Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • This is the seventh week of school meaning Monday was probably my sixth life crisis of the semester. Why?  Well because graduation is rolling around the corner.  I'm afraid.
  • My boyfriend told me I was too "argumentative" and "strong all the time" recently.  This was after I read about 50 pages focusing on the Feminist Movement.  
  • Some random man on the street told me that I had Tina Turner legs Saturday while I walked to the dining hall.  This is like the ultimate compliment to me.
  • Did you guys see Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Magic Mike inspired opening on SNL?  I'm not sure if that was from this past Saturday or what, but he was getting it. #VanillaFlavorForEveryday
  • I need more money for all the stuff I need.  Where's that rich sugar daddy of mine?
  • I really want to start a running group at my school for the Black community.  I was going to try Black Girls Run! but they said they're not starting any new running groups until the end of the year. 
  • I really need to get out and go dancing or bar hopping I think.  I don't do anything "fun" during the weekends it seems and this must change.
  • If this whole getting a job with a degree thing doesn't work out I think I'll be a video girl.  I just have to tone up this midsection first.
  • I really want to find a nice red lipstick just to have.  I barely wear lipstick, but I've always wanted a nice red.  I have one, but I feel like its too bright.  I prefer the darker colors.
  • I wish I could go home just one weekend, but I'm so busy. *sigh*  This must be what the real world is like.
  • I need an iPod so I can make an awesome playlist to workout to.  If you're interested in donating or selling one at a low price get at me.
  • I need to be reading so why I am I sitting here typing this.
  • I totally just typed that last sentence to the beat of Chris Brown's "Look At Me Down" as I listened to the song on YouTube.  Same with this sentence.
  • I really want some black boots.  The ones from last year nearly killed me at multiple times.

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  1. This is life right now! I feel like it's the most normal but awkward things that I would definitely be saying right now, and the Titanic pic is comedy!!


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