Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday, so you know the deal...

  • I went to Athens Saturday and it's nice to see that nothing has changed.  White folks still running around the city in their cute workout gear.
  • Basketball Wives Recap:
    • I'm lost as to how Jackie's daughter can say these other girls are "burning" her mom but the reality is her mom is the one stabbing folks in the back.
    • Jackie and these cognac names.
    • I'm still at a lost as to what type of voodoo Jackie Christie has on this husband of hers.
    • Why are they at a bookstore to get this news about Paris?  Like you couldn't call them up to dinner or coffee for that?
    • I see you Draya in the all red!  Tryna look like Jasmine from the movie Aladdin when Jafar took control of Genie.  
    • Of course Draya is gonna pick her man's side over Jackie and her daughter's.  I mean, it's no different if someone came to Jackie about Doug trying to get with them.
    • What the point of Sunday coming to this place?  
    • None of these women on this show are classy.  I wish these hags would stop saying that they are.
  • I can't stand hearing TI talk in his "intellectual" voice a.k.a. while I was in prison I read the dictionary every now and then.
  • Is it bad that when I was at Walmart and saw these three bad kids my first thought was, "Watch they end up at my school."
  • Cadbury has been using the same commercial since I was a kid.  I know for a fact they save a ton of money on advertisement.    
  • Summer's almost here.  I'm ready to start swinging my long braids.  
  • One day I'll be rich enough to have a summer house somewhere that's not in my city.  #DontHaveToWorryAboutSeeingAnyKids
  • A friend of mine told me that I'm "hard to please" and I just couldn't accept that.  Therefore, being the person I am I reached out to two people who would know.  Neither said I was hard to please.  Argument settled.
  • I seriously need Dianne from Bring It to do something about that overbite.     
  • Finally got around to watching Wolf Of Wall Street and Mister & Pete.  Both were pretty good.  Wolf Of Wall Street was extremely long, but man it was crazy.  Jennifer Hudson looked a mess in Mister & Pete and the little Asian boy knows he wanted his privacy.
  • Doc McStuffins mom is kind of hippy.  Glad they gave her a black woman's body.
  • Went in to get my oil and tires rotated.  Found out I needed to get my wheel bearing fixed at the cost of $203.  Lucky for me my Dad is semi-mechanic.  The Benz is riding real nice right now.  
  • My ticket/wristband for the Counterpoint Festival finally came in!!!!  I'm so close to seeing Rich Homie Quan, Janelle Monae, J. Cole, Major Lazer, and Outkast in one weekend!
  • I need to get some cute clothes for this festival now that I think about it.
  • Looking to get some tickets to see The Braves play this summer.  So many options.
  • It seems I was selected by one of my programs to represent my cohort by them having someone come in and observe my classroom.  Luckily they canceled that the same day the e-mail was sent.  They don't need to come see these kids. #NoNewFriendsInClub306
  • My uncle told me my dresses should fall below my knees to keep my legs a mystery to men.  I laughed that off immediately.  Warm weather means my legs are out.  #SummerTimeFine
  • My cousin's boyfriend got smart with me Thursday.  I almost had to pop off at him.  #YouDontKnowMe #TurpinStreetBreed #SuburbsRaised
  • I did nothing productive this week and a part of me doesn't care. *shoulder shrug*

I just need to finish out April and May.

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