Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday, so you know the deal...

  • I finally saw clothes from the Kardashian collection at Sears.  Some of the clothes are really cute, but they're some damn fools if they think I'm about to pay $30+ for a black dress that you can see through.
  • I had a customer offer to marry me if he were younger.  I told him I wouldn't be ready.  That was the end of our love affair.
  • Finally got around to reading This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz.  I was translating at least one word every page and brushing up on some Spanish at the same time.  It was a pretty good book though.  Very easy read.
  • Love & Hip Hop Review
    • I'm convinced that K. Michelle really can't fight.  Because everytime she gets in a argument she throws something instead of swinging.
    • I wish Mama Dee would stop making these "kingdom" references.  Your son has never been close to being the prince of anything outside of your house.
    • Why are Scrappy's sunglasses so big?  Didn't that look go out a good five years ago?
    • Joseline's body is crazy...fake boobs and all.  She's stepped her weave game up too.
    • Chile Mama Dee needs to be Scrappy's security guard.
    • It just took Erica pushing Scrappy and cursing his mom out (although Mama Dee has been extremely disrespectful to her) for him to ask for his ring back.  Also they obviously don't need to be together if they're calling each other "b*tch."
    • Also if Scrappy has all this money he should get his mom a nicer weave.  Got her over there looking like a busted poodle.
  • I freaking love this Kay's Jeweler commercial were the boy takes his girlfriend to look at rings and promises to her in the store.
  • While shopping in 2nd & Charles (a used bookstore) I came across books titled The 48 Laws of the Game:  Pimpology and How To Get and Keep A Black Man In A Relationship.  Before you reread that sentence again I just want you to know that you read the titles right.  This only proves my point that I too can write a book.  Be on the lookout for my first book entitled Why White Women Are Constantly Winning in 2015.
  • For those of you who question if I'm a writer after that last rambling my only response to you is:  B*tch I might be!
  • Learned how to bake chicken.  Don't judge me.  One step closer to being a housewife once again.
  • I'm convinced that Biggie Smalls' "Juicy" is one of the most sampled songs in R&B and Hip Hop, and the thing is the song was sampled off of another song.
  • No matter how truthful Charles Ramsey was, in regards to race in his interview about rescuing a group of kidnapped girls, I can't help but find some of the stuff he said to be funny.
  • Just watched Boyz N The Hood.  Never forget that Cuba Gooding Jr. got some from Nia Long after all that crying.  Never.  Forget.
  • I really wish somebody other than Mahogany made cards aimed towards Black people.  Like it's ridiculous that only one company makes cards aimed towards the Black community.  I want my Mom to have a card with a woman who has a skin tone like hers too damn it!  The same goes for mom's of other ethnic groups too.
  • I seriously wish there was an H&M closer to me.  Even though they always advertise this cute, cheap stuff that I can never find.
  • Kanye West is officially taking things too far with this I Am God track.  You can't go from Jesus Walks to THIS.  I'm gonna wait for the song to come out before I cast too much judgment though.
  • I'm still on the search for my Fitz.
  • James and Cyrus's marriage isn't gonna last long.
  • Boyz II Men are in Old Navy commercials now.  Say it ain't so!

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