Friday, March 1, 2013

It's the First of the Month: Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • It's March 1.  Let us cue Bone Thugs-N-Harmony for a minute.
  • Ya'll can I just say I can't stand sap a$$ negroes?  Like seriously.  I don't need to be reading all about your heartbreak via Facebook or Twitter.  Like I know I wrote a little sap blog about my break-up, but seriously some of ya'll need to calm the eff down.
  • Adele won an Oscar.  You go girl!  Might I add she looked damn good while doing it?
  • Can I just tell ya'll how much I LOVE Jennifer Lawrence?  Like she just seems so down to Earth.  Then the fact that she tripped while accepting her Academy Award makes her even more lovable.
  • I bought a fitness ball from Walmart.  Please tell me why the only thing in there was the air pump.  No ball.  No exercise chart that was supposed to be included.  The struggle is real.   
  • Watched another episode of Black Ink Crew.  I wanted to vomit over Dutchess's obsession with Ceasar (yes that's how his name is spelled).  I also wish she would stop calling herself a "Southern Belle."  Nothing about her reminds me of a Southern Belle.
  • I'm convinced that the man I'm going to marry will be the man that I'm willing to fry chicken or fish for.  I say that because my behind does not fool around with no hot, boiling oil.  That's how I'll know when I'm in love.
  • You haven't experienced pain until you do ball passes with a fitness ball I've discovered.  Get it right, get it tight is the motto though.  
  • I did not like the pink prom dress that Anne Hathaway wore to The Oscars.  Looks like she got it from Ross in the dress section for $24.99.
  • I really want a Brooklyn Nets t-shirt, but I refuse to pay  $8 shipping for one.
  • Excuse me but who is Kim Kardashian to judge her sister for having children out of wedlock?  1.)  You have a sex tape.  2.)  You are married and pregnant by a man who is not your husband.  Do you truly have any room to judge?
  • Somebody told me that I take really good care of myself today.  That made me feel good about myself.
  • I mention this a lot, but I want to be a Bond Girl.  Like seriously.  Really bad.
  • This Black Milk Company has come across my Facebook page twice in one day.  They're stuff is kind of cute.
  • I just bought this cute dress from Forever 21.  It's a small.  I hope it fits when it gets here seeing how I just ate two slices of pizza and three slices of cheesy bread.
  • When will these big companies learn that black face of any form is not acceptable?
  • The itch to cut my hair really short has hit again.  Like big chop short.
  • I just thought about how lucky Channing Tatum's wife is to be married to him.  Like I just imagine sex with him to be magical.  Where's my Magic Mike DVD?!

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