Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Things I Have To Accept About Myself

One of my friends wrote a blog which pretty much talked about things she's come to accept about herself in Random Ramblings (I should have got my ish trademarked) and I thought it was pretty cool so since I'm up late I'll do that right now.

  • Everyone isn't going to like me.  I'm 22 years old and still dealing with the issue of wanting everyone to like me to some extent.  I know that I have a pretty strong personality so it isn't going to mesh with everyone.
  • I have a negative view of myself at times which isn't good.  I didn't even notice it until I was with two of my past roommates and I said something and my friend said, "Why are you so hard on yourself?"  This mainly applies to how I view myself in regards to attractiveness.  In my mind I'm still the 13 year old from Morgan Road Middle School that was picked on for my acne and being a "lame."  
  • I will never be a twerk master in reality, but in my imaginary world I can run with the best of them.
  • I often seek appreciation for the things that I do and when I don't get it I kind of lose motivation.  I do things because I want to make stuff better by offering my help, but when I don't receive a simple "thanks" I get kind of down.
  • I'm a quiet person, but I'm very outspoken.
  • I like being alone or hanging out in groups no bigger than three or four.  Too many people tire me out and make me feel overwhelmed.  
  • I keep a lot of things to myself instead of letting others know because I don't want to feel like I'm bothering people.  The funny thing is I'm always the person who offers an ear for listening when people need it.
  • I'll never be a "cool" kid.
  • I'll never have long curly/wavy hair, but its fine.
  • Even though I say I never want to dance with anybody at parties deep down inside I really do want someone to ask me to dance.  It kind of sends the message to me that someone found me attractive so when nobody approaches me I think something must be wrong with me.
  • I look mean as hell and that will never change.
  • I'm bossy.
  • My skin will never look as clear or smooth as Gabrielle Union.
  • I'm cheap.
  • I'm afraid to ask for things.  (My Dad would find this humorous as he always says this to me.)
  • I can't be perfect.
  • I have an extremely hard time trusting people and this comes from childhood.
  • I can easily go from happy to sad or depressed by thinking of old memories that I'm ashamed of.
  • I overthink things.
Old photo from the Summer of 2010


  1. Girl, I feel you on the twerk master part lol I be in the club gettin it anyway lol. Also, everything else too!

  2. I can relate to a lot of these things, sadly I will never be a twerk master either. But in all seriousness, a few of these things do describe me as well.

  3. I can so relate to this. I feel like everyone can. I think we will always be so much harder on ourselves than anyone ever would be.



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