Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • Sooooooo Kim Kardashian admits that Kanye is the reason she became a horrible dresser.  Well I think she kind of admitted that on Kourtney & Kim.
  • I saw Spring Breakers.  What I learned from that film:  (1)  If you had to choose which Disney girl was the trillest Vanessa Hudgens would win hands down.  (2)  James Franco cannot rap.  (3)  If acting doesn't cut it anymore for Mr. Franco he can always pimp himself out or go into male porn.  He gave those two guns a major blow job.  (3) Whoever braided Mr. Franco's hair might have braided it a bit to tight.  I saw a few tension bumps around the edges.  (4)  It's normal to cut from a scene with girls talking about their need for penis to that of young adults getting jacked up on Jesus.  (5)  I GOT SHORTS!  I GOT SHORTS IN ERR COLOR!!!
  • Why is Ciara's CD Fantasy Ride $12.99 on iTunes?  Like that album bombed like no other when it came out.  Ish should be $5.
  • Can someone give Robin Thicke my number?
  • Speaking of Mr. Thicke (that last name is sexy), why is it that I don't have any of his albums?
  • What freaking fountain of youth is Pharrell drinking from?!?!  He's nearly 40 and looks like he's in his 20's.
  • There's a man in my cycling class who can make a legit air horn sound with his mouth.  It took me a few weeks to figure out it was him and not the CDs that Sheena was playing.
  • I swear Nike makes like the most comfortable workout pants.
  • My review on The Game:
    • Ciara's legs are to die for.
    • Lauren London.  Thank your parents for giving you those good looks.  If not you would not have a career.
    • Did Jason Pitts really just say he wished his father was dead so he could enjoy Luther Vandross' Dance With My Father?  Negro what?!
    • Ciara's dress was extremely short and what are they talking about she just got off tour with Justin Timblerlake?  The writers of this show know they're trying to hype her on life support career up.
    • I could have sworn Derwin didn't drink.
    • So is headbutting becoming the new form of fighting these days?
    • Is it bad that my only thought into the first 35 minutes of this show is getting a waffle with some scrambled eggs at Waffle House?
    • Since when has Stanford created number one draft picks?
    • TV shows make random hook ups seem so easy.   
    • Did Jay-Z give consent to let his name be used in this show?
    • When I think about Derwin deserves to get traded for not supporting Melanie.
    • Well damn Ciara slept with The Blueprint.  I thought Lauren London's character was her friend.  His body was her party.
    • Tasha Mack's voice is still annoying as hell.
    • How is this show still surviving?
  • Stacy from Let's Stay Together is the ish!  I'm her in a few years.
  • Vodka=Ratchet Water...I LOVE IT!!!!
  • After my cycling class I ran two miles.  When I got off the treadmill I thought I was walking on air.  Like I just floated over to the paper towels and disinfectant spray.  Praise God I didn't fall over.
  • Finally saw Olympus Has Fallen.  Now minus a few things that made no sense that movie was awesome.  Now take in mind I highly doubt there's any secret service agent that's THAT bad ass making them capable of taking down an entire terrorist group but Gerard Butler will suffice.  Also I'm not really into Asian guys but Rick Yune can get it...if we got married.  I didn't like Angela Bassett's wig either.  Watch out for Asian tourist though ya'll.
  • If you go to O'Charleys get that honey glazed chicken with a Spiked Southern Lemonade.  DELICIOUS!
  • Dr. King was trill ya'll.
  • Hope everyone has an awesome Easter a.k.a. New York Fashion Week in the Black church.  I already got my 24 inch Indian Remy weave to help celebrate Jesus rising again.

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