Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • Well my summer officially comes to an end this Sunday with school starting on Monday.  I swear time has flown by this summer.  I pray that in four months I'll be informing of ya'll of my graduation. *fingers crossed*
  • Speaking of school, I moved in to my dorm Wednesday.  I swear it is the smallest thing ever ya'll!  Like in my four years of going to UGA I have never had a room this size.  There are three bedrooms with a living room, a full bathroom and a half bathroom.  If you go to UGA it's designed kind of like ECV, but imagine sharing a room.  Hell naw
  • Have ya'll heard the interview of Dawn Harper and Kellie Wells?  While I primarily understand Dawn's anger about the situation both failed to realize that was the time or place to try and shade their TEAMMATE.  It actually just heps Lolo because in the end the U.S. loves the victim (for the most part) just as much as the pretty girl.
  • The birds that have been living in our plant have flown away.  I got up this morning to see a bird struggling to fly out and looked up to see they were all gone.  The day before I saw one peaking out to look at me, but hiding right when I looked at the nest.  I was lucky enough to see two of them who flew back and chirped loud enough for me to go see them below the nest and flying off.
  • To the Georgia Board of Regents you all can suck it in regards to the renaming of Augusta State and Georgia Health & Sciences.  Georgia Regents University had to be the worst thing ever.
  • So I'm in love with Frank Ocean's song "Pyramids" even though it's like 10 minutes long.  I love how the subject and beat of the song change at the half way through.
  • After attending church on Sunday I've concluded,  thanks to the the pastor, that the only way for me to change things is if I really want to do it.  I know everyone is probably like, "Duh!" but sometimes its harder than it sounds.  "Change has to come from inside of you or else you will go back to your ways."  Shout out to Rev. Hogan.
  • Hey Jamie Nieto...Holla at ya girl!  No, not really.
  • Shout out to Serena Williams for hitting that C-Walk.  I ain't mad at ya girl. *joins in*
  • Jamaica just said "Eff ya'll" to all the men who competed in the 200 meter event.  They took gold, silver, and bronze.  *drops head*
  • I've concluded that Mimi from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is just content with having a piece of a man because there is no way my boyfriend/father of my child would be running around with his jump off/the chick he got pregnant like she lets Stebbie J do with Jose a.k.a. Joseline.
Everytime I see this picture I

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  1. That sucks about your room. I think the problem is that they're admitting more people than they can accommodate. I heard horror stories about the room situation before I graduated.Lucky for you it's only 4 months. Have a wonderful semester!


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