Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • I bought some of that Pom Wonderful juice.  Lord Jesus I just about died after my first sip.  It was sooooooo sweet.  Then I saw there were like 32 grams of sugar in the little 8 ounce bottle I got.  I seriously can't stand super sweet juices anymore for some reason.  I'm currently a little light headed from it.  I pray I don't go in diabetic shock.
  • I saw a man selling Girl Scout cookies at this church the down the street from me and proceeded to freak out in my, "Oh my GAWDDDDD Girl Scout cookies!!!!"  I forgot my windows were down until the man started smiling and laughing.
  • My coworker/friend and I are trying to figure out the best way to talk to guys.  We're both too socially awkward to just walk up to someone and say, "Hey what's your name" or whatever the hell you say to guys you're trying to hit on without looking desperate.
  • I recently sent in some information so I could volunteer with a local Girl Scout troop.  I figure it would be nice to do some work with young girls in the community and I'm sure one of them has a young, single daddy.
  • Being healthy is too freaking expensive.  I want to make fruit smoothies but a bag of frozen fruit is like $10 I swear.
  • Brandy said she feels like she's Sasha Fierce.  Hoe calm yo' a$$ down.
  • I see Ciara is giving concerts out in local bathrooms.  Get yo' shine gurl!  At least her new song Body Party sounds somewhat decent for the first minute and a half.
  • Bow Wow is so corny and has this huge ego for nothing.  Why did I ever like him?
  • I seriously want to know what Lala Anthony's real hair looks like.  It has to be nice.  I just feel it.
  • On of my coworkers told me her first impression of me was that I was a lesbian.  Well I'll be damned.
  • Got my dress from Forever 21 that I talked about last week.  It fits perfectly.  I still can't gain any belly.
  • I'd seriously love to work for a radio station or entertainment show just telling what's going on in celebrities' lives.  Like I'd be damn good at it I think.
  • I'm watching old episodes of Duck Dynasty, and Phil and Kay are some freaks.
  • So I went to Waffle House and while I was there one of the Black waitresses said to a white waitress, "If you really want to get me back you gotta find me when I have a fresh perm."  Chileeeeeeeeee she's tryna set that white girl up!  Like I just know it!  That girl would be signing her own death certificate if she tried to get whatever type of revenge on that girl after a touch up.
  • I'm more convinced that Nicki Minaj's boobs are fake after watching the "Freaks" music video.
  • I guess UPS and Fed Ex have just stopped delivering to your house.  Because the past two orders I've had from them will arrive in Augusta and be sent straight to the post office once they touch down in Augusta.
  • My Mom just decided it would be appropriate to start reading about the benefits of orgasms in front of me from the new Essence magazine.  I put my plate in the sink and ran up stairs.  How dare she!

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