Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Ramblings

It's Friday so you know the deal...

  • My router isn't working so working on my laptop at home is out of the question.  Because of that I've been on my Mom's computer which is slow due to her constant adding of whatever she comes across on the internet.  For example, the cursor mania and smiley central in the toolbar that I haven't seen since I was 12 years old.  I'm about to start going to fast food places and using their free wifi.
  • I was working like crazy this past week.  30 hours from Friday to Sunday at my job.  My check is about to be too fat in the words of my significant other.
  • Speaking of work, it almost went down Saturday night when a white guy told two of my Black female customers they were holding up the line.  I stood in amusement after taking a step back just in case fist started flying.  
  • Can somebody please tell BET's Stephen Hill to contact me so we can work out something for the BET Awards?  I'm tired of watching this bullsh*t from the channel that's supposed to have the best interest for Black entertainment.  I will make next year's show like the Black Oscars I swear to you.
  • Essence magazine recently talked about the pitfalls of social networks on relationships.  The thing that stuck out the most to me was how seeing engagement announcements on Facebook made women feel pressured to get the ring as soon as possible.  I wonder if this has been the reason behind me joking with my boyfriend about when he's going to propose.  I'm starting to wonder if I'm joking or being serious.
  • Did Jose a.k.a. Joseline call her vagina her "cootie cat?"  I thought it was "kitty cat."  Back to ESOL you go.
  • S/O to Frank Ocean for coming out.  Most artist wouldn't take that risk when they were just starting to gain popularity.  Like seriously, "Think About You" just started playing in my city and I remember hearing it last year on Tumblr.
  • Did Kim Kardashian look out of place at the BET's Awards to anyone else?  I see she and Kanye went for the matching prom look by both wearing white.  Oh well, a closed mouth don't get feed.
  • Did Mama D from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta say she approves of her son cheating on his girlfriend/mother of his child if he wasn't getting what he "needed" at him.  If Maria EVER said that I'd have tell her off then break-up with Javier.  In that order.
  • Did ya'll spot Flex Alexander in Monday's episode of Single Ladies?  From having your own show to Verizion commercials to being in the same scene with the Oscar worthy greats LisaRaye and Lauren London.  Honey you are moving up in this industry.  
  • I need to cook a meal for my boyfriend.  He's starting to aggravate me with questions of when this is taking place.
"Shorty right there ain't his b*tch."

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  1. Kim definitely looked out of place. Like she didn't get some the jokes or even some of the classic songs and it seemed like she wanted Kanye to kiss her on camera, it was awkward everytime she rose when he won an award. And that little pat on the elbow Jay-Z gave her was hilarious.


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