Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • Mentally I'm extremely exhausted right now, but I've only told my friend Prisca about it.  I might have to make some changes because it is far too early in the semester for this.  I think it is a mixture of taking too much on and questioning if I'm even going to get appreciation for some of the stuff that I'm trying to do.
  • Earlier in the week I planned a Brotherhood Retreat for my frat.  I think it went fairly well.  My section chair enjoyed it so I'm happy to know someone higher up in the fraternity said this.
  • A girl in my senior thesis class thought Babe Ruth was a Black guy.  I'll just leave it at that.
  • I went to a program that claimed to be a Black History type game show with the thought of it being about Civil Rights era stuff and such.  No, they were asking questions about what show did Tia Mowry play on and sh*t.  I was so pissed.
  • Eff school.  I should have just been a stripper.  That would have been far easier. *sigh*  Sadly God didn't bless me with gyrating skills so this was my plan b.
  • So tired.
  • Who wants to write my Senior Thesis for me?  Anybody?  No takers?  Well screw ya'll too.
  • I freaking burned my arm tonight on a damn light bulb at my frat's pledge inductions.  This thing is not cute ya'll!  I keep looking at it and thinking of a STD.
  • I went to the doctor about my foot Wednesday.  I left with nasal steroids.  #LikeABoss
  • A fellow history student in one of my classes seemed to think that Babe Ruth was the first Black baseball player.  Oh ma'am, you obvious have not taken any of the Black History course offered through the AFAM or history department.  Tsk tsk
  • I seriously felt like crawling across the table earlier this week to smack the sh*t out of somebody.  Lucky for them my body was far too tired to act all ethnic in public.  #YouBeenTouchedByAnAngel
  • My parents better bring me some good stuff back from Mexico or I'm gonna have the biggest temper tantrum in the world.
  • Since I stopped waxing my eyebrows I've noticed that a little water goes a long way in regards to shaping them.
  • Did I mention how tired I am as I look at the clock saying 3:20 A.M.?  No?  Well I just had to remind ya'll.  
  • I've decided that this weekend I won't be answering anything APO related until Monday as for the past five weeks every day of my life has been centered around it in every way.  The only e-mails or text I will answer have to come from my section chair.

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  1. This makes me wonder why I've never seen a baby dressed as a fried chicken leg for Halloween! #NewGetRichQuickScheme


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