Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know what the deal is...

  • I went downtown bar hopping in my hometown for the first time!  Quite an experience.  Maybe it's just me, but nobody dances at bars here.  I mean we only went to two, but still.
  • Speaking of this experience, I got a buzz off of one drink.  This is the second time this has happened in my life and one year and some months of drinking.  Why?  Because I didn't eat anything ahead of time!  
  • Why is Omarion signed to MMG with Rick Ross and Meek Mills?  Is he like the Ashanti of the label because he does not fit in with these people.
  • I have noticed that I'm being hit on more with these twists in my hair.  This leads to the conclusion that despite how much trash guys talk about extensions they really do like them.
  • This leads to my Monday experience in Walmart.  I was there to find a clear or clarifying type shampoo for my braids (NEVER use creamy shampoo I learned) and some labels for these pictures I got done with this tall dread head approached me.  He started with the usual corny bullsh*t of how beautiful I was and "how old [I] IS."  When I told him my boyfriend wouldn't like it he proceeded to say, "Oh okay, well I got this mixtape here and I generally sell it $1 per track..."  I just about died.  This Negro hit on me then tried selling me a product.  This was a first time experience for me.  
  • What's in the crispy chicken wrap?
  • Magic Mike comes out! *bows head in a moment of silence*
  • I want to wish all the moms out there who scheduled a babysitter to watch their rugrats as they go watch a movie with Channing Tatum humping the ground.  I also hope they make it back in time from movie and a dinner before their 16 year old babysitter has to be back home.
  • My hair smells like cigarettes still I believe.  Lord how do you get this smell out of weave braids?  
  • I still haven't got my check from the GA Government!  I'm convinced that someone has stolen my tax refund!


  1. *grabs mic* Crispy chicken.. fresh lettuce.. three cheeses.. ranch dressing. Wrapped up in a.. tasty.. flower... tortilla. Crispy chicken... wrapped up in a! Lol!!

  2. Not even being on Rick Ross's label can help I think he should try to be a choreographer or something.


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