Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Ramblings: Post 100!!!

It's Friday, so you know the deal...

  • I've gotta get out of this house.  Like it's too many adults in this house but the thought of paying a butt load of bills on my current salary doesn't sit well with me.
  • Everytime I hear Katy Perry's Dark Horse I think of pole dancing and twerking for some reason.
  • I had a conference with a parent this week.  My main concern?  What can I wear to look fabulous as I make an example of someone?  #MyrtleSnowStatus
  • Heard some students talking about gonorrhea and how you get it from having sex with a person whose infected from AIDS.  I was going to say something until they said they learned it in health class.  I stepped back after that.
  • One week before Valentine's Day.  All secret admirers can send gifts to my job.  
  • If you know where I work and are a secret admirer you actually may be a stalker when I think about it.
  • I think Bruno Mars's back-up singers got more shine than Kelly and Michelle got last year when they performed with Beyonce.  #ItAintShadeIfItsTheTruth
  • I'm going to see Outkast perform.  I just thought I should let ya'll know.
  • Erica Mena's boobs looked like they were about to pop out in that red dress during this Love & Hip Hop Reunion.
  • Mary Jane is just oh so content being the side chick.  Do you boo but he's not leaving his wife for you.
  • Can we just jump to my third or fourth year of teaching where I'm a pro at classroom management?  Like is that a possibility?
  • I need another three days out of school so I can finish reading my book.
  • Just discovered we have a day out this month.  #Winning
  • New shoes and that dress that I've been waiting on for like a year came in the mail today.  
  • I had a conference call for my program.  It was recommended to use yoga balls with my students to help calm them down in class because they have to concentrate in order to sit on the balls.  That's a big HELL NAW to that idea.  I can only imagine the disasters that would occur with that.  Students throwing them across the room or popping them.  No way, no how.
  • Is it summer yet?
  • I've found myself having to hold my tongue quite frequently.  I might snap one day.
  • I want to go back to Athens simply so I can get around to trying Mama's Boy.
  • Is there a difference between listening to your parent and listening to another adult?  I had a brief discussion of that with a coworker who I guess felt like kids should be more willing to listen to other adults than their parents.  Of course it all depends on the student.
  • How is Farrah in couples therapy by herself?  Someone please tell me.
  • Finally found out what type of sneakers all the boys at school are wearing, KDs.  They're actually really cute shoes.  I wouldn't mind a pair but I don't want my feet looking long in a pair of men's shoes.

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