Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday, so you know the deal...

  • PSA!!!  Watch what you say because you never know who's around you.  I encountered a very ignorant blonde girl Friday after UGA graduation at a bar who said she left one bar because it "looked like Africa."  She turned around and saw me and my other friend who happened to be Black waiting to get into the same bar she was trying to get in.  Easy to say she walked in pretty damn fast.  I guess the bars in Athens need to post their Black limit up outside so that poor girl doesn't have to encounter that problem again.
  • I'm ready to get out of this damn house.
  • Why in the hell has it taken my book a damn week to get from Washington D.C. to Atlanta?!  
  • Love & Hip Hop Recap:
    • Why am I watching a scene of what seems like Joseline and Stevie J getting it on?  That ain't cool.
    • I guess Rasheeda knew Kirk was going to the strip club.  If not that must have been an awkward moment in the house yesterday.
    • Why must K. Michelle be so immature and ghetto?  This is why she'll truly never succeed in the industry.  She's just so damn extra.
    • Why is it a big deal if Benzino showed Karlie Redd a tape of Joseline playing with herself?  If I'm correct that video was on World Star Hip Hop so it really wasn't private.
    • K. Michelle going to the OB/GYN trying to see why her vagina is "broke."  Also why are they having these damn conversations about finding a man after he just checked all up in her vagina?!
    • Traci is crazy.  Why is she cursing this girl out as if she caught her sleeping with her man?  Also how can she say she didn't choose the baby mama lifestyle when she laid down with this man unprotected and unmarried?  Ma'am you kind of did pick the lifestyle.
    • Who is this tatted up woman with the mouth full of braces that's gonna be featured on next week's episode?
  • Oprah has allowed Tyler Perry to produce not one but TWO shows on her network.  Why Oprah?  Why?!
  • Registered for The Color Run finally!  Time to actually train now.
  • Soooooo did Steve Urkel have no family?  Because I'm watching this Christmas episode of Family Matters and he's all alone.
  • I nearly experienced what I thought was death this week as I threw up five times and other stuff.  I was just waiting to see the light.  Of course it was only a stomach virus, but that's not the point.
  • I try not to talk about Kim Kardashian too much because she's pregnant, but Lord Jesus her feet look like pig feet in this picture.  Give it up ma'am.

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