Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know what it is...

  • Ya'll my job is T-R-I-P-P-I-N-G with these hours they're giving us.  This next schedule, starting today, I work Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  Tuesday and Wednesday only being three hours and fifteen minutes worth of work.  They use to be three hours and forty-five minutes, but they took my little thirty minutes away.  Jesus Be The Scheduling of Some More Hours.  I've gotta eat!
  • My braids are fuzzy in the back of my head.  *drops to knees*  Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
  • The Miami Heat won the NBA Finals championship!  That means that Lebron James FINALLY has his ring!  Which also means that ya'll can stop with all the "He ain't go no damn ring though" jokes.  Don't try using the excuse of the NBA season not being as long as usual either.
  • I read that McDonald's ranked last in customer service.  That ain't no damn surprise.  Rude ass people I deal with there on a daily basis.  They act like they don't want to take your order sometimes. 
  • People in my city are having sex in the movie theaters ya'll.  Yeah I know they did it for the adrenaline rush, but they did it on the floor.  Not in a chair.  On the FLOOR.  I work in the movies so I will tell you the floor is the LAST place you want to have coitus at.  Popcorn, soda, Icee, sour patch kids, etc. all on the floor.  I'm shocked they didn't get stuck from all that mess.  They were grown adults too.  Like 30 and 40 years old.  Just nasty.
  • Also a big HELL NAW to Evelyn Lozado admitting she tosses salad (not Ochocinco's) and has let another woman go down on her during a threesome with Ochocinco.  I'm pretty sure the other woman was Jennifer which is why their relationship is so damaged right now.
  • Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer comes out today.  I want to see it.  Judge me all you want.
  • I saw Ice-T's "The Art of Rap" Wednesday.  Got there a little late, but I enjoyed it.  I wish Jay-Z had been in it and I also wish they had featured some Southern artists too.
  • I can't with Samuel L. Jackson's BET Awards show commercials.  He loses some cool points with me for hosting honestly.  He should be making movies and doing voice overs for The Boondocks.  Oh and coming to UGA games.  Go Dawgs!
  • One more week until Magic Mike.  Let me get ready to throw dollar bills at the screen.
  • One of my Tumblr friends/real life friends has been reblogging  porn gifs like crazy.  I'm 'bout to unfollow that a**.
  • Today is PAY DAY Beetchzzzzz.  I'm about to hit the closest strip club and throw all my money. *cues Juvenille's Rodeo*
People need to let Bosh be great, but it's hard with images like this I guess!


  1. I agree about Regal's hours as of late, but next week is going to be a crazy weekend with Madea's new movie coming out.

    And no judgment from me on Abe Lincoln. I want to see it as well.

  2. It's not porn! It's art!!! And I wanna see that movie too!


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