Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday, so you know the deal...

  • I wonder how having a baby has affected Blac Chyna's ability to make her booty clap.
  • My boss gave me a $10 coupon to Chili's for being a good employee.  He said he didn't want me to feel like I was unappreciated.  Then someone said they knew I would be successful because I was a hard worker.  It's the little things. 
  • Once a week every woman should walk/sexy walk/dance around her room/apartment/house naked to this Mariah Carey and Miguel song "Beautiful."  I'm serious.
  • I think I'm realizing that I don't like "amplified" lipstick from MAC.  Too bad I'm just discovering this out after spending $30 over some time with them.
  • Love & Hip Hop recap:
    • This dude Drew is stupid.  This is one of the types of men my Dad has warned me of.
    • Scrappy is right about if you're going through someone's phone you're going through it with some type of intention, but I guess it's hard not to with the history Erica has said of his.
    • Pouring salt around your bed to keep sex demons away.  Once again, this proves that K. Michelle has some issues.
    • WTF Kirk has grandkids?!  Dude how old is this man?!
    • Sooooo we have anniversaries with our side chicks now?
    • Do fat girls love chocolate cake?  THIS is how you know a man loves you.  I mean how can this not be the best comparison to how much you love someone?
    • This woman has entirely too many tattoos, but her butt is amazing.  She actually looks like Keyshia Cole.
    • Chileeeeee Rasheeda all types of knocked up.  
  • If The Great Gatsby doesn't win an Oscar for anything else, it deserves a best costume award.  Like seriously the suits and the dresses were beautiful.
  • I was talking to this really cute soldier and my friend just ruined it by walking out.  Bad wing woman.  Bad.
  • Oh yeah, it seems like the best way to flirt is simply looking three times, some how making your way across the room, and smiling while making eye contact again.  I read this in Glamour and asked the boy at Hollister if it worked.  His response, "I like eye contact."  What normal person doesn't sweetheart.  
  • I think I'll submit my recent beach photos for the JET Beauty of the Week.  I'm just saying.
  • For my new program they encouraged us to clean up our social media websites.  I don't have a Twitter (anymore) but I obviously have a Facebook.  This isn't my fear.  My fear is that they'll find my Tumblr.  I'm afraid for anyone to find my Tumblr.  Wait, does that count as social media?
  • So Paris Hilton is tryna make a comeback.  She recently got signed to Cash Money for like, a record contract.  That's not hot Birdman.
  • I just don't understand why the writing on The Game is sooooooo bad.  Like it takes BET a whole year to premiere a new season of a show that last for like two or three months, but the writing still seems so basic.  In addition to that who in the hell thought when you lose your virginity you bleed?  When Blue said that I was like, "What the hell?!"  It's not a universal thing for women.  
  • Beyonce's single dropped...somewhat.  It's basic as hell but will do for now.
  • Kanye West is just doing stuff now to make people think he's a devil worshiper now I feel.  I bet he's one of the main people giving that actual 10% for tithes but has some of ya'll thinking otherwise.
  • Having to buy a whole new wardrobe is fun, but not cheap.  #CareerWomanProblems #ThisIsntTwitterButImHashtaggingItAnyways
  • Morgan Freeman out here falling asleep during live interviews and coming back with responses of, "I wasn't actually sleeping, I'm a beta tester for Google Eyelids, I was merely updating my Facebook page."  Nice one Mr. Freeman.  Nice one.
  • Miguel out here leg dropping women.  He should be in the WWE.

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