Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's Been A Long Time...

OH EMMMMM GEEEEEE!!!!!  It's been awhile since I wrote ANYTHING on here!  Why have I been neglecting the FOUR followers that I have?  Shame on me.  Well let's see, a lot has been going on in my life I must say...well not a lot but enough to cause major changes in my life.  1.)  I'm single!  Even though I've gone through the whole crying my eyes out phase and not being able to eat I am accepting it because I know there's always something positive in God's plans and it just means that he's not included in that plan. 2.)  Most importantly, I've graduated from college!!!! *proceeds to beef it up*  Throughout the four and a half years I spent at UGA I must say that there were times when I wanted to give up, but I kept pushing through and accomplished my goal.  So what's next?

Plan A is attend graduate school and obtain my Masters of Art in Teaching more than likely from Augusta State.  I need to save money so economically this would be the smartest decision because I can live at home which means I don't have to worry about rent or food.  Of course in order to accomplish this I need to take the GRE and some GACE exams.  So time to start studying I guess. *sigh*  Plan B is to do City Year in Washington  D.C.  With City Year I'd be working as a mentor/tutor at local school and working within the community to help decrease the drop-out rate.  The only downfall with this would be the pay because from what I've read I'll end up on food stamps which doesn't sound too amazing, but it's more about the impact you make on someone's life at the end of the day.  I also feel like this would give me the opportunity to have some experience in the classroom.  Of course this being one of my post-graduate plans played a major part in one of the changes that came with my life, so maybe that's more reason to go.  When the time comes I'll decide though.

While I'm back at home I'll be working in an effort to start paying these student loan back because they are no joke!  They tell you if you fail to pay after 270 they'll report you to the credit bureau and ask for all their money back up front.  The government is so scary.  At least I only have loans out through them thanks to my parents for sacrificing the rest of the money I needed.  I hope to find a better job while I'm here and get certified to be a substitute teacher.  I just know that its time for me to move on from my old job and do something a bit more professional.  The search for jobs begins.

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