Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • Finally saw Rock of Ages...glad I (well my boyfriend) only paid $1.99 for it although we could have saw it for free when it first came out.  The story line was...ehhh.  The chick from Dancing With the Stars has an interesting voice, as in the tweeking to it was decent.  It was cool to see Tom Cruise out of his element though.
  • Umm I just want to say I love the coupons I just used at Victoria's Secret recent.  Six sexy pairs for $17.
  • Why did I see a girl who couldn't have been any older than 8 with a full sew-in weave?  Invisible part and all.  I don't care how damn bald your child is there is a limit to the weave that your child can put in.  You better put some braids in or something.
  • Although I made a blog about my Chick-fil-A I just want to say this.  Dan Cathy has the right to believe in whatever he wants.  Everyone who disagrees with his statement have the right to speak out against it and protest.  At the same time to all those Christians who are saying God hates gay people I advise you to be quiet unless you're the VP of PR for God, Inc. and reread your Bible as God hates no one.  Also at the same time people who disagree with him can't get upset over him doing the same thing that you're doing:  speaking out for what you believe in.
  • USA men's basketball team just beat Nigeria 156-73.  This is not life ya'll.
  • So I ordered some Curlformers online.  36 of them for $32.75.  I got the package today, well two envelopes, and take them out to look at them.  Between the two packages I had six bags so I figured I needed to count them to make sure I got my monies worth.  I start counting and notice one individual bag holds twelve.  I thought I was imaging things, but nope I had a total of 72.  I ain't mad. *puts sunglasses on and leans back in chair*
  • Okay, this Gabby chick that they have horribly named "The Flying Squirrel."  There has been a lot of controversy surrounding her hair, but lets be honest...she's 16 and winning gold medals for her country.  Serena and Venus have been in the game like 16 years and still walking around here with the cheap weave you buy at Walmart.  Let Gabby be.
  •  Moonrise Kingdom=AWESOME!!!
  • I'm listening to Stevie Wonder as I type this.  I wonder how much it would cost to have him sing at my wedding.
  • Who is this Ryan Lochte fellow?  He's FINEEEEE!
  • Summer is coming to a end and I've yet to lose any weight.  Jesus be some liposuction. 
  • I accidentally told my boyfriend's mom to be quiet today.  She just about chopped me in my throat ya'll...or that's what she wanted to do as I sat in fear.  Just so everybody knows I was playing Dance Dance Revolution and I get very flustered easily and I have a tendency to tell people to be quiet or shush them.  Yeah


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