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Oprah Is Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Like many of you I found myself tuning into Oprah's Next Chapter with the Kardashian and Jenner clan to see what they would have to talk about.  I was very skeptical of Oprah dedicating a whole hour to a family that banked off of one of their daughters getting her back blown out by a D-List singer, wait a minute ain't that Brandy's brother, Ray J.  We have heard the crazy stories of people like Vogue editor Anna Wintour saying Kim K. would NEVER appear on a cover of Vogue magazine (she recently appeared on L'Uomo Vogue-not sure what's the difference) and some celebs saying that the family is famous for nothing at all.  We must all admit there is something about the Kardashians that intrigues the minds of  us in the United States and abroad.  For myself it has always been the recent beauty of Kim, the quirkiness of Khloe, and the drop dead fashions the family is often seen in.  Although the first half was primarily dedicated to Kim. who is the star of the family, it gave some type of insight into the family.  At the same time it left me with the feeling, "You are a damn liar" with some things.

Is their mother Kris "pimping" them out or just trying to get what's best for them?
Many have said family matriarch Kris Jenner takes advantages of her children's fame and fortune by putting them on display for millions to see, but the four Kardashian children seem to abide by the old adage of "Mother knows best."  Robert, the youngest and only son, was the first to call out "She's our Mom!" when questioned about his feelings toward the question.  Kim on the other hand gave a bit more elaborate answer by saying you need a manager regardless so why not pick your mom?  She felt nobody else would work as hard for them than their own mother, which is a valid point.  I could understand if all of her children were strung out on drugs and their quality of life took a nose dive due to Kris's decisions, but the family is prospering!  They have clothing lines, nail polish, 50 million different television shows, Kendall or Kylie (one of them) has started modeling, and every year around Christmas time we find ourselves GAGGING over their ridiculously chic Christmas photo.  How can we not forget baby Mason's ever so hip pose for Christmas 2011?  Say what you want, but Kris has MADE this family who they are due to her keen business savvy.

When Kim Kardashian wanted to have sex at 14 Kris Jenner took her to get birth control.  Say what?  That sh*t cray!
When Oprah brought up the openness of the mother/child relationship the brood Kim Kardashian revealed two things that had Black Twitter at a loss for words.  1.) That Kim had a boyfriend at the age of 12 who she said was, "a part of the family" and 2.) That when Kim was ready for sex she spoke to her mother and was put on birth control.  Okay, how many of you didn't have a little boyfriend in elementary or middle school?  If you didn't I am sure by now you have blossomed into a beautiful butterfly that can't keep the men/women off of you.  The only difference between my 2nd-3rd grade boyfriend Dominique and Kim K's is that my parents did not know.

Now in regards to the whole sex at 14 thing what is the big effin' deal with her mom taking her to protect herself from getting pregnant?  Yeah I'm sure my Mom would not have been all, "Yay I'm so excited to take you to get birth control!" if I approached her about this at the age of 14, but I believe she probably would have taken me to the health clinic to get some.  We must remember that Kim is the second child of Kris so she probably faced this issue with Kourtney a few years prior to.  If I remember correctly from old interviews Kourtney started having sex around that same age.  I guess this might be the biggest issue in the Black community and why we seem to see so many young girls walking around with swollen bellies.  Reality check to everyone most people are having sex around the age of 13 in the 21st century!  People aren't waiting until marriage anymore, that idea went out the window YEARS ago.  While I hope my 14 year old son or daughter does not come to saying she's ready to have sex if she did I would just have to suck it up.  Why?  Even if you don't approve of it they'll do it anyways.  We ALL know that.  I would sit my daughter down and discuss what comes with making such an adult decision and I'm sure Kris did the same thing.  Kim probably made it seem like it was this rainbows and sunshine moment, but I'm positive Kris had a discussion with her about it.  Maybe if we became as open about talking about sex with our children and youth in the Black community teenage pregnancy would not plague us.

Kim knows she's famous for having sex and seems really lost when it comes to love (i.e. her marriage to Kris Humphries).
The question that the world was waiting on was if Kim knew she was famous off of her sex tape.  In so many words or a five page doubled spaced paper Kim admitted that her rendezvous with Ray J is what skyrocketed her into the media's eye.  Beforehand she was starting to get a little attention as being Paris Hilton's personal shopper/bestie (rich/famous people have millions of best friends), but her sex tape is what really made people stop and ask "Who is Kim Kardashian?"  The fact that she was Robert Kardashians daughter made her even more intriguing.  How could the daughter of a famous lawyer not have the sense to know that a sex tape would come back and hunt her?  What I liked was her honesty about it.  Yes, she may not be were she is now if it had not been her tonguing Ray J down.  If you sit and think about it we are fascinated with Kim Kardashian because of the men she dates!  She's known for dating Black men and athletes/entertainers.  "She's stealing all the Black men!"  No matter how many Black women were upset by Reggie Bush choosing Kim Kardashian we have to admit they were a beautiful couple.  The main issue I heard with him dating her was if she were Black with a sex tape would he have been as open to being with her.  Some say no and others say yes.  Now that she's with Kanye West we are freaking obsessed with how this will go especially after her 72 day marriage to NBA baller Kris Humphries.

Now Kris H., when Oprah brought up this topic I was expected something juicy.  Sadly Kim's answer was their marriage ended over "little" things which Oprah countered back with, "people don't get divorced over little things."  With the high divorce rate in the U.S. we have to admit that people probably do get divorced over little things.  I was pissed off mostly by Kim saying she realized he was The One upon them moving in together.  Ummmmm when you were dating him for however long how did you not realize this?  If she were so wrapped up in being in love with this guy I would expect her to have stuck it out just for old times sake in hopes of proving everyone wrong.  To me it seemed that Kim was feeling somewhat left out in the love department when it came to her sisters Kourtney and Khloe.  Kourtney has a beautiful baby and has another one on the way, and Khloe seems to be madly in love with her cuddle bear.  Kim is the most beautiful and popular of the family yet all the things we would expect her to have she lacks.  I believe she just felt an urge to catch up with these two not because she felt she was madly in love and realized later on she had made a horrible mistake.  From seeing some of Kim's tweet her concept of love is still stuck in a teenager mindset.  This meaning that she meets a guy who likes her and falls madly in love thinking he is the one.  She says she has matured since the divorce (October 2011-June 2012), but just little things make me second guess her.  Of course I'm rather pessimistic so this is expected.  Another part of me felt maybe Kris H. was not famous enough for her.  After Ray J she dated Reggie Bush for the longest and with their on and off relationship she may have felt she needed to give up on famous men.  All women should be able to relate at one point or another.  Maybe you find yourself dating bad boys constantly that break your heart and feel the next best choice is to date a good boy because they don't break your heart according to Hollywood movies.  Sometimes it is best for us to stick to the same pattern and with her that might be the case.

What did you all think of part one of Oprah's interview with the family?

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