Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so ya'll know what time it is...

  • Today is payday ya'll!  I have gone a whole month without getting a paycheck I believe so this is just...*holds back tears*
  • Speaking of checks Georgia still needs to send me my state tax refund!  This is really starting to aggravate me like it is JUNE ya'll and my Mom can't find the information that she used to file my taxes.  I want my money!
  • The same goes to UGA Food Services.  I'm waiting on that refund check!
  • I rented "Pariah" Wednesday night and watched it with my boyfriend.  Besides the opening blasting Khia's "My Neck, My Back" with a stripper sliding down a pole while my Mom stood in the kitchen the movie was REALLY good and I love the message.  One of my friends came out to his mom and although things did not get violent like they did in this movie it made me think about him and everybody else battling with the worry of coming out to their family.  
  • I found some pole dancing classes in my area and I really want to go!  It will cost $13 for me to drop in on a class and if I have that night off I think I'll do it.  They even have a Beyonce "Dance For You" class scheduled for the end of the month.  Please let this turn into a summer hobby for me so I can go back and say I did something exciting for the summer.
  • Oh yeah, my boyfriend cooked for me Monday.  It was just boiled shrimp, but nonetheless it was good and appreciated greatly.  
  • I'm currently dealing with the issue of missing someone that I consider a friend still, but not sure if they consider me a friend.  We had a disagreement a year ago over something that was minor, but blown out of proportion.  I haven't seriously spoken to her in a year.  I'd like to call her up and try to put stuff behind us, but fear she'll just be like "F*ck you."  What's a girl to do?
  • Have you all seen the trailer for this "Django" movie with Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio?  I thought it was a serious movie about slavery until I saw Quentin Tarantino was the director or whatever of the film.  After his name flashed across the screen the whole trailer went down for me and just  blaxpoitation  film to me.   We shall see how this one turns out.
  • Who else is ready to see Magic Mike besides me?!  A whole movie dedicated to FINE, white male skrippas?  Please count me in.

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  1. I had the friend issue, expect we hadn't spoken over a few years. Eventually, I just decided to write a warm, heartfelt email. I put it all out on the table and apologized for my part. I didn't get a response, but a HUGE weight was listed off of my chest after YEARS! And I can't say I didn't try :) Do it.



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