Thursday, June 7, 2012

Worst Relaxer Memories

So today on Twitter the blogger Strawberricurls is asking everyone what their worst relaxer memory is.  I have quite a few unfortunately so I'm gonna share them with you.

  1. When I first had a relaxer back when I was 8 or 9 my Mom decided that instead of putting it in herself she was going to let my 16 year old cousin do it.  If I remember correctly my Mom told her only to put half of the relaxer in my hair and my cousin put like the hold thing in.  You know how you always tried fighting that burning sensation because you were just going to be told, "It hasn't been in there long enough so it hasn't taken" so you'd sit there grabbing your clothes or a chair to ease the pain?  Yeah will imagine being an 8-9 year old and feeling like your entire head is on fire from a Just For Me relaxer kit.  I had vivid memories of crying my eyes out and my Mom rushing me to the kitchen sink to wash it out.  The water hitting my scalp was soooooo painful.  My cousin apologized but I was already too traumatized by it.  My Mom rushed me home with wet hair and all after that.  Obvious to say my cousin was never asked to put my relaxer back in.  I believe this is when my hair started breaking off and such.
  2. Next up I had to be in 11th grade.  My Mom had met this male beautician who worked at Dillards salon in the mall so of course my Mom said I should make an appointment with it.  My first memory of him was sitting in his chair and him telling me, "I'm not gay like these other gays in here just so you know."  I honestly wanted to leave at that point because at 16 I only went to him because you always hear how great the gay male beauticians are.  The first time he put my relaxer in I remember it burning and him saying it was due to all the grease I put in my head.  I had chemical burns/scabs of course.  I decided to give him another try (STUPID)!  This time he put my relaxer in and just like the last time he would spend a ton of time talking to the other stylists and putting my relaxer in SLOWLLLLLY.  Like 10 minutes would have passed by and he was still on the back of my head.  Because of the burning sensation like the previous time I decided to fight it, but found myself fanning myself (YES!  It got that serious.).  He looked at me and said, "Does it burn baby?"  I shook my head, "Yes" and he busted out laughing.  He couldn't help put comment on how my face was turning BRIGHT RED and I even felt like my whole head was lit on fire.  I can remember leaving there and having what felt like water dripping down by my ear.  He was from the chemical burns.  My scalp felt so wet walking in the October Fall weather.  When those things turned into scabs I had the difficult task of WRAPPING my hair and trying not to comb the THICK scabs off or suffering from a bald head.  I had to put so much vaseline in my head in hopes of breaking those things down.  Then when you finally get to wash your hair you still have miniscabs all in your hair.  I remember his butt calling me saying he hadn't seen me in awhile and that he was moving to his own salon.  I told him I had no interest in coming back because of how severe my burns always were.  Of course he blamed it on me having grease on my scalp.  Yeahhhh 

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