps for ya'll...NINE cavities.  That's the last thing that I would want to admit, especially when I'm like 15.  I bet her breath is ridiculous.  #NoInvitesToTheSocialForYou
  • Move That Dope has to be one of my favorite songs out right now.  The beat is crazy and the beautiful Pharrell provides a verse.
  • I've been trying to eat a lot of bread lately.  #TeamThickForTheSummer

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  1. Bread is not good for you, be happy the way you are beautiful =)


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