Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday, so you know the deal...

  • Saw a pretty Michael Kors bag.  Then I saw the price.  It ain't worth it.  No time soon at least.
  • The moment when you want to take a nap but have to wait for a package to be delivered...the struggle is real.
  • I saw a mint colored pair of shoes at Target.  I need to go get them but at the same time I want to save my money.  *sigh*  The life of being an adult.
  • My Mom is quick to tell folks I'm grown when.  This man who was doing something to the vents in our house called me "young thing" or something like that and in like 0.0001 seconds my Mom was like, "She's grown!  She's not young!"  Well dang!
  • The moment you see a dress you like online but then look at the price.  This seems to be the theme for the week or should I say my whole life.  Yes, I am cheap.
  • Tyler Perry's Single Moms Club is coming out.  Wonder how this one will be different. 
  • The moment you go to someone's house and The Walking Dead comes on.  #SittingHereLookingSalty #WeDidWatchTwoHoursOfAHS
  • Jesus Christ be some coconut oil and a Tylenol.  These braids are so tight right now but my beautician Candace hooked me up as usual.
  • Barberitos disappointed me during $5 Monday.  My black beans were burnt and I could taste it.  I couldn't even finish my burrito.  Made me want to cry.  
  • Speaking of bad food, I had the worst Krystal's in my life.  The hot sign was on but the burgers I got were cold and looked old.  Plus the fries were cold.
  • I'm just gonna start walking around saying #TeamThickness.  Then maybe, just maybe, my hopes of looking like Buffy the Body below the waist will happen.  If not physically, mentally.
  • Tyrese's Lately has been stuck in my head.  Now I'll be walking around working singing it...along with a 100 other songs.  #HumanPandora
  • I want to go to New Orleans so bad.  It's ridiculous.
  • My Facebook page has been overflowing with post about why you should wait for it before marriage.  Either people were super tempted this Valentine's Day with their significant other and want to remind themselves that they need to hold out a little longer, or people caved in on Valentine's Day and are trying to do some weird psychological trick on themselves.
  • Lolo Jones has moved on to bobsledding.  This girl wants a medal so bad but it's just not happening it seems.  The issue might be that she just needs to just give it up.
  • I'm getting somewhat tired of Being Mary Jane.  Like we all know that she's gonna keep going back to this man.  I'm also getting tired of these I Am Mary Jane...commercials.  Like why would you even want to say you're like her?  You can't say you're like her because she's confident.  Why?  Because confident women don't have to sleep with married men.  They can find their own.  That's my personal opinion though.
  • Somebody in this house ate my last bag of kettle corn popcorn.  This is not okay.  Like seriously.
  • I think I'm having a slight case of baby fever.  It's scary and so not me.  I think I've seen too many cute kids lately.
  • This lady I work with swears up and down I have a line of men waiting to talk to me.  That's never been a case in this life.  Maybe it was in my previous one.

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