Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • So Ashanti is denying that she ever had a relationship with Nelly.  Please note that they were allegedly together for ten years.  I don't know what to believe with those two.  If they never had a relationship I don't understand why he was never with that new girl way before.  
  • Lance Gross has a girlfriend. *falls to the floor*  WHY LAWD?!?!
  • Evelyn Lozada's body is sickkkkkkkkk!  
  • New music from Beyonce!  It's only about a minute or two singing and the rest is like this chopped & screwed version of her talking about her childhood.  She was in that Willie D video when she was like 14 (she sure as hell doesn't look 14) looking crazy ya'll.
  • Allergy season is about to be in full effect.  My throat was extremely scratchy this past weekend and now I can't breathe.  Time to suffer because allergy meds don't work for me it seems.
  • Tony Goldywn a.k.a. Fitz from Scandal was the voice behind Disney's Tarzan it seems.  Tarzan's attractiveness as a cartoon just increased.
  • Sooooo I discovered Yoplait had/has cosmopolitan flavored yogurt.  I was close to buying it, but it came in a pack of eight.  Four being the cosmo flavor and four being the mixed fruit.  I didn't want to risk my money.
  • In other news Lipton Honey & Tea: Dragon fruit and Peach is pretty damn good.
  • Looked at some sheet music and could barely read the notes.  I think it's time to sit down at the piano and dust off my music abilities.  
  • Please tell me why I went to this cycling class and the instructor said to leave the resistance on, but I clearly saw her take the resistance off of hers.
  • So on Preachers' Daughters the Black girl has lied to her parents about a damn house party when she went to a hotel party that her ex put on.  Chileeeeeeeeee her dad's congregation is probably side eyeing the pastor's family.  The same goes for the girl with the baby.  She didn't even know who the father of her child was.  Bless her heart.  Last but not least the good girl.  Poor Kolby broke down when she found out her sister didn't wait until marriage to have sex.
  • I was watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy and discovered Dr. Preston Burke (the black doctor who used to blow Christina Yang's back out) is a Kappa.  Who would have known.
  • I wonder if my old high school math teacher is still married to her husband.  I ask that because I swear within their first year of marriage she never had anything nice to say about him and by my senior year she was telling us about some show that told folks how to kill people without being caught.  One thing I do know is that if she killed him she's yet to be caught.
  • Jurassic Park is being re-released.  I've never seen it before so I'm rather excited.
  • I just imagined what it would feel like getting my nipples pierced and my legs gave out.  One more thing I won't be getting done in life.
  • Dude, Bow Wow is 26!!!!  Like seriously that negro is getting old!
  • Can someone please tell Keyshia Cole to sit down with her Beyonce hate.  Honey ain't nobody checking for you.  Hell have you even been on a world tour?  Yeah last I checked nobody was trying to sell body parts on the black market for your concert tickets.
  • My parents need to send me to New Orleans on vacation.  Last time I went there I was 9 and my brother tried scaring me with all this voodoo talk.  No worries now.  I'm 23 and ready for Bourbon Street.
  • Miley Cyrus is out here twerking and people are going crazy.  How long have Black girls been twerking?  Someone please pay homage to Twerk Team.
  • I want to get my hair straightened!!!!  There's just too many factors that come into play as why I don't get it done.  The price and the huge possibility of me sweating it out at the gym.  Yes, black girl problems.  I should have just kept my relaxer.
  • What in the hell is happening to Amanda Bynes?  I just saw that she got her cheeks pierced like Blac Chyna.  It's as if she's gone crazy.
  • I had my first conference call for my teaching program.  I'm officially on boss status. *swings hair*

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