Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday, you know the deal...

  • Ugh I love when men smell good.  Like they're just standing by you and you can smell their cologne.  I have to control myself.
  • I was told that I have a beautiful smile and that I should smile more.  Let me take this into consideration.
  • Jim Jones's way of proposing will forever be a classic.  Just hold a ring out in front of a woman and have her crying without even dropping down on one knee.  Harlem n*gga sh*t.
  • My coworker said she was twerking on this guy, turned around, and asked him 'Do you wanna dance front-wards" which ended with the guy walking off.  I seriously laughed my butt off.  It's so funnnnnnnny because I can see her doing this.
  • I've yet to find anyone to do these Body Party moves on.  Like seriously, I'm ready to use this dance routine.
  • I've seen a lot of natural hair photos of girls with nose rings.  The itch is coming back ya'll!
  • Had a French customer.  I saw his passport and all.  We also shared moments of smiling and giggling at each other while I rang him up.  He wants me.
  • Love & Hip Hop recap:
    • Stevie J really thinks he can compare himself to be close to the level of Prince, Michael Jackson, and Quincy Jones.  Chileeeeeee get off your high horse.
    • I also don't understand how Stevie J can disagree with Mimi regarding whose around their child.  
    • Why in the hell does Shay a.k.a. Buckey talk like she's about to fight someone at any minute?
    • Traci really has a problem if she's broken windows and beaten girls up regarding Drew.  Like she was/is crazy.
    • I feel like Kirk would put Rasheeda out on the corner if it wouldn't cost him anything and he got a check.  Which is a bad thing to say about someone's husband.
    • So Kirk still thinks that the pull out method is an effective method of birth control?  How old is he?!  I see why he has grandkids already.
    • Shay knows she better stay in the "kingdom" or else she won't be getting a check from VH1.
    • Drew is a perv and this whole interview thing only confirms Traci is crazy.
    • This girl is gonna regret all these tattoos later in life.
    • Scrappy's dad is a pretty good looking man and he looks younger than Momma Dee.
    • Joseline really thinks she's hot sh*t.  Like, outside of this show I have yet to hear any music besides Bailar.  Which had no music video.
    • Drama just follows K. Michelle.
    • Can someone who doesn't have a career really ruin someone else's career though Nikko?  
    • When Mimi gets mad I get a vibe that she had a sex change.  IDK why she just seems real masculine.
  • This Hit The Floor Show doesn't really have the greatest dancers in regards to these two Black leads. Like Kimberly Elise's daughter doesn't do anything but freaking pirouettes it seems, yet they're making her seem like she's a threat to the current team captain who doesn't do anything but give good Ohhhh-I-Want-You-To-Take-My-Panties-Off Face.  Also Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman from the 90's is on this show.
  • My Mom and I had a conversation about men this week.  She pretty much just told me never to accept gifts from guys who just claim to want to be friends.  Because overtime with each gift they're just gonna be tryna get to your "goods."  I think this is the first time we've had a conversation like this. You ain't never told no lie.
  • Ummm I'm watching this show "I'm Married To..." and this woman is an adult film star, but what I want to say is that she put her vibrator in the dishwasher and her boyfriend just made it seem like a normal thing.  Like ewwww...I hope there were no dishes in there.
  • Not sure how I feel about this movie The Purge.  I don't want it inspiring these crazy mofos out here to kill folks.
  • Well I'm working with the "babies" this summer.  I'm excited.  My paraprofessional is quite the character I can tell already.  She's been in the game for 27 years.
  • Bucca di Peppo better stop playing games adn credit this money back to my account.  Talking about it would only take a hour.  Liars!  Wednesday's meal is about to be free and they're about to give me a gift card if this isn't worked out soon.
  • LisaRaye will be in a new movie called Lap Dance...and a reality show about preacher's wives seeing how her boyfriend ins a pastor.  Does anyone else find this funny?  And isn't she like 50?  It's too late to be repeating movies that started your "career" at that age.
  • This Girl Code show is hilarious.
  • Google a man named LeRoy Bell.  Check out his age.  Be amazed.
  • Here's to hoping Amanda Bynes gets her life together soon.
  • I finally had the chance to bust that $10 resume paper out that I got in February.  Yeahhhhhh not fully sure why this stuff cost that much, but oh well.  Oh and my footer didn't fit which means I wasted expensive paper and expensive ink.  Ain't that a witch.
  • Girls out here getting herpes after trying Rihanna's Riri Woo.  The jokes write themselves I swear.

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